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A glimpse into the life of Daniel and Jaynee Lockwood and their 12 precious blessings. Thank you for visiting; we pray that what we share here may always bring glory to our wonderful God and Saviour. May you praise the Lord with us for the great things He has done and continues to do as we serve Him sharing the gospel here in the little town of Cuidad Insurgentes, BCS Mexico. He alone is good and faithful!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

School Pictures ;)

At the beginning of each school year, we take pictures of each of the children. We enjoy comparing them to the previous years and seeing how much they've grown. We thought you might enjoy seeing them as well:
Timothy- age 12 1/2 / 8th Grade

Favorite Subject: Science

Enjoys teaching Sunday School, playing guitar, working with Daddy, working with his tools and playing soccer with the neighbors
Elijah Lockwood- age 11 / 8th Grade

Favorite Subject: History and Science

Enjoys reading, studying, learning, playing piano, playing outdoors

Rebekah- age 10 / 4th Grade

Favorite Subject- Language

Enjoys being with her sisters, sewing, cooking, playing outdoors, helping Mommy with the babies and playing piano

Benjamin- age 9/ 3rd Grade

Favorite Subject- Spelling and Math

Enjoys playing outside, catching bugs or any other animal, working with his tools

Abigail- age 8/ 2nd Grade

Favorite Subject- Reading and Language

Enjoys reading, being with baby Samuel, helping mommy, coloring, writing, and cooking

Isaiah- age 7/ 2nd Grade

Favorite Subject- Math

Enjoys playing outside, working with Daddy, working with his tools, and coloring/drawing

Josiah- age 6/ Kindergarten

Favorite Subject- Reading and Math

Enjoys playing outside, doing crafts, looking for bugs and lizards, and listening to mommy read

Noah- age 5/ Kindergarten

Favorite Subject- Math

Enjoys playing outside, playing with his train set, coloring or doing crafts, and being a big helper to mommy or daddy

Susannah- age 3 1/2


Enjoys playing dolls, helping mommy, being with her sisters, playing with Noah and Nehemiah, making crafts, and singing

Nehemiah- age 2 1/2


Enjoys keeping everyone entertained as he's so cute and full of energy, playing outside, listening to mommy read, going anywhere in the truck with Daddy, and finding bugs

Eliseo- age 1

Enjoys making everyone laugh with his adorable giggling, playing legos, trains, books, playing outside in the sandbox or trampoline, and playing ball

Samuel- age 5 1/2 months

Enjoys being the littlest brother and getting loved on by daddy and mommy and 11 siblings

School Year 2009-2010
And if you want a peek at how it really is around here....

It's certainly never boring! :)


  1. Thanks Jaynee for the pictures! They are wonderful!

    God Bless,
    Kim in NC

  2. Thank you for the pictures! I only have 6 and they are now 14-29 years of age, but I remember the craziness and fun times with little ones. I have loved each age and don't miss the work of babies. I wait eagerly for the Lord to provide just the right spouse for each of my children and then grandchildren!

    Anyway, thank you for being so open and sharing your life with us! God bless you!

  3. Great photos! Your kids are so cute!

  4. That was so much fun! The kids and I just sat and studied this post for over 15 minutes, discussing all the similarities between your children, your children and you and Daniel, and then your children along with ours. So nice to "meet" each one individually. I think your little ones get swallowed up in the group sometimes and it was nice to see each one up close. Such sweet babies you have - all twelve of them (Sorry Timothy and Elijah). :)

  5. Lovely pictures, Jaynee. It was nice to get a picture along with the name and age. Your kids do look alike, yet each has their own "character" coming through. Bountiful blessings.


  6. Lovely pictures, Jaynee. It was nice to get a picture along with the name and age. Your kids do look alike, yet each has their own "character" coming through. Bountiful blessings.


  7. I Absolutely love these pictures...
    Josiah seems to be looking at you guys as if your from another planet...too cute and funny...

    Thanks for always sharing these with us in the blog world...
    It encourages me after I have been on your blog...

    God Bless


  8. what a lovely happy family! Love the goofy pic:)

  9. Cute! The Lord has really blessed you with all those children! It is my dream to someday be blessed with that many kids :)

  10. What beautiful pictures of the children and the family! Just out of curiosity, does it ever create competition when there are two children in the same grade? I noticed you have two in kindergarten and two in eighth grade.

  11. Hola Jaynee! Thanks for these beautiful pictures! The photo of Samuel is just beyond the legal limit of cuteness!:) (Actually that can be said for all of the children!) - Sonya

  12. they are just gorgeous and so full of life. how fun!! are the 2 oldest really already in the 8th grade at age 12 and 11?

