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Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Traveling Days :)

Praise the Lord for He has brought us safely across the border! We crossed late this afternoon without even having to go through secondary inspection (to which we are often sent due to the amount of children we have and the fact that we have to pull a trailer for our luggage).
We picked up Little Ceasar $5 pizzas :) and took the children to a park with GRASS!!! for supper and play time. After being in the car for over 18 hours the past couple of days, everyone had so much fun getting out and running around.
Tomorrow, Daniel will spend the morning at the DMV and hopefully get his Drivers License renewed (it expired a couple of months ago :) ). I'm hoping to get a couple of loads of laundry washed here at the hotel...when we go on a trip like this, it helps so much if I can wash a load to two here and there so it doesn't all pile up too badly.
Eliseo is doing great now...no fever! Thank you for praying. I've been pretty sick the past couple days. I got a fever on Sunday too, but figured it would go away. Monday, it was worse and as long as I kept taking medicine, I didn't feel horrid. Last night, I decided to let the fever run it's course and see if it would kill the bug. After tossing and turning for hours, I got up at 4 am and my fever had reached 104. I haven't had a fever that high in ages. So I took some more medicine and was able to sleep well for a couple more hours. Tonight I'm going to try again. I thank the Lord for giving me those hours of good rest in the morning and another short nap before we crossed the border.

Here are some pictures from our travels that past couple of days:

Stopping for lunch in San Ignacio...about 6 hours into our trip. By the time we were finished, we'd gathered quite a crowd...the children truly give us many opportunites to witness! Eliseo got passed around quite a bit :)

Breakfast this morning outside of our motel room in El Rosario (about 6 hours south of the US border). Yogurt, bananas, and rolls :)

Josiah and Noah in the motel this morning...their shirts are all wet because they "combed their hair" :)

Crossing the border this afternoon....Tijuana, BC, Mexico....Thank you Lord for bringing us this far safely!
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  1. Thank God you are safely across the border. Your family is such and inspiration to our family, we keep check on you throughout the day. Take care and I am so glad you and the baby are feeling better. Drive safely.

  2. I hope you feel better very soon. How does it work with motels and hotels? So many of them at least here in America have limits on how many people can be in a room.

  3. I'm so thankful to hear your trip has been safe and uneventful so far. Hopefully you are fully on the mend. An adult with a fever that high is not fun. Can't wait to hear you are safely at your destination.

  4. Dawn~ In Mexico, they will let us stay in 1 room although sometimes we've chosen to get 2 because the rooms are very small (not enough floor space to sleep the children). The motel we stayed at Monday night was only $25 a room.
    In the states, we have found 1 hotel chain that works GREAT for us....Best Western. We use to try to find the cheapest hotel around, but as our family grew, nobody would let us stay in 1 room. Best Western lets children under 12 (all of ours!) stay free...and they have always let us stay in 1 room. The rooms are very comfy, lots of floor space, and they have a free breakfast!

  5. I hope you feel better Jaynee! I'm praying the Lord will take away your fever and anything else you may have. I'm glad you guys have made it safely this far,and hope Daniel can get his license renewed easily without too much trouble or confusion,so you guys can get here, and relax a little. We can't wait to see you guys! May the Lord make the rest of your trip as safe as the first part! We love you.
    Joseph and Jeana

  6. Praying for you to feel better soon dear friend!

  7. Thanks for sharing. It is always enjoyable to hear how you do things. I believe many of us can learn from you. I pray you will countinue to have a safe time & get some rest.


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