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Tuesday, August 04, 2009

End of Summer

Summer's coming to an end...well, it will still feel like it is summer here for another 3 months. But we have finished last years school work and are excited about starting our new school year in a couple of weeks.
We've been enjoying getting lots of cleaning/organizing projects done around the house/church, working in the garden, and just enjoying lots of smiles, laughs and giggles throughout each day.

I just *love* Nehemiah's feet! :) And as much as I miss having a carpeted house....I don't! :)

I finished Abigail's nightgown yesterday (after much pleading and begging and helping on her part :) ), and the girls woke up this morning insisting that they slept "super good" because of their new nightgowns. :)
Today I'm hoping to finish retyping our schedule for this coming school year.
This time I'll be sure to back it up as our computer seems to have a dust allergy and crash on us often. I'll post it here as soon as I'm done.
Daniel's out preaching in the villages today...we appreciate your prayers for him and the people there. Have a wonderful Tuesday! The Lord is so good!


  1. The night gowns turned out great:)I'm sure it did make the girls day/night:):)

    What's the big black thing on the concrete? Is it a hot tub? Your yard looks great! I look forward to reading your schedule. Were you working on it this whole time.....Did you need to make a lot of changes? Just wondering.

  2. I am new to your blog! Blessed by what you are sharing here.I am a mother of 10, and love to read about other large families!

    God bless you!
    john 3:16

  3. Gloria, It is so nice to meet you. The children and I will pray for your husband right now. I encourage you with I Peter 2:21-3:6. God Bless.

    Tereza, That big black thing is half of a "tinaco" (big water tank). We use to use this at the old building we were renting for the church to hold water. Everyone has water tanks as the water does not run during the day so you store it up in your tank at night when it is running and then a pump or gravity feeds it from your tank into the house during the day.
    Anyways, this particular tank had a big leak that we kept having to repair. We were in need of something to baptize the new believers in too, so finally, Daniel just cut the old tank in half (cutting off the leaking part) and now we have a baptismal...which also serves as a "swimming pool" for the children during the summer.
    I typed up most the the schedule the other evening while waiting for Daniel to get home and am hoping to finish it up today. I had it all completed and thankfully printed up but our computer crashed and I lost it. So I just had to retype it. :)

  4. I know how difficult it can be to complete a sewing project. Good for you getting it done! My girls are always excited to wear their new clothes!
    We just had our 10th child a week ago, and we love your family!

    God bless,
    Becky in TN

  5. Okay Jaynee~ I have 4 nightgowns to make and I haven't even started :-0 but you've encouraged me to get moving. Thanks~

    Oh I cannot wait to see your schedule. I'm finally wrapping mine up.

    Our children's feet match :-)We don't have carpet either.

    Praying for the village~


  6. Becky, Congratulations on #10~ Boy or girl? What do you have (boys/girls) and ages?? There is nothing sweeter than holding a new baby! :)

    Cinnamon, The nightgown pattern I have is soooo easy!! It only took me a couple hours total to do each one. Simple but cute and cool for summer! :) Thank you for praying for the village!

  7. Janee,

    I would love to know the pattern you have....I'm a novice at sewing and desperately need new nightgowns for my 3 girls. Is it one you created or a commercial pattern I can get at the fabric store?

    Thanks so much for sharing your lives!

    In Christ,
    tulip in Idaho

  8. Jaynee- Adorable nightgowns and even more adorable girlies!!! Wow, I am learning to sew..... hopefully it is not as hard as it seems. That is so sweet how you found those clothes pins. Also I can not wait to see your schedule. I am guessing you might use "Managers of Their Homes" ??? Well I have much fun checking in here. What an adorable family oh and I am glad the earthquake did not affect you all. Blessings.

  9. I don't know how I would cope without carpet, but I guess that the Lord would help me to, if the necessity arose.

    I'm praying that Daniel will have the Holy Spirit open the ears of the people who he is preaching to. ☺

  10. Tulip, It's a pattern from a learn to sew program that a lady gave me several years ago. I'll have to do some research and see if it can be purchased separately (the pattern). It is very easy...only 4 pieces to sew together. The sleeves and neck are elastic (casings)...reminds me of peasant style. I'm NOT very good at sewing...but I LOVE it! :)

  11. We have uncarpeted floors, too and I miss the coziness, but one look at his feet reminds me of why I appreciate the wood/linoleum. Someday when there are just a few of us at home, maybe we'll do carpet, but then there won't be anyone to lie on the floor with (and we won't be able to get up anymore once we lie down, lol).
    And just between you and me, I'm always barefoot and my husband is always grossed out at how filthy my feet are, too.

    I keep picturing your clothespin message and smiling. I just loved it!

  12. Amy, Between you and me...and the rest of blog land...I'm always barefoot too :) And my hubby is always wiping off the bottom of my feet before we get into bed :)

  13. How is sweet Samuel? haven't seen pics of him in a while!! Everyone seems to love being home!!

  14. Pelhams~ Samuel is doing much better! He's been fever free for about 2 weeks now and hardly coughs anymore. He's still small for his age but eating great and growing like a weed! Usually, he's strapped to me in the sling so he (like me) is often on the other side of the camera :)

  15. Hi, Jaynee.
    I am in full agreement. There is nothing sweeter this side of heaven than a precious new baby!
    We just had our 5th girl on July 28th, and we also have 5 boys.
    I sure loved seeing the schedule you put on your blog previously and look forward to seeing your new one. I can write a good one, but living by it seems to be my area of challenge!

    God bless,
    wife to Bruce, Mom to Tyler 19, Amber 18, Jessica 16, Jacob 13, Bethany 11, Rebecca 9, Samuel 6, Josiah 4, Isaac 2, and Hannah 1 week old!

  16. I am sure that sleeping in lovely nightgowns made with love was much better!!!
    But where are the bangs gone?

  17. Nicole~ The bangs were in need of a trim; the girls do NOT like them at all in their eyes. During the day they would curl them under which kept them out of their eyes, but at night, they were just pinning them back after their showers.
    I trimmed Beka's and Susannah's yesterday (Abi was busy with something so I'll get to her today :) ).

  18. Nicole~ The bangs were in need of a trim; the girls do NOT like them at all in their eyes. During the day they would curl them under which kept them out of their eyes, but at night, they were just pinning them back after their showers.
    I trimmed Beka's and Susannah's yesterday (Abi was busy with something so I'll get to her today :) ).

  19. Hi,

    I love the nightgowns and so happy to see you home again!
    We just had our 15th on 6-4-09.
    Just wanted to say hi again.

    Christi age 38, Mom to 15
    8 boys and 7 girls.


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