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Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Journaling Furlough- August 5-9

August 5-
The past couple of days have been so fun, productive, tiring and relaxing all at the same time!   The children continue to enjoy playing here on the property.  The gym has been a big hit!  Volleyball, basketball, ping--pong, foosball, scooters, pogo-stick, roller blades!   Last night, we went up to Uncle Tommy and Aunt Cindy’s house and laughed, played, ate and talked waaayyy to late!   Wednesday morning, we went into town and got groceries.  All the things I’d forgotten about that I guess I can really live without, but what a treat!  Otter Pops to help cool you off in the heat, corn dogs, bbq chips, pickles!!!, cheddar cheese, English muffins, grape jelly, and root beer.   Yes, I got real food, too. :)  And you know what the children were craving last night for supper?  Tacos with beans, rice, and salsa.  So that’s what we ate!  
Daniel flew up with Tom and Pastor Murphy to Whiteriver to minister in the prison there yesterday.  The children and I cleaned, organized luggage, washed clothes, wrote letters, practiced music and played.  The sickies were on the mend and today everyone woke up feeling much better.  I told them that today they had to take it easy so they don’t get a relapse.    No running around just yet, so they’ve been up out of bed, eating at the table with everyone, and playing games/puzzles or reading inside where it’s nice and cool. 
Eliseo and Cousin Grace

Born in Mexico and proud of it :-)

We enjoyed a couple thunder storms!

My Good Morning Bunch! :)

Daddy and Uncle Tommy enjoying good fellowship 

Good thing I brought my hair cutting kit! :-)

Playing games with the cousins

August 9-
We’ve been here for a week and are getting ready to head out early tomorrow morning.   I just finished making my list of things to do to get ready for our next leg of the trip.  We’ve sure enjoyed our time here, had such good fellowship, and are leaving with full hearts, tummies :), and wonderful memories. 
Uncle Tommy and Aunt Cindy bravely, sweetly and heroically watched ALL of our children today so Daniel and I got get a lunch/shopping date!  Taco bell, Sonic Shakes and Wal-mart!  It was so much fun just because we were together and after 16 years, we are still the best of friends!! :)  
And now it’s almost 10 pm and we are planning to pull out of here tomorrow at 5 am.  And this time we have to leave by then or we won’t make it to the church in Victorville, CA.  Daniel’s working on our display and the older boys are up ready to help me load the trailer and finish up the ice cream that’s left in the freezer since we can’t take it with us. :) 
Praying for safety tomorrow as we travel!


  1. Sounds like a lovely time even if tiring at times:)

  2. Was just thinking that you hadn't updated for several days :) Soooo glad that your days have been so full of family and fun, and relaxing, that updating has not been a top priority! With some of the whirlwind days you will have in the weeks ahead, it is so wonderful you were able to start out with some good family time. Praying for safe travels for you as you continue on your journey this morning!

  3. Thanks for the update... We are praying as well!

  4. Glad they are on the mend. I am so happy you got to go out with Daniel, that is always a treat isn't it!

    Travel safe.

  5. Just prayed for you all...for safety and the best travel yet. :) Enjoy!

  6. Be praying for you to be COOL as well as safe in that HOT part of CA :-)

    Love all the pictures and the updates.


  7. Janie, Been checking in every day, hoping for an update. LOVE the journal updates! Keep them coming, when you have time anyway :)

    Lots of love to you!

  8. Hi Jaynee! Sounds like you're having a great trip! So sorry that some of your children have been sick. :( Hope they are feeling better now as I'm guessing you're on the road again.

    Tacos are one of our favorite meals also! Sounds like that would be yummy for our supper tonight!

    So happy for you and Daniel that you got to go out on a date!!

    Memories you and your family will never forget! So great that you get to go on this adventure! God is GOOD!!

    Praying for you and your family!
    Janie David


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