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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Growing up

A couple weeks ago during school, I asked some of the children to write a short paragraph about what they wanted to be when they grow up.  Benjamin's read as follows:

"When I grow up, I want to be a man of God.  I want to be a pastor, a farmer and an Indian.  I want to preach and sneak and plant."

Loves to be like his Daddy, always caring for our plants or out in his garden, and has the ability to disappear without a trace." :)

Yep, that's our Benjamin!


  1. "I want to preach and sneak and plant." I loved that sentence. :-)

  2. To funny:) Sounds like fun:)

  3. I agree with Rose. And if that's not a typical ten-year-old boy comment, I don't know what is! Loved it.

  4. I've been catching up [life has been beyond hectic the past couple months] so I'm just going to comment on everything here. :)

    First of all, what a beautiful beautiful shuttle bus! Praise the Lord for providing that! :)

    Second, I just want to say you have such a BEAUTIFUL family. Inside and out each of you are so precious and I so enjoyed catching up because of all the pictures. Just gorgeous!

    My heart just ached while reading about the young man killed in the car accident. It's almost unbearable for me to put myself in the position of someone who doesn't know the Lord and doesn't carry that comfort/hope.

    Love to your whole family!

  5. Your blog is always a blessing to me. You have such a precious family. Thanks for sharing your sons future plans; how wonderful that he has already chosen to serve the Lord.

  6. Miss hearing about the adventures of your beautiful family! Praying for you all!


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