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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

He's still working on me!

I'm so glad the Lord's mercies are new every morning. I'm so thankful He's so ready to forgive, ever patient and such a gentle Father. While He's taught me so much, I have so much to learn.
The past couple weeks I found myself sulking, grumbling, and complaining...about what? About something that is really one of the greatest blessings and opportunities the Lord has given me. I was unhappy because I "never get out of the house!" Of course, I could only see how "terrible" this was and how Daniel is out and about every day. And sadly, I began to feel jealous of his work and unhappy with mine. I won't tell you all the lies Satan so readily brought to my mind that I was eager to swallow hook, line and sinker. And the more I "justified" my reasoning, the worse I actually felt.
I knew how wrong this was and was surprised to see how miserable I'd actually become (to myself and others!)as I'd let myself think such wrong thoughts for so long.
So opening the Bible to Phil. 4:8 again (I do this a lot!), I asked the Lord to forgive me, to renew a right spirit in me and renew my mind with His Word...His Truth!
It didn't take long for me to write a list of all the blessings I have by having the ability, resposibility, and privilege of being in the home each day so I can care for my husband, children, and home. My list got so long, I actually had to stop writing because my hand hurt! :) What a good pain to have! And while my hand was aching, my heart wasn't anymore! I was so happy and so very thankful.
How many problems simply start in our mind!

It's been a full week here sprinkled with lots of fun treats and surprises. We got some sweet cards in the mail and a care package for the children...including something for our new little boy of whom Daddy still wants to keep his name a secret! :)

Monday, Grandpa and Grandma treated us all to pizza for lunch. Eliseo ate and ate and ate...I think he really likes pizza! So he may look like his Daddy, but gets his tastes from his Mommy! :) That's my Daddee there holding our little guy...I somehow managed to only get part of his head in the picture :(

Yesterday, Timothy and Elijah woke up early to go to a Men's Prayer Breakfast with their Daddy and from there went over to help clean the church building before they came back home to start school. They were a bit tired by evening but had a good day.
Isaiah was up early too and so wanted to go along with Daddy and his big brothers; Daddy said next week maybe he and Benjamin can have a turn to go. So he was my big helper that morning! He got out all the breakfast dishes and milk, did his chores, and then played with Eliseo so I could get myself ready for the day.
It is amazing to me how different each child is! The Lord has made each one so unique and special. They are all ours, brought up in the same home, in much the same way, yet they each have their own amazing personality.
Isaiah is our very quiet, sweet boy. Quietness is not something that is natural in our family...something that we are continually working on. But out of 11, we have 3 that are naturally much softer spoken.
Isaiah is Mr. Slow and Steady. He is very rarely the first one done with anything, but whatever he does, he does well. He is very thoughtful, kind and diligent. He never wants to be the leader and is such a servant. He is our 6th child (therefore right in the middle) and never demands attention. Daniel and I try to be extra thoughtful in spending time and doing special things with this little big boy the Lord's given us.

And finally, here's a little something fun and goes along with the title of this post. :) I was trying to figure out how to take and post video with our camera. I took a clip of the children singing last night while we waited for Daddy to come home for devotions. I hope it doesn't make you too motion sick...Nehemiah was climbing on me part of the time and with my tummy resembling a watermelon right now, I have a hard time keeping balanced! :)


  1. Jaynee, it's nice to see another update. I've been praying for you guys and the newest Lockwood- that he'll be patient and not arrive too soon.

    I know Satan attacks ALL mothers sometimes and it sounds like he uses the same lies on you as he has one me. It's good to remember what God promises us, and that this job He has given us is so important. It's not easy, that's for sure (and I only have 5 children!).

    I love the video of your children singing. They are SO sweet!

    In Him,
    Leah in Alaska

  2. Loved the video!! :)
    Also like the new font or whatever you changed....it's more clear and easier to read. I never thought the other was bad...but this is better. Sort of like when you get an eye exam, and they are testing lens to see what you need..and you have to keep saying "Let me see the first one again." because you just don't know which one is better! Or am I the only person who does that? :)
    So glad Little Boy is staying put right where he is. And I don't blame Daniel one bit for wanting to keep his name a secret! Everything else about this pregnancy has been "right out there" for the whole world to see! Good to save something for a surprise! God knows his name when we pray for him...and that's all that matters!

  3. Isn't it nice to get back on God's side, rather than side with the devil?

    Your children look and sing great.

    Still praying.

  4. Okay ~ that was too cute! I love the song.
    We're praying for your "watermelon" :-)


  5. Praying for you... thanks for your honesty... :) I've been there lately too... same thing...

    Love ya,

  6. Praying for you. Loved the video. Quick question: do you think it's wrong for a lady to want some 'space' and rejuvenate outside of the home? I know it helps me so I can come back refreshed and be able to parent my children more effectively. And, my husband readily encourages it!

  7. How true it is to be thankful wherever we are in life! It's so against our human nature. How thankful we are to have a loving God who who is readily there to love and forgive us!
    Thank you for your honesty. You are not alone in your "grumbling"!
    God has/is taking amazing care of you and your little sweetie.
    Stefanie in NY

  8. how sweet! I loved that video....your children are all so precious...every single one of them!

    I feel the same sometimes (trapped) but you are right...our list of "good" things is way too long to stay discouraged for long!

  9. Your message brought tears to my eyes! You are so honest! God has been working on me in the same department and its so good to be working with a grateful heart instead of a grumbly one!!! So glad you wee little man is still resting where he supposed to be and you are still home!!! Continuing to pray!!

  10. Sam loves the video. I think we've watched it 10 times already. She's crying right now saying, "more, more." I think it's funny if you watch Isaiah at the end of the movie that he is exactly what you just explained him to be. At the end Noah gets up in his face and he just brushes him away. He's a sweetheart! I love Nehemiah's smile. I hit my 30 weeks today!!! Yeah! We're getting there!

  11. You have such a sweet family. :) I love the video of your children singing together!

  12. I love the pictures you post.

    Jess is here in TN... we keep talking about you and wishing you could come to lunch. We sure love you! One of these days we're gonna all get together. It'll happen, I just know it.

  13. Very beautiful song you little ones sang. Thank you for brightening my day.


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