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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Thinking it's the flu

The high fevers and aches continue; some of them were running between 103.5 and 104. I carried several to use the potty today as they felt too weak or hurt too badly to walk on their own.
Currently, the very sick ones are Rebekah, Benjamin, Abigail, Nehemiah, and Eliseo. Moderately sick- Timothy, Isaiah, Josiah, Noah, Susannah and Samuel.
Just a bit tired with a cough- our "immunity" boy, Elijah.
Daniel, Uncle Samuel and Carlos are still doing fine and while I am having continual fevers, I still think it's related to the kidney infection as I have no other flu symptoms.
I woke up feeling quite awful as well, but knowing that Saturday is a very busy day for Daniel, I took some tylanol, had Elijah fix some breakfast for anyone who wanted to eat, and I stayed in bed under several blankets until Daniel had to leave for soul winning. Thankfully, by then, the tylanol had begun to work and my fever began to go down.
Little Nehemiah (picture up top) hardly took his head off my lap all day. When I had to tend to the other children or do some laundry, he would cry until I came back.
He has a little mattress in our room which sits on top of a coffee table making his bed. I was finally able to move him over to it without waking him (we'll see how long that lasts :) ). No one has an appetite, but we've been keeping everyone's bottles full of cold water, gatorade or juice. Some of the "not so sick" ones had about a half cup of smoothie tonight (frozen bananas, yogurt, ice, juice, bit of vanilla and bit of honey).
I then went child to child having them change into some fresh pj's, helping the ones who needed it, and trying to coax the girls to let me comb their hair a bit and braid it. Abi let me...she has a tough head anyways. But tender headed Beka who has fine hair that accumulates great tangles (just like mommy's) wasn't at all interested. I understand; one of my favorite things is for Daniel to brush my hair out which he happens to also love to do :), but the past several days, the fever has made me so "picky" that the brushing hurts and I can't take the brush touching my back (normally that's one of my favorite parts...back stratch! :) ).
Everyone just slept all day. A few read some but overall, no one moved much. Lots of moans, groans, prayers, cuddles, and holding.
Elijah was wonderful with helping me keep bottles full, changing cool wash clothes for heads, washing medicine cups, changing diapers (the 2 youngest are still battling in "that" area), and since there really wasn't any housework to do, he helped me strip, wash and change all the bedding. Nothing makes me feel better than fresh, clean sheets when I'm sick.
I don't think anyone will be going to church tomorrow. We have known the N1H1 is here in our town and as we work with people, I was thinking it might happen.
We appreciate your prayers. Pray especially for little Samuel. So far he's doing better than I thought he would; naturally I worry extra for him. Remember, you are always welcome in our home here...mi casa es su casa...but you might want to wait a week or two. :)
And thank you for all the sweet emails and comments on our last post. The Lord is so good and we are so thankful he allows us to serve Him here.


  1. oh jaynee!!!! i am praying for your precious family RIGHT NOW!!! BIG HUGS!!! praying for strength for you as you continue to battle these fevers ... strength for the little ones who are so sick!!!
    oh how i wish i could come over to give you a helping hand ... ;)

    blessings, misty brown

  2. Oh Jaynee~ What a challenge. But also a blessing that you have a washer and dryer to wash all the sheets in and baths to soak kiddos in and a warm house to keep everyone safe in. We are praying for you!! And especially little Samuel.

    Hugs~ Cinnamon
    p.s we'd come visit even if you were all sick :-)

  3. Hope you all get better soon. We are praying for you.

  4. Jaynee, you are such a sweet encouragement to me. Not a day goes by that I don't compare myself to you and find myself challenged to love God more, to trust Him more, and to allow Him to work in my life more. Yes, you have finally convinced me that you are not perfect, but I still consider you very close. :)
    I have returned several times to reread your last two posts. They are so full that I cannot absorb it all. Truly, you are hidden under the shadow of His wing. And there is not a safer place for you to be. I am so thankful that He is faithful and is to be trusted.
    Praying for all of you through this difficult time. Get well soon.
    Love, Amy

  5. Oh so far from perfect Amy...the closer you get to "the Light" the more filthy you realize you are. But praise the Lord who has covered us with Jesus righteousness through His precious, sweet blood.
    Someday when you come visit or I go visit you, you can see how imperfect I am :) How wonderful would that be!! ;)

  6. Our family just went thru having everyone have H1N1 for the past two weeks. I am hoping and praying that you will all feel better soon. The headache and lingering cough were the two worst parts of it as well as chils when the fever was high. I will be praying that you all get over this with no lingering complications! Thanks so much for your ministry!!

  7. Janie! It sounds just like H1N1. In the US they are seeing fever of 103 or higher, runny nose, cough, diarrhea, headaches, and body aches. Especially the young ones, you might want to get them to a doctor, it is really hitting the young ones hard in the US, ages birth-7 years old. I think 125 children that age in the US have died from it. Will be praying and my recommendation is to get them some Tamiflu if your Dr. prescribes it down there! That is what they are using up here. Runs its course in about 3-4 days!

  8. Praying for your family to get well.

  9. Anna M. from KansasNov 1, 2009, 12:25:00 PM

    I'm praying that ya'll will start feeling better! I can't imagine how miserable all of the sick ones must feel! It's nice that Elijah so far hasn't gotten really bad so at least there is someone to help with the different jobs that need to be done!

    Love in Christ,
    Anna from Kansas

  10. We're praying for you all. It is so miserable to be sick, and then especially to see little children so sick.

    Praying hard!


  11. Oh, Jaynee...I thought my daughter-in-law was busy this past week with two with the flu and two healthy kids :) I'm praying for your strength to return and that pesky kidney infection to just be gone, so you can continue to minister to your children as they need, and you want to do! Also praying for the children to begin feeling better real soon, and none of them to get complications in the process. Keep leaning on Jesus, Jaynee!

  12. That is so very hard. Praying you all will heal soon.

  13. I have recently happened upon your blog and am so encouraged by it. I am so sorry to hear of the illness. I was from a larger family and it seemed that when the flu visited, it stayed so long because it had to work through everyone. Miserable times. You sound so organized though...even in sickness. Praying for perfect healing and rest for you all!


  14. Praying for good health for all of your family. ♥

  15. For a natural and simple detangler, I rinse my girls' hair with apple cider vinegar and water. We use about a tablespoon or so to a cup of water--never terribly precise. Make sure you get real apple cider vinegar. They've started selling apple cider "flavored" vinegar. I use the mix as a rinse and keep thinking we'll get a spray bottle for touch ups, but we so rarely have tangles now (all of us have very fine hair) that I just haven't gotten around to making up some in a spray bottle.

    Sorry to hear you are all feeling so poorly. We will pray for you!!!

  16. Praying for you and all your little ones...all having the flu at once has to be rough. Especially when mommy isn't feeling 100% herself.
    Get well soon!


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