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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Last of the Pictures

Just wanted to share a few more pictures from last week including our day out in Jesus Maria.
Since Daniel and the older 2 boys left yesterday, we've moved into a new house. :)  No, not really.  But the children says it looks like it.  
I've been "taking inventory".  I've done this since I was a little girl...and I love it.  Taking Inventory means cleaning/organizing/rearranging furniture and often giving away things we no longer need or use as I do not like clutter.  I like children though, so they can stay. :)

I wish I had my camera to show you our progress; Daniel took it to the conference.  But we've had fun :)
We moved the book shelves out of the living room and put them into the play room. And we put one of the play room couches into the living room.
Daniel's been wanting us to all have family devotions in the living room for some time, but we just didn't fit in there with just the two couches.  He wanted to use the piano for our singing time.  
Well, with another couch, I think we'll all fit fine and cozy.
I hope I don't scare Daniel when he walks in :)

We organized all the home school desks and cupboards and the kitchen cupboards too.  When you have 10x more candy in  your house than real food it is either time to go grocery shopping or you just have wwaaayyy too much candy.  In our case, it's both.
I never thought I'd say those words...way too much candy :).  But thus it is.

Beka and Ben helped me rearrange the boys' and girls' room.  The girls are sooo giddy and say it just feels all brand new. :)  I remember that exact feeling so very well.  That's why I love taking inventory :)

We got the boys' bathroom cleaned (eewwww) and the laundry room done.  All that remains is Daniel/my room and the other bathroom.  And if you could only see my bedroom!  
You see, when I do an inventory clean, I start at one end of the house and work my way to the opposite.  Anything that is in the first room I clean that doesn't belong, I just set or kick it :) into the other room.  Then as I clean the next room, the things that don't belong there get set into the next. 
So the last room is quite the sight!  And I have almost all the boys' clothes on my bed as I want to fold it nicely and organize their drawers.  Plus I have all today's and yesterday's washed/dried laundry.  
So I figured if I set it on my bed, it will motivate me to finish the task as I do need a place to sleep tonight.

In the end, it's so nice to have everything back in place.  I thought with Daniel's trip, it would be the perfect time to tackle it as when he's home in the evenings, I get distracted :)  Much rather be with my hubby than sorting through drawers. :)
Plus it keeps the children and I busy so we don't miss everyone so much.

Well, I need to round up the troops and conquer the last mountain...that sits on my bed!

Our three girls in their Christmas Nightgowns sent to them from a special friend.

Thank you to the two ladies who sent me canned pumpkin!  We had pie Christmas dinner and Pumpkin Bread for breakfast Christmas week :)

Out in Jesus Maria....

Thank you so much for those of you who sent us more New Testaments and tracts!

After riding around for a couple of hours, we came upon this water hole and the children all cried in unison, "Oh, Daddy, can we get out for a bit and explore?!"

This picture makes me cry...My first baby is so grown up!


  1. Jaynee, YOU look radiant! Love to see pictures of YOU too :-) How did you ever keep all the kids from getting muddy at the water stop?

    What a blessing to see all of this. Thank you for sharing~

    Letter in the mail to you today~


  2. I wish you had your camera! Taking inventory sounds so refreshing. :)
    I loved all the pictures! So neat to see a family joyfully serving the Lord :)
    -a sister in Christ

  3. The pictures tell us all a story for sure......so many need to hear and be loved!!

    Oh, and can you send me a few of those cactus and cow horns so I can use them to decorate!! heheh!!


  4. Your family is so lovely... it doesn't seem fair that one family has so many cute kids.

    Thank you for sharing parts of your life with us.

  5. I just wanted to thank you for sharing your life with me this past year. I am sure there are so many out there that have been blessed by the Lockwood family both in Mexico and the US. Praise God for all that you do and all that you share. May God bless this next year beyond measure!!


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