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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Stolen and recovered

This afternoon was the memorial service for my Grandma H. What a sweet service as the entire focus was on Grandma's love for the Lord, love for her family, and her and Grandpa's desire to spend their lives leading others to know our Savior.
After the service, we had a surprise birthday party for my mom. Almost all of my siblings were in town, and Dad wanted to take us all to pizza for supper. My sisters picked up a cake, everyone brought a gift and my children spent the morning painting pictures/cards for Grandma. My mom lived in Hawaii for 5 years during her childhood and when we were young, she would pull out her ukalele and play and sing for us...until one day somebody accidently stepped on it. We were at the music store the other day getting some supplies and we saw a beautiful ukalele for sale. Daniel wanted to buy it for mom for her birthday...we were all so surprised as she picked it right up, tuned it, and began to play just like she did when we were young :)
Shortly before we finished eating cake, a lady asked Daniel Lockwood to come to the front counter. A man had found some items behind the dumpster in the parking lot...one of which was Daniel's briefcase. They had got it from our van, smashed it to open it, but thankfully, I don't think they found anything they wanted. This briefcase contains all of our passports, the children's birth or born abroad certificates, deed to our property, our visas, ect.... How we thanked the Lord as I dug through all the papers and found 13 passports still there! The man also found 2 of our cd holders...one has the entire Bible on CD and the other has the entire Bible in Spanish on CD. There were some other items that were stolen from another car as well. The lady is hoping that their cameras picked up the robbery and the police will be investigating it. But we are just so thankful that nothing seems to be lost. Daniel will go through everything thoroughly tonight to make sure.
Tomorrow, Daniel will be preaching up in the mountains of Burney in the morning and then back down the hill to preach at his Uncle's church in the evening. I just love listening to Daniel preach...in English or Spanish! I'm so thankful for a husband who loves the Lord so much, desires more than anything for the lost to come to know Christ, and loves to share with others how the Lord has worked in our lives.
Pray for Daniel as he continues to preach and share while we are here. Pray for my parents and the others who have been evacuated from their homes. Pray for little Eliseo...he started running a bit of a fever this afternoon and seems to be starting a cough. Thank you so much for praying! The Lord hears and loves to answer. What a wonderful, loving God!
The smashed, stolen, recovered briefcase :)

My mom...60 years old on July 17th! What a wonderful, godly, loving example she has always been to me!

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  1. What a wonderful story! I enjoy hearing about your family and the Lord's faithfulness!

  2. Happy birthday to your mother. How wonderful that you are seeing so much of your family. I am so glad that you got your important papers back. What a blessing indeed.

  3. Oh I'm SO glad that nothing was stolen! Praise God! Isn't He sooo gracious!? And happy birthday to your mom!

    I must tell you, your family has been more of a blessing to me than you know. Your attitude, love for your husband and children, and precious joyful spirit is a constant stream of inspiration to me! Through your blog, the Lord has laid it upon my heart to be more cheerful and loving, even when I don't want to, as well as (and i'm serious about this) wanting a BIG family like yours one day, if God sees fit to bless me with many children. I never thought I'd want a lot of kids, but I'm learning more and more that children are a blessing from the Lord, and people like you and my sister (jenig) have helped me to learn that especially lately! Thank you for your example of what a godly, joyful wife and mom looks like!!

  4. Praying for you guys and the little one... praise God you have your things back!

  5. Praise the LORD your documents were recovered! Those would have been SO hard to replace.

    BTW, you've been tagged for a meme! See my blog for details...


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