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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Back from the Doctors

Thank you all so much for praying for Eliseo. He looked and felt so bad on Monday, but then by yesterday afternoon, he was up playing after his nap. While his ear still hurts, the drainage seems better and his rash is drying up as well. He's not completely better, but much more chipper than he was Monday.
A few of the other children ended up getting sick as well this week. We have thanked the Lord many times for thus far, giving us such a good winter health wise. Seeing as how we came north during the cold/flu season, we haven't had much more than a sniffle all winter. Even now, the ones who are sick (runny/stuffy noses, low grade fevers, headaches) aren't completely "down for the count." They are still eating and drinking and while they've been excused from their chores, have been up to working on their school work from bed or even venturing out to read/play games in the living room. Overall, everyone seems to be on the mend today.
I saw the doctor again this morning. It seems amazing that I am able to type "I'm 30 1/2 weeks along today"! I wasn't given a whole lot of hope of making it this far along at the beginning. And we just praise the Lord for keeping our little boy and me safe so far and yet, knowing how many are praying on our behalf, we are not surprised.
Since I am entering the "very risky" weeks ahead, I have been instructed to head immediately up to labor and deliver the next time I have a significant bleed. They have been coming more frequently, so time in the hospital is very likely in my near future.
The doctor will do everything he can to keep the baby inside me as long as possible. He told me today that, albeit not likely, they will allow me to go up to 39 weeks! Wouldn't that just be wonderful if our boy could stay inside until he's full term? :)
The doctor again went over with me the seriousness of the surgery...how complicated it will be on my end. He's worried I'm not more worried and afraid I don't understand the seriousness of the situation. It's not to say that I've never had moments of fear or been anxious. But I know who holds my baby and I in His hands. I do marvel at the peace He gives as I continually give each doubt and worry to Him. And even if I knew that these would be my last days here on this earth, I would not live them any differently. I would still wake up each morning thanking and praising the Lord for a new day, kiss my husband good morning and bring him something hot to drink, wake up my precious children, chatter with them as we do chores and make/eat breakfast, homeschool them, care for their every need, love them, train them, play with them, and be together with Daniel every free moment we can.
Dr. Van Kirk told me he isn't trying to sca re me but is very concerned and wants to make sure I understand. I told him that I appreciate that and again let him know how many people have been praying for him and the upcoming deliver/surgery as well.
We ended the appt. by me getting another RhoGam shot (I'm Rh neg. and Daniel's positive) and then they scheduled me for another appt. and non stress test in 2 weeks.
Well, I need to wake up the ones who are still napping so they'll go to bed on time tonight. Oh, I want to end with a funny story. Each Tuesday, if they are able, Daniel takes Timothy and Elijah to an early morning Men's Prayer Breakfast at his Uncle's church. Monday night, I told Daniel that Timothy was getting sick and I didn't think he'd be up to going in the morning. So Daniel asked Isaiah (age 6) if he would like to go by himself with Daddy in the morning. He was VERY excited, laid out his clothes, had the older boys help him set the alarm for 5:30 am, and went to sleep right on time (actually a bit earlier than normal as I tried to get all the children in bed early that night as several were under the weather). Daniel and I stayed up talking and working together enjoying the quiet evening. We finally went to bed around 11 pm. I was awoken 4 or 5 times after that by little ones needing a drink or a tissue or some mommy comfort, but was surprised at 3:30 am to see a group of boys walk into our room. Isaiah was up, dressed (as were 2 of his younger brothers hoping to get to go too) and ready to go.
Apparently, when they set the alarm, they messed up the time on the clock, so they thought it was about 5:45 am when it was really 3:30 am. I told them to go back to bed, but to no avail...they just "couldn't" sleep. I finally got up around 5 am and settled the younger 2 brothers back to bed. Isaiah and Daddy left a little while later together for their meeting and by then the other children were waking up and needing me.
All day, I felt like it should have been MUCH later than it really was and couldn't wait until bedtime! Isaiah, bless his heart, was so tired by supper that he couldn't eat and went right to bed. :) But he had very special time with Daddy and made a memory for us all.

Timothy had requested a "throw up bowl" as his headache was making him sick to his stomach. I came in to check on him a short time later and I found him working on his math with his "new hat". :)

Nehemiah "studying" while I prepared lunch yesterday :) Notice the many stickers he used to decorate his head

Boys feeling better and playing "Uno".


