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Monday, June 29, 2009

Wonderful normal

Today has been what I would call a normal day...but oh what a special treat it has been. Everyone is walking (or in Nehemiah's case, running) around with extra bright smiles on their faces.
When Samuel came home from the hospital earlier in the month, he just never seemed "right". We were watching him very carefully and just had that nagging feeling that something was wrong.
But this time, Samuel seems so much better. He's still sick, but not so sick that we are afraid to take our eyes off him for a few minutes. He's eating well and has been awake looking around for hours. I think he likes it here :) and we are hoping he'll decide to stay for a while...18-20 years or so would be good :)
Today we felt like we could relax for the first time in a long time. We all sat around the breakfast table to eat oatmeal together while Daniel led our morning Bible time. Breakfast ended a bit late as we all mommy and daddy slept in a bit and we just all hung around the table visiting together.
We cleaned up and then the children wrote a letter while Daniel and I worked on our new prayer letter. We played for a while, made bean burritos for lunch, ate outside on the picnic tables, and then Rebekah made banana bread while the rest of us worked on afternoon projects...homework, music practice, housework, laundry and lots of cuddling with Samuel.
Normal just doesn't seem that normal today...it seems so very sweet and special.
The girls have been asking me to cut them bangs this summer. I was planning on doing it the beginning of the month, but with all that was going on, it didn't happen. So today I called them into my bathroom one by one and gave them bangs.
Rebekah was first and when she walked out into the kitchen where Abigail and Elijah were washing dishes, they both immediately knew what was different about her and Elijah said, "Oh Rebekah, you look so beautiful and young! I like it a lot!" Abigail gave me that look of "Mommy, what about me????" so I smiled and pointed and off she ran for her turn.
Thank the Lord for plain, ordinary days :) They are so wonderful!

Night Night little Samuel...to sleep in your own bed

Reason for our sleeping in this morning...a round the clock feeding, medicine, nebulization schedule to help our little man continue to get better

These last shots are of the girls bang cut. Don't they look sweet? :)

Elijah took these pictures of us girls enjoying the afternoon sun. With so many men folk around here, us ladies love to get alone to visit...or giggle, which is what normally happens :)


  1. sweet pictures and so refreshing for you to have a good normal day. What a blessing. It makes you appreciate a regular day.

  2. So thankful Samuel is home! And the bangs look so good! The girls look very grown up. God bless you!

  3. So sweet. All of it. Our Sarah had pneumonia four times in her first few months and we held her all the time. The doctor told us to expect her development to be delayed as a result of all of the sickness and she was just the opposite - because, I believe, of all of the extra love and stimulation. She is now an extremely bright, perceptive, healthy five-year-old. I pray that your Samuel will have the same story some day. You can't ever give them too much loving (if you teach them to obey, which I know you do).

    Thanks for sharing the great news and adorable pictures. I enjoyed seeing your laughter with your girlies.

  4. Sounds like a wonderfully normal day. Praise God!

    The girls look beautiful with their new bangs.

    Beautiful photos too.

  5. Oh Jaynee, I love all those smiling, giggling faces. Too sweet. Praise the Lord for He is good. Praise Him for "normal" :-)


  6. Oh this is so wonderful...brings a tear to my eyes for the joy that's shown here as a mother for her sweet family...:-)

  7. Oooh, ladies! You look positively divine with your new bangs!
    We are so happy that Samuel is back home where he belongs!
    Jennifer and David Eastland
    Zach, John, Thomas, Mary Clare, and Andrew
    New Orleans, LA

  8. Oh...I love these pics of you and your girls...
    Absolutely beautiful...

    Take care and God Bless


  9. So nice to be reminded that "normal" days are a special blessing to be celebrated! Your girls are adorable and how nice that you so enjoy each other.

    So thankful that you are getting to love Samuel at HOME!

    Have a wonderful day. Rowena

  10. Praise God that Samuel is getting bigger and brighter with each passing day!

    The girls' bangs look excellent - you did a great job!

  11. Jaynee,

    The girls bangs look cute.


  12. I love little girls with bangs! Both my girls have bangs and they are so cute, I prefer the girls having bangs.

    Glad to hear that Samuel is enjoying all the attention and LOVE he is getting from everyone. Thanks be to God for the continuation of the small little miracles! :o)

  13. I love the picture of the whole family up top - so many little blessings! I always wanted a really large family too.

  14. It's been a while since I checked your blog. Samuel is adorable and your girl's bangs are very cute. My favorite change, though, is the adorable picture you have at the top now! Very cute!

  15. I love the girls' bangs.

    If my kids need a haircut, they just call my oldest daughter, who has a cosmetology license. She doesn't cut hair for a living, but it's sure nice to have. I haven't spent money on haircuts in years. My husband's head is beautifully bald, and all that requires is a razor. So, it's all good.


  16. Jaynee~ Would you mind sharing your new schedule when you have it all done? I love your organization and get so much out of seeing another large family operate on paper~ Thanks so much.


  17. Hi Jaynee,
    I was wondering if you could send me your schedule, for inspiration. You are so industrious, with 12 children, and praising the Lord all the while! Certainly a beautiful example for this mom!


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