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Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Christmas Box Reminder and Free Home Schooling Materials

This is how a boy pushes a pink stroller :)

Update on Home School Materials:
Already taken:
*Saxon 8/7
*BJU Geometry Activity Books
*All ACE Score Keys and ABC's with Ace and Christi
*Abeka Physical Science (9th grade) Quiz and Test Keys
*Abeka K4 Teacher Lesson Plan Manuals

*All Abeka 3rd grade keys listed
*All Abeka 9th grade keys listed (minus Science)
*All Abeka 6th grade keys listed
*All Abeka 8th grade keys listed
*BJU Geometry Text Book

Just a quick reminder that we will be picking up the Christmas Boxes in less than 2 weeks.  So if you are wanting to send in a box and haven't yet, try to get it mailed within the next day or two.  Daniel's brother and family will be moving out of their apartment just a few days after we pick up the boxes, and we don't want anything to be missed!
My sister in law told us that several boxes have arrived already and we are so excited!  Thank you for your generosity in giving to these children.  I know it will be a special blessing to them and that the Lord will bless you as well!

This afternoon, I pulled out several home school books that I no longer use and thought I'd post them here.
If anyone is interested in them, we could ship them from the states when we go north.
What I mainly have is teacher's keys.
Everything is in good to excellent condition.
I will list them (with pictures) below.
Some things had been given to us, other things we purchased.  These are things of which we now have duplicates or things we no longer use.  I'm praying these may be able to be a blessing to some of you!
We only ask that you cover the shipping and we'd be happy to send them to you.
If you are interested, just drop us an email (daniellockwoodfamily@gmail.com) with Home School Materials in the subject line and we'll get back to you.

Hoping to find a good home for these! :)

ACE School of Tomorrow Score Keys for English, Science, Social Studies, and Word Building
I have sets  1037-1048 and 1049-1060 for each of the above subjects.
I also have set 1037-1048 for Bible.

 ACE- School of Tomorrow  ABC's With Ace and Christi Teachers Manuals Vol. 1 and 2

BJU Geometry Second Edition
Student Book
Activity Book
Activity Key

Abeka K4 Home School Lesson Plans for Phonics/Reading/Writing and Numbers

Saxon Math Homeschool Pre-Algebra 8/7
Student Workbook 
Solutions Manual

Abeka 3rd Grade
Our American Heritage Test and Quiz Key
Language 3 Test Key

Abeka 6th Grade 
Map Studies and Review Key
New World His/Geo Test Key
Observing God's World Test Key
Spelling and Vocab Test Keys

Abeka 9th Grade
World Geography Test Key
Science of the Physical Creation Quiz Key
Science of the Physical Creation Test Key
Grammar and Comp. Test/Quiz Key
Alegebra Test/Quiz Key
Spelling and Vocab. Teacher Key

Abeka 8th Grade
America Land I Love Test Key
America Land I Love Quiz Key


  1. Mailed our box today! Have a safe trip to San Diego and a merry Christmas!

  2. p.s from the Haller family, Delaware, Ohio

  3. Hi on my computer your e-mail adress is not valid.I would like to have all your A.C.E school books.If they are still availble I have Four homeschool Kids on these and they are great.
    Thankyou E-mail


  4. 12 boxes on their way from New York City. I found some cute (but pretty gender specific) toys at the dollar store. I hope it's okay that I labelled them for boy/girl and the appropriate age group?

    -- Jillian

  5. Wonderful, Jillian! That's so thoughtful of you and we'll be sure to check your labels and do our best to give them to the age/gender specified. Thank you! God Bless you!

  6. Dear Jaynee,

    My name is Evah Odoi. I live in Maryville, TN, with my family. I am love to read your blog and to pray for you and your family. I know of a missionary couple (Beatrice and Vincent Langariti) in Uganda who have just begun to homeschool their children. They are in a need of homeschool materials but have very limited resources (homeschool concept is quite foreign in Uganda and most of Africa). Beatrice is VERY interested in ALL the homeschool materials that you've listed. The plan is for you to ship the books to me (I'll pay for shipping) and I'll get them to Beatrice. Kindly email me (eodoi@charter.net) so I can give you more details.

    With love,

    Evah Odoi.

  7. Hi Jaynee,
    I will be mailing our shoeboxes tomorrow. We collected some extra stuff so we will just iclude it and you can pass the stuff out as you see fit. We are also including about 12 of the little dresses made from pillow cases. small, medium and large. You can give these to whomever you feel has the need of them.

    Our womans group wants to make your family and ministry an ongoing project. When do you go on furlow?

    Also our pastor said that if you are in this area we would love for you to share in our services. We are in Guymon Oklahoma.

  8. Jaynee, I mailed you a letter yesterday to Philip's house. Also, I got a letter from Nobbie and Nehemiah today. :)

  9. Dear Debbio, Hello, this is Daniel. Lord willing we will start furlough in August of 2011. We would love to come to your church, how do I get in contact with your pastor? What is the name of your church? We will probably be in the area during end of August-September of 2011. Please feel free to email your answers... daniellockwoodfamily@gmail.com Thank you


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