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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Timothy's Bottle Cap Gun Video

As I went into the boy's room the other day, I noticed several big boxes and other odds and ends scattered upon each of their beds. I was about to call them inside to clean up a bit; we have a rule around here that beds are to have enough room in them that one can comfortably sleep. This limits them to having a few stuffed animals/dolls, a pillow (and sheets/blankets of course), and a backpack (where they can keep anything they want...books, flashlights, games, toys...as long as it all fits inside and is not alive). I made this rule last year when I discovered the musty smell coming from the boy's room was from a "vegetable garden" which one of the boys had planted on the side of their bed between the matress and wall. It was a bit "squishy" to sleep at night and some of the plants got tipped over. I could have made the rule "No gardens allowed in your bed", but that would leave room for zoos, Lincoln Log forts, rising bread dough and other things of which only children could possibly imagine. Therefore, the "backpack rule" was started :).
I peered into a couple of the boxes on the beds and then realized what it all was...wood, nails, screws, string, tools, and several projects in the works. The girl's room has the same look...thread, material, buttons, glue, paper etc... Lots of secrets being put together to give as gifts Christmas morning. I have a few of my own I'm working on...I was a bit frustrated last night as an entire sleeve had to be ripped out of a certain gift I'm creating...45 minutes lost...but another lesson learned. :)
Timothy wants to show you a gift he's made before for his siblings. They all have a lot of fun with these. (I had to divide the video into two separate ones to get it to upload). Remember to not point these at people or anything else you don't want to break! They can shoot far and hard! :)


  1. Thank you for posting the videos! I greatly enjoyed them - especially seeing each child introduce themselves! I also thought it was very cute to hear/see Eliseo! He looked as if he has lots of energy as I'm sure the rest of the children do!

    Anna M.

  2. YEA, my link is working again!! :)
    The kids look like they are having so much fun! I love when they make something using what they have. Timothy did great explaining how to make them - that is a great skill!

  3. Wow! Are your kids usually that calm? I couldn't believe they were all standing in a line and quiet like that while their brother was talking. I have some serious work to do.

  4. Oh what fun that looks like and Timothy did such a good job explaining it. I love seeing them all lined up. Too cute~


  5. Oh, yes, Anna! Lots of energy...most all of them.
    Isaiah's pretty calm...not sure how Samuel will be yet...
    No wonder I'm so tired at the end of each day! Tired but sooo happy! :)

  6. Jaynee your children are all so sweet! I like how serious they are about their guns:)

  7. What a great idea! Thank you Timothy!


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