  13. Awesome pictures, Jaynee.

    Did your two oldest boys plow through the middle school books? There's such a big gap between 4th and 8th grade!

  14. Fun to see your pictures!! I think I will have to do the same on my blog for our first day. ;-) Thanks for the continued school/scheduling updates... love to see what you guys are up to!!!

    Blessings from WA,

  15. THanks for sharing what great pictures and baby samuel sure is getting big.

  16. Rachel,
    There's a little bit of competition between Timothy and Elijah (8th grade), but in a good way. Timothy tends to put things off till the last minute but Elijah likes to get all his weekly assignments done as quickly as possible even spending his free time to do extra. This helps Timothy keep up :) But it's friendly competition. They both have definate strengths (Timothy- Math, Guitar, any work project; Elijah- piano, science, history, reading) which we tell them how thankful we are God has blessed them in those areas and they are good to learn from each other.
    Isaiah and Abigail (2nd grade) LOVE being in the same class. It's easier for me as it saves time (I meet with them together rather than separately) and we do all sorts of fun things. Isaiah is a bit quicker on Math, but Abi's began reading at 5 and Isaiah not until 5 1/2 (a year and a half later) so she's a better reader. So they love helping each other.

    Michawn and Amy Lynn- Timothy and Elijah are both in 8th. Timothy has an October b'day so I started him in Kindergarten the August before he turned 5. Elijah's b'day is in March. He's always been in a book. He taught himself how to read before he was 4 by just listening to me teach Timothy. So he skipped Kindergarten. Then then last year when he was to be in 6th and Timothy in 7th, it dawned on me that Elijah had already read all of Timothy's 6th grade books from the past year and knew all the math. I talked to Daniel about it and he suggested trying him in 7th along with Timothy. He did great and still is almost constantly studying or reading something :)

    Rebekah and Benjamin learned to read a bit later. Rebekah is a very hands on learner and works more slowly through her books. Benjamin has some dyslexia but is doing better each year. So because Elijah skipped 2 grades and Beka started a year later, there is a big gap. :)

  17. Thanks for sharing those pictures! I have a question though, I noticed the older 2 boys are in 8th grade and Rebekah is only 2 years younger and only in 4th. Was there some homeschooling that she missed or are the other 2 more motivated? Just wondering! Hope you have a great school year!

  18. :)
    thanks for the peek into your school year

  19. Wonderful pics! Thanks for sharing!

  20. Jaynee~ How adorable~ But I have to say the picture of Eliseo's smile is too cute!

    The last two pictures are priceless!

    Thanks for sharing. ~Cinnamon

  21. What a beautiful family you are so very blessed.

  22. LOL! Love this post!! Everybody's getting so big. (Except the mommy, lol!)

  23. I enjoyed looking at all the pictures. You have such a beautiful family.


  24. As a teacher myself ... it is so great to read and see that you know EACH of your children SO well as you home school them. It seems like you are making GREAT decisions, taking each child's strengths and weaknesses into account.

    You are an amazing Mama, and a great teacher as well! I'm not sure how you do it all ... but you are doing a great job at it!

  25. "The fruit of the womb is His reward." Your children are just precious. That last picture is funny! Continuing in prayer for your family. Jaynee, are you connected to Julee Shaver or the Schultz family? You remind me of one of them! Just wondering! :-)

  26. Hi Jaynee!! I haven't commented in awhile but I look at your blog almost every day! I sure love your new pictures of your kids, your family is gorgeous, inside and out! I thought about your family today as I ran across this blog and wanted to share it with you. You may already know about it, but I just wanted to tell you in case you are interested. I think I remember you saying that one of your girls wants to be a missionary in Africa someday?? Well, she will love this blog. The address is www.kissesfromkatie.blogspot.com This girl is a 20 yr. old girl who has been called to Uganda and has adopted 13 girls from there. She was 18 when she moved there! Hope you are all doing well!

  27. Jaynee, I am always encouraged by your blog and love the photos of your family! Each child is beautiful, of course, but what I really loved most is the goofy photo of all of you at the end! I suspect you all have a lot of goofy times together and probably really need that type of humor often with the challenges of raising such a large brood while performing your missionary work. You must have a ton of funny stories you probably don't blog about! Maybe someday you will write a book!

    Thanks so much for being a blessing to those in Mexico and also to us here at home. I check in with your blog regularly and am often inspired by you as a mom and also you as a family.

    Bless you!

  28. Jaynee, what a wonderful schedule. Thank you dear one.


  29. You have such beautiful children. God bless you and your family.


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