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Thursday, August 04, 2011

Journaling Furlough- August 2-3

August 2 and 3-
Thursday– 6am
It is so nice to be parked in one place for a while.  And what a great place to be here at Regeneration Ministries with Uncle Tom and Aunt Cindy!  Everyone is right in their element! Daniel spends all day visiting with Uncle Tom, his cousin and lifetime friend, and accompanying him as he ministers on the Apache Reservation.  Daniel, Tommy, and I went to school together as children.  When Daniel and Tom were really young, before I’d met them, they use to say that when they grew up, Daniel was going to be a missionary and Tommy was going to be a pilot and fly him deep into the jungles to share the gospel with the people there.  :)  And while the Lord didn’t call them to work together, Daniel is a missionary and Tom got his pilot’s license and has used it in ministering to the people here.  This morning, they leave to fly up into the reservation together!

The children are having so much fun!  There is so much for them to do here and after being in the van most of the time for the past week, this has been such a treat!  Plenty of space to run around,  desert animals to catch just like at home, there is a gym on campus, a nursery at the church with fun toys, and yesterday, Uncle Tom and Daddy took them all down to the shooting range.  I think I shot my first 22 rifle (with my Daddee’s help) before I was 2.  I loved shooting with my dad and later with my hubby :)  Of course, in Mexico, guns are illegal own, so most of our children haven’t shot anything other than a bb gun.  They had so much fun!  Before we left, we went over all the gun safety rules and made sure they understood that any disobedience or goofing around would result in them having to go back to the house with mommy.  And they did great!  Uncle Tom gave them all their own ear plugs.  Everyone got a turn and some of them were really good at hitting the targets!  After the little guys shot the 22 with Daddy, I took them back up to the house while the older ones got to stay a bit longer. 

I have all I need here to do what I love to do...take care of my family!  Washer/dryer, huge kitchen in which to make meals,  and I’m just loving watching the children play and play with their cousins while I visit with Aunt Cindy.  And there is internet here, so hopefully, I’ll get to catch up on my emails when the children are sleeping.
We still have some sickies.  We are passing something around as when it comes to illness, my children are great at sharing with each other! :)  But I’m so glad we are here and not in the van.  They each have their own bed in which to rest and hopefully they’ll all be on the mend before we have to get back on the road early next week. 


  1. I have really been enjoying your updates! That frog is huge! He'd make a great pet! ;o)
    I noticed on the map of your travels it looks like you are going right thru Austin, Tx where we live. Do you plan on stopping there at all?

  2. That is so neat that you all were able to take a bit of a break. Things where hectic for awhile! It looks like everyone enjoyed themselves big-time.

  3. Love this Jaynee!! John has always taught the children gun safety and takes them shooting quite often, not to mention hunting every winter.

    So glad you're somewhere you can spread out and relax as well as visit.


  4. Kerri, Looking at the map, I think we'll be traveling right below Austin...through San Antonio...on our way to Houston.

  5. Fervently praying that the Lord touches your family with healing from whatever it is they are "sharing"...

    Thanks again for the updates! Always a blessing!

  6. We are praying! :)

    Rebecca and 10 little ones in Alberta, Canada.

  7. I love the picture of the girls - sweet sister love! As for the frog, all I can say is, EWWW!!! I don't mind them, but I wouldn't pick one up, especially that big! I guess I'm just a girl that way ;).

    My son Eric has also gone shooting and enjoyed it. I'm glad there are places where children can be taught gun safety. Guns are not the enemy; irresponsible use of guns is. Perhaps if children were taught that at an early age we wouldn't see so much illegal gun use.

    I'm really enjoying your travel journal. Praying for your safety and blessings all around!


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