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Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Quick bits from last week :)

Just wanted to share a few pictures from this past week.  
I just finished figuring and recording grades for 2nd quarter.    What a joy not only to teach these children and learn together each day, but to look back and see the progress made!  
Josiah and Noah's Radish garden has grown quite a bit since I took this shot last week.  In a week or two, Lord willing, we'll have some yummy, red radishes with our taco dinner!
We got the children a few puzzles for Christmas and Samuel loves this one! 
"Watch, Mommy!  I can even do it with my eyes closed!"
Rebekah and Benjamin were taking turns standing up and reading out loud to me, and I noticed Beka was barefoot, I was in my socks and Ben was in shoes :)  
I was in the kitchen working on supper when I heard the front door close.  I turn around to see Beka kind of hiding something trying to act very casual and trying not to smile as our eyes met.
What was she doing?
She was giggling so much, I never did quite understand...something about teaching school in her room...with a rock???  Rebekah got to stay in the house...the rock did not.
Bath time!  One of my favorite times each night!  We don't have a tub...only showers...so I miss them when they get too big for the sink.  My kitchen window is forever spotted with water spots! :)
Sunday morning, the older children went on the bus with Daddy and so I just had these two.  I put them up front with my purse, loaded the rest of my things into the back of the truck, came around to close Eliseo's door, and saw this...
These two are quick!
Hope you are all having a good week in the Lord!


  1. Every picture of see of Rebekah she has the biggest, most beautiful smile.

    I love it.

  2. Jaynee, this has absolutely nothing to do about your current post, but I am intrigued by something I want to ask about.

    You have 12 children, mostly boys, and I wonder how it is you keep them all looking so clean and bright and without holes in their clothes or ill-fitting highwater pants (the boys). I have two boys only, ages 11 and 8, and I can't keep them from putting holes in their jeans or stains on their shirts (so few of the older one's clothing can be handed down, not to mention the boys are built totally different so the fit wouldn't be good even if I could). How do you afford your clothing budget and/or manage to have all your kids looking so nice? I can see sewing for the girls, but sewing for boys I've never had ANY interest in!

    I hope you will address this topic sometime when you have time. I lurk a lot on your blog but rarely post. You look like such a happy family and I am inspired by you.

    Karen in Bothell, WA

  3. What a lovely week of fun and learning. I agree it's always fun to see what progress the kids have made. It's encouraging for them too as my children often forget they've learned something :-)


  4. Samuel is getting so big! He's so sweet in his bath:)
    I always enjoy your pictures of your family and happenings in your happy household.

  5. hee hee - Those boys were quick with the car keys... and you were quick with the camera! =)

    Fun update, Jaynee!

    Our older kids are learning some Spanish with A Beka dvds ~ I wish they could come practice at your place.

  6. Enjoyed the sweet pictures! Thank you for the letter. Will write soon. Started a letter, then we got a chance to head home for a week. Once I get settled again, I will write. Love, Cheri for the Andersons in Wyo.

  7. Jaynee~ It was good hearing from you. I have been checking your updates, just haven’t commented in awhile. Oh how exciting you will be here. Do you have a place to stay? If not we would love to host you all. If we haven’t sold our home by then you can stay in our basement. How fun to meet you guys and fellowship!!!! So what do you do while here? Do you have a church to go to and speak or something? Well anyhow. Take care and have a beautiful day in the Lord.
    I cant remember where I put your right email address.

  8. Hi, Jess...You can email us at daniellockwoodfamily@gmail.com. I wanted to email you too, but don't know where I have your email address and didn't see it listed on your blog. When you have a chance, send it to me and I'll write. :)
    I keep up with your updates as best I can and pray for you often when you come to my mind.
    It will be GREAT fun to get together in Oct. I'll fill you in on the details when we email.
    Have a beautiful day, friend.


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