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Sunday, November 01, 2009

My Little Disasterpieces :)

Look how big I'm getting! (Thought we'd start with some happier pictures from last week.)

You'll have your smile back soon little Samuel.

Not feeling good Mommy. Even without your smile you are still my beautiful miracle baby boy.

Noah was whining and crying almost non-stop all day. I was so happy when he finally settled down. I love the term Uncle Joel taught us when he came to visit...we use to call them "basket cases" but now our little masterpieces are "disasterpieces" :)

Kitty keeping Beka warm

My poor sweet babies tugging at my mommy heartstrings all day

Forgive any and all typos...I've got a whiny little Nehemiah glued to me again today.
Thank you all so much for praying for our little troopers. Some felt better this morning and ate some and spent about a half hour coloring with me at the table. Other than the coloring, I had them stay in bed and either rest, read, draw or sleep. It wasn't too hard to convince them. Little Eliseo and Samuel felt worse today :(. Samuel only drank about half his bottle at each feeding today; he's still losing quite a bit in the "diaper", so I'm watching him very closely to make sure he stays hydrated. The body aches/head aches seem to be the hardest on everyone and they say it hurts so badly when they cough.
Have you ever noticed that fevers always seem to go higher in the afternoon/evening? By around 4:30 pm, everyone was back to crying, whining, and only wanting to lay down. I'm monoriting their fevers every couple hours to make sure they don't get too high; I like to let the fever work if it's not too bad and they are tolerating it okay. If I keep them on the medicine, then they think they're better and always want to get up and do something, but then usually end up feeling worse than if they had just stayed down and rested.I'm going to put them all officially to bed in a bit and will give some tylanol or motrin to the ones who haven't had it recently so they sleep comfortably.
I've also noticed that the littler ones can tolerate higher fevers than the older ones. Eliseo and Samuel will rest even if they are on medicine, so I like to keep them feeling as good as possible so they'll drink well. But while my older ones complain after a fever of a degree or two, the younger ones just "act off" but don't seem to stay down unless they hit a bit of a higher temp.
Uncle Samuel spent all night last night in the bathroom :( Brother Carlos said he was moaning. It was just Daniel, Brother Carlos, and Elijah who headed off to church this morning. They got home pretty late because Daniel had to run Uncle Samuel's route and we also started our annual children's Christmas Choir practices.
After Daniel left for church this afternoon, I moved everyone into the family room as I needed to clean the kitchen and fold laundry. I pulled a tv out of storage and let the children watch some Moody Science dvd's. This worked out good as I was able to tend to them much easier being all in one room rather than spread out all over the house :).
Thank you for your "notes" of encouragement; they truly brightened my day. It was like getting a bunch of "get well" cards! I also appreciate the concern many of you have had for my infection. Daniel and I had already decided that if this round of medicine did not take care of the problem (3rd try now), I'll go down to the capitol city as soon as I can as I think we've exhausted all our medical resources in our area.
But I know we can never "exhaust" our prayers and how grateful I am for how the Lord always takes care of us. My dad would always say to me that there is no safer place to be than in the center of God's will.
Pray Uncle Samuel feels better soon; he's such a blessing to us here and we sure miss him. Pray for our church people as Daniel said some of the children in Sunday School were feeling sick and attendence overall was low. Tomorrow may be a good day to make my jumbo pot of chicken soup...some for us and the rest to share with our friends. Okay, now to offer some toast or broth for supper, give out medicine and begin the process of getting them all to the bathroom, transporting all their blankets and pillows and tucking them in with hugs, kisses and prayers. :)
I must say that I do thank the Lord so much for we have been blessed overall with very good health the past couple of years. We've had some major medical events :), but as far as the flus/colds/tummy bugs etc... that take down the entire crew, we've had few and far between. God is so very good.


  1. What a sad picture. Those poor little kiddos.

  2. I stumbled upon your webpage by accident a few months ago, and I have enjoyed the glimpse of your lives in the mission field which your posts have offered. Your family is beautiful, in body and soul.

    I am so sorry that you are all feeling so poorly. I will pray that you all recover quickly. The photo of wall to wall ailing little ones makes my heart ache for you.

    I offer you my greatest admiration for the patience and strength that you show in caring for your family. I also admire the way you keep a constant dialogue going with God. You help me to remember how powerful, and how loving, He is. I hope that He will wrap you all in the tenderness of his love.

  3. Praying for lots of rest and I pray everyone feels a lot better tomorrow.

  4. Praying for you all to get well soon!

  5. Jaynee~ You have wall to wall children :-) Are they taking antibiotics or just riding it out? We just had this run through our home. The sore throats were the worst part of it for our kiddos too. They were okay with the high fever, body aches but their coughs made them hurt. It took about a week from start to feeling better once I got them on antibiotics. If it was just the flu without a sore throat we let them ride it out and rest but that sore throat is awful. I think everyone here is doing better. The cough does seem to linger a bit longer than a week but overall they are able to get up and resume "normal" living.

    I pray that day comes soon for you and the little ones are feeling better quickly and the Lord gives them comfort during this time.

    ~Hugs~ Cinnamon

  6. Jaynee I love reading about your life. I pray you all get better SOON!

  7. What a time you are all having, praying for you all to feel better soon. Also hope and pray that you are feeling better soon. Blessings and hugs to you all
    shelley p
    from over the pond

  8. We will pray for the family! May God bless you and heal you all.

  9. Lord- Heal the Lockwoods quickly Lord and give them the strength to endure this trial. Watch over them in Jesus name....amen.

    I hope you are all on the mend this week. What sad little faces huh. I hate when mine are sick. You feel so helpless and they look so helpless. Take care and keep being the wonderful mother you are.


  10. Our family is praying for your family.

    The Lewis'

  11. Praying for you guys!! we just got over all of that at our house too...no fun :(

  12. I am so sorry you all are sick, we are praying for you! Hope everyone recovers very soon! Is your infection any better yet? You are all in our prayers.

  13. You are an amazing mom! I am praying for you and your whole crew. Your hands are very very full.


  14. Your poor, sweet family! I can't imagine almost everyone being sick all at once. I'm praying the Lord's healing hand upon each of you.

    Even sick, you are all just beautiful!


  15. The children will have fond memories of these times.
    Lord Bless!
    Wilton, NH

  16. still praying and glad to see all of the sickies together resting a little more comfortably! :) we will continue to pray for you ALL . . . HUGS and blessings sweet jaynee and kiddos :)
    misty brown

  17. Hope everyone feels better soon.

  18. We will be prayong for your family, haven't been reading blog lately. So sad to know all of yours are sick. Missy Parris- TN


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