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A glimpse into the life of Daniel and Jaynee Lockwood and their 12 precious blessings. Thank you for visiting; we pray that what we share here may always bring glory to our wonderful God and Saviour. May you praise the Lord with us for the great things He has done and continues to do as we serve Him sharing the gospel here in the little town of Cuidad Insurgentes, BCS Mexico. He alone is good and faithful!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Will you pray for him/her next year? (And pictures/video below)

A couple of Sundays ago, I was sitting at the piano in the church playing for the services listening to the beautiful sound of the voices of men, women, boys and girls singing to the Lord. As I sit to play each Sunday, the piano is situated where I am facing the people. I often smile at them as we sing or mouth the words to a boy or girl to encourage them to sing along. They almost always smile at me and sing with all their might.
After the song had ended that Sunday, an idea came to me. Of course, many ideas come to me and many of them are quite laughable :), but when I ran this one by Daniel, he too thought it would be good.
Four years ago, there was no church here. Praise the Lord, there are now 15 families who have come to know and love the Lord Jesus Christ...men, women, children...our brothers and sisters in Christ. Imagine living in a town where there are only 15 Christian families. Imagine going to a school where you may be the only one who knows the Lord.
These families come to church each week giving testimony of those with whom they shared the gospel...family members, neighbors, co-workers. We rejoice with them in the good response they find and pray with them as they often hurt over those who will not listen or believe.
We go to their homes and talk with them...how their lives have changed since coming to Christ! And as they too begin to live for and serve their God, how the times of both trial and blessing come hand in hand.
I know many of you pray for our family. When I tell you one of my little ones is sick, you pray for that one by name. And as I sat on the piano bench that Sunday, I wasn't just seeing a group of faces...I was seeing dear individual souls...I was remembering their hurts, joys, and their stories. My heart was burdened to pray more for them. And then I thought...
Maybe some of you would like to pray for one of your brother or sisters in Christ here too. I thought how wonderful it would be to have another Christian man, woman, boy or girl take special interest in a man, woman, boy or girl here.
So this is what I was thinking...If you would like to, I would love to send you the name of someone here in our church (you can specify man, women, boy, girl). I would love to send you their picture, a little of their story, and ways in which you can especially pray for them. Oh, I know they would appreciate your prayers so much. And while I often ask you to pray for the people here, I thought it would help if you had a specific name/face/requests for which to pray making it more personal. You could even write them a little note of encouragement from time to time. Maybe your son or daughter would like to have a Mexican boy or girl to remember in their prayers or to which they could send a letter or a picture they drew.
The longer I live, the longer we serve here, we are made more and more aware of the spiritual battle that rages. And the weapons of our warfare are not carnal. Satan loses ground as we are on our knees!
Would any of you like to commit to praying for a brother or sister in Christ here for 2010? If you would, please comment here or email me (lockwoods2mexico (at) juno (dot) com ).
I will begin assigning names and sending the information as soon as someone asks.
You know, I thought to myself this morning, "What if nobody wants to do it?" And as soon as I thought it, the Lord spoke to my heart...If nobody does it, nothing's been lost; but if just one does, those prayers will be heard by our Almighty God and only eternity will tell the gain."
Evening Service
Youth Choir Singing for our Christmas Service (See video below)
Church Adult/Teen gift Exchange

The children's class exhanged gifts as well
The two ladies on the right are our neighors (they live right behind us). They want to get baptized next baptism service.

Hna. Rosa serving up those goats :)

Hno. Aorelio helping serve tables

How I love to hear them sing!


  1. I would love a young woman to pray for and a little boy around the age of 9 for my son to pray for.
    Thank you for the suggestion and the opportunity.


  2. Yes, please send me someone. Also if you could send me the list of items you need for the Christmas boxes, I will try to start collecting now. Your mission work has been on my heart for months and I would love to support the effort this coming year.



  3. I love this idea! We have three boys and one girl, so we would love to have matching kids to send letters to. Is there any way we could receive a picture of them, or maybe put them on your blog? I would love to send letters to a mom and dad, if you have those as well. What a great idea you and God came up with, Jaynee! Thank you!

  4. Count us in!! We would love to adopt a person to pray for. We have 5 children- and perhaps you could send us two names - a boy and a girl. Then the boys could pray for a boy and the girls could pray for the girl! This is a wonderful idea.

    Your pics reminded me so much of the missions trip I took to Mexico 3 years ago. We were in Juarez with Bearing Precious Seed. The trip was life changing.

    Can't wait to hear from you: our email: rnmspurgeon@sbcglobal.net

  5. I would love to pray for someone in your village!

  6. Hello,
    I have been reading your blog for a while, but have not really commented. We were missionaries in Russia for a bit then had to return to the States. Now my husband is a pastor with Village Missions. Anyway, I think your idea is wonderful. I would love to have a lady to specifically pray for and if possible a little girl for my 4 year old daughter to pray for. Thank you for this opportunity. I am blessed by your faithful ministry.
    email is koski_us at yahoo dot com

  7. Jaynee,
    I have emailed you. :) This sounds like a perfect way that we can better serve our good and gracious God.

    God bless you,

  8. My family would love to pray for another family there in your church. I have 8 children ages seven and under and then our course my husband and I . Thanks

    1cutehillbilly@gmail.com the email address is corny i know..lol trying to change it soon. set it up along time ago for a secret sister party at church and just kept using it. Thanks again for this amazing opportunity. I hope to come and help serve you some day. My children and I would be blessed.

