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Thursday, July 03, 2008

Still sick

Having a high fever as an adult seems to be a lot harder than I remember it being as a child. I'm trying not to complain and even be thankful, but I didn't do too good today. The Lord's mercies are new every morning...and I'm so thankful for His loving forgiveness and that of my family too! Thank you for your prayers. I'm hoping that after a good nights rest tonight, I'll feel better. The past nights I've let the fever run its course to see if it would kill the bug, but I've just been tossing and turning all night, so tonight....Tylanol!! I've already slept for an hour while Daniel took the children to supper....In and Out Burgers...what a great treat for them! American Hamburgers!!! I wish I felt good enough to have joined them, but I'm thankful for sweet hubby letting me get some rest and bravely suggesting to take the whole crew himself.
They just got back to the hotel with big smiles and their In and Out hats :)
Daniel was able to get a 60 day temporary license...PTL. He still needs to get a physical to get his permanent one, and will do that once we get up north.

Timothy took this picture after I washed my hair and was heading to bed :)
The children when they got back from supper. Benjamin looks like a soldier and Noah covered his face...they are just so fun! :)

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  1. I know how you feel!! Most of us here in Idaho are on the mend though some of us slower than others. We will be praying for you in traveling and as you are not feeling so well. Lorna is learning that it is hard when mom does not feel so good. :-)
    Sondra Boise Idaho

  2. If you get an opportunity can you post a photo of each child alone with some tidbits of them? I read your post daily, and am getting everyone confused. :) I try to follow your lives so closely through your blog...you have some elements that our life is missing and maybe through your words I will find Him.

  3. "De-lurking" to say that I am praying (while I hope that you are still getting some refreshing sleep) that you will be feeling much better this morning! Also praying that your time with family and friends will be a wonderful time of relaxation and renewal for you. Thank you for updating even when you are sick. I would have loved to be on the sidelines, just watching your children eating their pizza and burgers the last two nights! What fun!

  4. Mrs. Lockwood--We'll be praying that you feel better quickly! I know it's so hard to be sick while traveling.


  5. Prayer for calm and peace for you, a prayer for healing, and travling mercies for all. What a great hubby for taking all of the crew to dinner to give you some extra minutes of rest..

  6. I'm praying that God will heal you soon and for the remainder of your travels! :)

  7. Hi Jaynee,
    I talked to my friend Cheryl B. tonight and she said that you all were going to stop and see them, I wish I could be there too. I want you to know she is my dearest friend, she was here at the birth with Joel and Josiah and their family was with us when Joel went to heaven. They are so precious and our children and their children are like glue!! Hope you have a great time with them!!! You know their oldest John Clay is the one that videoed all the footage on the DVD. Many blessings on your trip!!

  8. Sorry to hear your still not feeling well. I pray it doesn't go through the whole family, but that you will all get healthy soon and be able to enjoy your time in the states with family & friends.


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