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Thursday, February 17, 2011

He's Home :)

Late last night, I paced excitedly around the house.  And around 2:30 am, Daniel got home!  About and hour and a half later, we went to bed. :)  We both really enjoy talking to each other.  And it was wonderful to have my best friend and most wonderful man home again!
About 8 pm last night, Daniel gave me a call to say he was about 5 hours from home!  Then, about 5 minutes later, he called back to say a friend of his (who'd given him a ride up north) had broken down somewhere in the middle on the desert about 4 hours north of where Daniel currently was and needed help.  So he said, "Honey, I'm going the wrong direction."  We laughed, but we know that while  we make our plans, it is the Lord that directs our steps and there is no wrong direction with our God!  
I just prayed a lot knowing that Daniel was very tired having already driven 12 hours that day and it was dark and the road here is not the best.  So thankful for the verse that the children and I read that morning..."Lo, I am with you always".  What a precious promise!
Well, it turns out about an hour later, Daniel's friend called him back and said his car was running again and he no longer needed assistance.  So while a bit later than planned, after 19 hours of driving, my husband was home sweet home!  
School got started late today, but with Daddy being home, we enjoyed a good breakfast together visiting and then Daddy had a few surprises he brought home for his children.  I knew he'd be so busy with all he had to do up north that I didn't bother to ask him to bring anything home except for chocolate chips if he happened to see any.  
And while he didn't bring chocolate chips, he brought home fun cereal, granola bars, licorice, pop tarts, pickles, brownie mix, good laundry soap!!, microwave popcorn, good and plenty, and a few other treats that pretty much kept us all grinning ear to ear all morning and made us a bit hungry :)
He picked out the most sweet Valentine's gift for me too.  But the very best gift of all BY FAR is to have my hubby home safe and sound.  Thank you, Lord, for watching over him!

 Daddy picked out the best gifts!  He knows his children well!

 Samuel got VERY excited over the puzzle glue :)

We were very tired, but VERY happy!

One of the reasons for Daniels trip north!   A shuttle bus donated for our work in the ministry here!


  1. That shuttle bus looks like one HUGE blessing! (and so is having your hubby/daddy home again)

  2. So glad your hubby made it home safely! And how sweet that he brought lots of goodies. :)

  3. How wonderful! All the neat things and fun treats that he brought back for you all! Rebekah, I have a lamp just like the one that you got. It is such a cozy lamp.

    In Christ,
    Anna M.


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