  9. What a wonderful idea, Jaynee! I would love to pray for a Mexican lady, preferably a mama, though I'll take whoever you choose. I'm going to talk to my children about this in the morning to see who they would be interested in. I'll let you know...

  10. I agree what a beautiful idea. How fun this will be for our kiddos and for our family! Thank you for posting~

    Let's see, can we pick a boy or girl? Oops, John, who is reading this with me, said we could pick. Sooo, we would love to pray for 3 girls if that is okay. And I would love to pray for one Mama or young lady. And send one for the boys. John asked if you could send them a Papa's name.

    I have to tell you this funny~ Gunnar (13) just walked in as John and I were discussing this and he heard me ask John "can we pick a boy or girl" and John told me yes. Gunnar, with wide eyes asked me "What? Are they selling Mexicans?" not believing this could be true.
    We just cracked up!

    Can't wait to see who you pick for us~ How exciting~


  11. What a wonderful idea, I am so glad God has put this on your heart to share with us.
    I would be so very blessed if I could pray for a woman, and having a name I could pray for her specifically would be a does make it more personal and for more passionate prayers. Thank you for including all of us in this request. I am so excited!!

  12. I'd love to join in the prayers! perhaps a teenage or young woman would best suit me, someone my own age? I love the idea of being able to send a note as well, though I don't know any Spanish.

  13. What a great idea! I have followed your blog for a long time (we are members at Faith Baptist in Mattawan, MI, and I just love that we can keep up with your family in this way). I would love to pray for a young girl or woman.
    Also, I would love it if you would "assign" one to each of our children. This would be a wonderful way to incorporate more of your ministry into our homeschooling. We have a 12 year old daughter (Rebecca), a 9 year old son (Timothy) and a 4 year old daughter (Linden). If you have children that are around that age, I would love to have each of our children pray and correspond to them. We are teaching our children Spanish as part of our homeschooling curriculum - maybe they can even use some of it in their letters!

    Thank you so much for your faithful updates. I love reading about your ministry and your homeschooling experiences!

  14. Jaynee~ It is letting me comment now, I do not know if you got my email so just wanted to say I would love to pray for someone too!!!! Great idea!!


  15. Would love to join in this prayer partnership...I will be e-mailing.


  16. Sounds like a way to support! I have emailed you.


  17. My whole family will participate! It would love to do this with my children. So if you have a man, woman, boy, and girl, we would be excited to pray for the 4 of them and send encouraging notes!! Thanks for the opportunity!


  18. I would love to have someone to pray for, and have my children pray for. I am teaching my son about how important it is that we pray for others, and how we don't always need to pray for just ourselves (he is 8 and at that "selfish" stage!) and this would be of great help to him.

    It would be an honor to pray for someone. You can contact me through my blog or by email momoftwinsplus1@cox.net


  19. I would love a young woman to pray for. I studied abroad in Mexico 2 years ago and am looking forward to having someone else to pray for.

    Please email me at a.early at yahoo dot com



  20. Yes, we would like to pray for whomever you chose!

  21. Hi Jaynee,
    I've never commented, but I have been reading about your family and ministry in Mexico for quite some time. I would love to pray for a young woman. I'm 19, so if you have someone around my age, that would be so neat, but really I would be more than happy to pray for anyone. Thank you for coming up with this neat idea. It is absolutely fantastic!



  22. Jaynee, please send me the name of a mom to pray for.

    Thank you!

    Amy - abrant13@gmail.com

  23. I just realized that I didn't include my e-mail address. Sorry about that! Please send the information to my e-mail address, bashbabe91@gmail.com.

    Once again, thanks so much for sharing your burden on your blog!

  24. I would love to pray for someone, it does not matter if man, woman, or child. I am always deeply moved by your blog. It has brought me to tears many times and I have prayed to be the kind of Christian that you and your family are. Leesa


  25. Yes,
    I would like to pray for someone please, so would my Husband.

    May you have a safe and blessed New Year.

    Blessed Mommy to 15, with #16 on the way.

  26. We sould love to pray for 2 boys. My sons are 7 & 4 and would love to add 2 boys to their prayers. We will also, pray for your family.


  27. I would like to pray for a young lady. I'm 19, so could you send me the name of a young lady around my age or younger?

    Thank you,


  28. Dearest Jaynee, please include the Slinkard's in this. Dennis, Tracy and Travis. I am sorry I am just now seeing this post, I have been sick. But much better now.

    Blessings dear friends,

    A Mother's Apron on facebook

  29. We would love to pray for a Mom. cross_home2001 (at) yahoo.com


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