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Tuesday, February 01, 2011

The Sound of No Hope

Saturday night, Daniel had just finished up the youth service and was driving to take the teens back home.  A truck rapidly approached from behind flashing its lights obviously needing to get through.  As the man passed, Daniel saw it was Damion, the ambulance driver for the Red Cross.  Daniel thought there must be a big emergency and a few minutes later, the ambulance raced by.  Daniel prayed.

Sunday morning, we heard that Jose Roberto, a 14 year old boy,  had been killed in a car accident.  We know his father Fernando well.  He delivered many of the materials for us when we were building our home and delivered Rebekah her parakeets too.
That evening, Daniel went to see the body at the home.  Here in Mexico, the body is made ready, placed in the coffin, and then taken back to the home until the burial.  The family will stay awake all night and people come in and out to grieve and offer sympathy to the family.

Monday morning, Daniel went back for several hours to be with Fernando.  He brought his guitar and several joined him in singing hymns which the father appreciated.

Monday afternoon, we all headed out to the cemetery for the burial.  There had to have been 300-400 people there.  It was so sad.  So very sad.
The boy had asked all week if he could go out with his friends to Lopez Mateo to the Whale Fair.  His parents said no.  He asked again.  They said no.  All week long, he asked, but they did not want him to go.
He went anyways.
On their way there, he and his three friends were hit by a drunk driver.
And Jose Roberto went into eternity.

So many had gathered around for the burial.  Friends sobbing.  The body and the family arrived.
The screams.  The cries.  The utter despair.
My children looked at me.  I wrapped my arms around them. 
Someone turned on loud music to drown out the cries. 
And I told my older ones to never forget.
To never forget the sound of no hope.
This family has no hope for they do not know the Lord Jesus Christ.
It is a sound I do not want to ever forget.  
It is why we are here.
It is why we have been called.

Jose Roberto is in eternity.  His death has affected so many here.  Please pray for the family.  Pray for the many who are hurting and grieving.  Pray for our family as we minister to those here.
Pray for Daniel as he preaches day after day.

There are days that are so long and the task so hard.  There are times where we feel forgotten.  There are times when we just want to be done.
And then the Lord reminds us.
And our hearts yearn to do more.
The time seems so short.
The work so great.

Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil for Thou art with me.
But what about those who walk through it without the Saviour.
What horrible fear.
To live without Christ is to never really live.
And to die without Christ is to die forever.
Paying the price you owe...forever.
And there is no hope.

Right now, there is hope offered.  Mercy, peace, joy, salvation.  
There are those that have eyes but they do not see.
And ears, but they do not hear.

But God is not willing that any should perish. 
So we go and tell of the wonderful, blessed hope.
And pray.
Please pray.


  1. wow, how utterly sad. Thanks for sharing and reminding us to find our hope in the Lord Jesus Christ; Who wants us to seek Him, and Who wants to save the needy when they cry. May the Lord continue to richly bless your family, and your work there.

  2. Thank you for serving the LORD Jesus and even in times like those described can be times of the most harvest. The cries of the Lost are horrible to hear, but it is better that they have a family like you to bring them the Light of God and show them the Way to His Kingdom and provide warmth and mercy and love just as our Savior demonstrated while He walked on this earth.

  3. That is just so very sad. Makes one really rethink just how precious life really is!
    I'm sure that fmaily has many long months of grieving ahead. May they seek comfort in Christ!

  4. We pray that God will help you to bring hope to those precious people. May God comfort you in your sorrow. Thank you for sharing this because we need to remember the sound of no hope as well.


  5. that is devastatingly sad. we will be in prayer.

  6. I am heartbroken and PRAYING. I am praying that God will use what Satan means for evil to bring a new hope to this family and friends.

  7. Thank you, thank you, thank you for answering God's call to the mission field!! And thank you for the reminder of how important it is to share the gospel with EVERYONE!! I love the line "To live without Christ is to never really live." It's so sad that some people will never really live. I will be praying for that family!

  8. How terribly sad for the Mama and Papa who lost their son. It reminds me of the picture of the umbrella. How children are to stay under their parent's protection (their umbrella) and when they step out of it they are unprotected. If that boy had only known. If he had only listened.

    Thank you for the vivid account. It's a good reminder to me to pray for those with no hope.


  9. THat made me cry this morning. I will be praying for you and that family. Keep up the tough work and please know my family thinks of you daily. Stephanie

  10. Jose van MerrebachMar 9, 2011, 12:42:00 AM

    I have prayed for Fernando and his family and also for you and your family: that the work you are doing there will reach many many people....
    Jose: a Dutch sister in the Lord who just bumped into this blog.


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