  1. Oswald Chambers says that we tend to think that fretting and worry is an indication of how wise we are but it is really the very opposite. It seems your doctor is in this catagory. He isn't used to someone who is at peace. (My Utmost book falls open to this devotional on worry because that is a struggle of mine :0) I hope he begins to see how really wonderful and helpful it is to work with a woman who is so completely at peace - along with the spiritual witness you have with him - this peace and joy you have been blessed with can only benefit your wee little man and yourself physically - may this doctor see the truth of all this!!! You are in my prayers continually as you begin the countdown to meeting your precious baby. God is good and He is using you even in this time of uncertainty. You are such a source of encouragement to me!! Bless you!!

  2. Praise God for 30 weeks. Keeping you in my prayers for the following 10.

  3. What a great post! So sorry to hear that the little ones are feeling a little puny but glad to hear that you and the little one are still hanging in there! It would be great to make it to 39 weeks but even 36/37 would be good :) I know that you aren't especially looking forward to going to the hospital too early so we will keep praying that you won't have to go anytime soon :) Funny that the boys got up so early, I have set the alarm wrong before and done the same thing :) Hope everyone is feeling better really soon :)

  4. Thank you for these words. They were what I needed to hear today.

    Susan in Texas

  5. Praying for peace for your family. You are an inspiration to me. Thank you for faithfully sharing.

  6. The interesting thing is I do not at all know you (other than from your blog) and yet I'm praying for you too!!! I feel so touched and in tune with how you must be feeling both physically and emotionally during this dangerous pregnancy with precious baby lockwood!! I pray for peace and health and love reading ALL you updates!!

    Your boy with the "hat" is very funny!!

  7. How wonderful that you can report 30 weeks!!! You and yours are in our prayers.

  8. Dear Jaynee,

    We are praying for you and your family. You have such a beautiful family. Your blog is very encouragine to me and is such a blessing to read.

    Amy in MN

  9. The pictures are precious, thank you for posting them!

    I'm so glad you are feeling His peace. My prayers will continue to be for the safety of you both, and for His peace to overwhelm any anxiety that might try to creep in.

    What a gift it is to have made it to 30 weeks!! That's wonderful!

    The Wilsons in VA

  10. Jaynee, I'm praising the Lord with you that you made it to 30 weeks!! Our God is so good! Reading your blog always humbles me. You are such a mighty woman of God. I hope to be half the wife and mother you are some day!

    Love you, my dear friend, and know we are still praying!!


  11. I love Timothy and Nehemiah's sense of head-decor. So fun!

    I'm glad little Eliseo is doing better... hang in there. (:

  12. Jaynee~ I had to laugh at your "good nights sleep" being up all through the night by little ones. Does you body go into shock when everyone sleeps all night? hee hee

    I'm so glad you're at peace. I'm glad you're near a hospital too and you have so many helping hands ready and willing and loving to care for your sweet family when the time comes for baby to be born. I know that alone brings a Mama much peace as it's one less thing to worry about.

    As always thank you for the update. I always enjoy reading your blog and seeing all the great pictures~


  13. SO exciting that you are at 30 weeks! praise the LORD!!! I am so thankful for the peace He is giving you and that so many are praying for you all. This baby is and will be such a blessing & testimony to the power and love of GOD!

  14. Dear Jaynee and family,
    Another note to say...we are continuing to pray for all of you. HalleluYah that you have made it to 30 weeks. I remember when we were 2 days before the delivery of our twins (we didn't know it then!), our midwife came to the house and when she walked through the door she stopped and looking very startled said that she had never felt the presence of the Holy Spirit so strong. She had planned to stay an hour and ended up staying 5 hours! We prayed, laughed, sang and praised the Lord...oh, and ate a meal too!LOL Looking back, I remember feeling a DEEP, very comforting peace. Isaiah 26:3-4 are some of my favorite verses to quote (as well as Phil.4) when fear tries to enter the picture. Another one that I pray/quote out loud is "I will trust and NOT be afraid." Whenever I get the chance to check emails...and blogs I am always encouraged and share with our family your news. Thank you for shining brighter and brighter as the days go on.
    Grace and Peace,
    P.S. I will try to call...when I catch my breath! LOL

  15. Still praying for you, and I won't cease until your new little boy is here and you are both home healthy and safe!

    Your family has been such a blessing to learn about on this blog. Your faith in God is just so beautiful and touching to me, its really helped me with my relationship with God. I wish you the very best!


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