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Monday, December 20, 2010

Thank You

I have realized something.  I have been looking forward for weeks now to the time when we would get to pick up the Christmas Boxes and give place each one into the hands of a dear boy or girl to help make their Christmas special...to be a blessing to their lives.  To show them and tell them of the love of Jesus Christ.
But as the boxes were unloaded from our van and brought to our bedroom for me to begin organizing, this Christmas became very special to me...my heart was so blessed and I felt so very humbled and grateful.  
There were far more boxes than we imagined...219 arrived to be exact!  Many were packaged together in giant boxes...others shipped individually...some personally delivered to Daniel's brother's house.

And I began to stack them...one by one...in the corner by our bed.
  I read the names of each of the senders. 
Many of them I knew; some of them I didn't.  
I read the name of each place from which a box arrived...Texas, Florida, New York, Canada...Africa.
Several of the were clear boxes and I peered through to observe what was inside.
Some of them were in cloth bags...some of them even hand made.
Some of them were in shoe boxes.
Several of them had notes on the front...some written from small children...some written by ladies...some written by men...and some written by the elderly.
And I began to think of the emails that I'd been sent.  
I began to think of the many, many prayers that were sent along with the boxes.
I began to think of the time and care that was sent in choosing with what to fill each box.
The generosity and sacrifices that were made to send them.
All of them were sent with so much love.

"For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son."
I found the tears falling down my cheeks more than once.

Some sweet notes written for our family.
You have no idea how I'll cherish each one.
Even some special treats for the children and I.
So unexpected...so very, very special.
May God richly and sweetly bless each and every one of you.
From my heart, I want to say
Thank you.
You will soon bless over 200 children here.
And you blessed a family of 14 too.

We'll be passing out the boxes all throughout the week.
I will be taking A LOT of pictures! :)  
Last night, we gave some to the children who came to the evening service.
We'll be going to the neighborhoods of our town where we are working.
Lord willing, we'll be going out to the smaller town of Zaragoza where we shared the gospel for much of this year.
And then to the village of Jesus Maria where Daniel has preached for over a year.
I'll post pictures the pictures from yesterday below and continue to update and post more pictures as we go out.
Continue to pray as we give your gifts to these children in the name our Saviour.
May He alone be glorified!

Stopping Monday morning to buy breakfast...burritos out of the back of a car! :)  They were delicious!

Arriving at Daniel's brother's house Monday night...we walked in and said...."Wow!"

If it had been left to me, half those boxes would not have fit!
Very thankful that it wasn't left up to me! :)

Waiting at customs for over 2 hours praying that they will let us cross.
We had to unload several boxes for them to inspect.  At first, they were going to make us turn around, go back across the USA border and re-cross at a different border crossing.  But thankfully, we finally made it through!

My bedroom is feeling quite cozy right now :)

So many sweet notes :)

We passed out boxes last night to the children at church...the pictures speak for themselves.









And a few pictures of our brothers and sisters in Christ whom we have grown to love so very much.
Hermana Rosa and Hna. Maria

Hna. Juanita...87 years old...bringing up 4 of her grandchildren

Hna. Victoria


Sweet Lorena

Hno. Juan and Abraham

I have to add...
After I had finished organizing the boxes, some of the children came into my room and I was telling them how all those boxes arrived for the Mexican children.
Noah (6 yo) got the biggest smile and said, "Yes!  I'm so glad that I'm a Mexican!"
Ha! Well, he was born in Mexico.
I had to clarify that these boxes were for the Mexican children that did not have blond hair. :)

God bless you!


  1. wow that is amazing! You're gonna have some very happy children all through the town this Christmas!!
    so glad you arrived back safe and sound...that's a lot of miles to cover!

  2. Oh Jaynee!!! What a blessing to see how the Lord provides and touches the hearts of so many from all over the world. Amazing!

    Grace was reading your post with me and she said "I see our boxes!!" So fun.

    Thank you for sharing with us.

    Love the "I'm a Mexican" comment from Noah at the end. Tooo funny!

    Merry Christmas~ Cinnamon

  3. Wow! What a blessing! I will be praying for the Lord to be glorified through those gifts for the kids.

    Some of my friends know you all and I just found your blog a few weeks ago! I am a MK in New Zealand! I am 17 and am the oldest of ten children! I enjoy working in our children's ministry here and I just love kids and sharing the gospel with them! Most of the kids here are unloved and wanted so they love the attention! I work in many other ministries here and also keep busy as a daughter to the most wonderful parents, big sister to three brothers and six sisters, a cook, a house cleaner, and so much more! I just love to serve the Lord wherever I can! You can check our family blog that I keep up at snydersept.blogspot.com

    I enjoy reading about all that is going on in your lives and I am praying for you all there and have been for years now, ever since I found your prayer card when we were last in the states. May the Lord bless you as you serve the King of kings.

    Because He lives,

    Jillian Snyder

  4. Wow, that's alot of boxes!! I SO hope that our two boxes arrived safely. We tracked them through Canada Post but it never verified that they arrived (and we sent them SO early) Did you happen to see a couple of clear boxes with Canada flags coloured by my kids and taped to the top? Crossing fingers that they are there!

  5. I've read your blog for a long while and so enjoy it.
    Our children had such a great time choosing each item that went into their boxes, it was a very serious business for them and wonderful for me to watch and see! They stacked firewood and cleared branches from the yard to earn the money to buy the gifts. They are going to love these photos in the morning and seeing their boxes in Mexico!


  6. PRECIOUS pictures . . . SO thankful you shared them with us all :) Love to all of the Lockwoods today! :)
    Merry Christmas - Misty in NC

  7. I'm amazed to see Ivan is so grown now! He was one of the children I remember from your early prayer pages. Glad to see all of the children and families being blessed.

  8. God Bless You!! God loves these little children and as He said in the Bible, the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to children such as these...
    I am going to write you an email.. hope you will reply.. thanks!


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