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Monday, December 07, 2009

It's popping!

I'm letting the children sleep in a bit later this morning as we were up later than normal last night doing our next Christmas activity...eating stringing popcorn. Sundays are wonderful but very busy days around here. We get up early to get ready for the day, start bus routes, set up church/children's classes, hold services, children's choir practice, clean up, eat lunch, get ready for the evening service, and start the routine all over again for the evening. How thankful we are for our dear brothers and sisters in Christ here! What a blessing to fellowship together and hear testimonies of what the Lord is doing in our lives!
Last night, the children's class made a chain to count down the days until Christmas. I had also showed them how to cut out snowflakes so they could make a simple decoration for their homes and wow, was there a lot of paper on the floor afterwards! :) Remember the mess blizzard that 10 children and their mommy made on Friday? Well, with 32 children all cutting, you about need a snowplow to clean it all up! :)
So the children and I got home a bit later than normal after cleaning up the classroom. While they changed into their pajamas, I stood over the stove popping popcorn. I gave the oldest 7 a threaded needle, grabbed my camera, put on some Christmas music and told them to have fun and to not make a mess (I was hopeful...at least we are developing some good sweeping skills!). I didn't get as many pictures as I wanted to because my children can consume/string popcorn almost faster than I can pop it.
After the children went to bed, I sat on the couch with only the tree lights on waiting for Daniel to get home. The days of December pass so quickly and are so full. It can be easy to let our personal time with the Lord or family time around His Word falter. While the activities that fill these days are enjoyable and even Christ centered, how He still longs for us to humbly commune with Him each day. How much we need Him!


  1. Oh I love your enthusiasm for at least trying to keep clean :-) We've had the same poprcorn storm here lately and snowflakes everywhere....paper and real ones outside~


  2. Stringing popcorn is one of those things I have always wanted to try, but have never done. It looks so pretty on your tree!

    We will definitely have to make some paper snowflakes though. But I did have one lingering question... did you serve noodles to your snowflake-making children's class at church?? ;)

  3. Amy,
    We did NOT serve noodles; but the glue they used to glue their chains together ALWAYS ends up on the floor (and chairs, and table, and the children's hands, faces, and hair).

  4. I'm curious about how many Christmas boxes you have gotten this year? Are there as many as last year? It is a blessing to see your family serving in a sacrificial way!

    In Christ,

  5. So far, we have received about 45 boxes. We are very much looking forward to handing them out and know that each child that receives them will be so very blessed. :)

  6. Wow, your tree is beautiful! I love it!

  7. i can not believe i have never let the kids string popcorn. we may have to change that this week. we are stil doing school but maybe only a day or two


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