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Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Journaling Furlough- August 1

August 1, 2011– Monday Morning
We’re doing a bit better.  Daniel wanted to leave around 7 am this morning.  We pulled out at 8:24 am!  Woo hoo! :)  I think I have it figured out.  Three Hours.  That’s just the realistic time.   It takes 3 hours to get it all done...my shower/dress, time with the Lord, getting everyone up, dressed, hair done, quiet times, pack-up, load-up, clean-up, breakfast.  So if we want to leave at 7 am, I need to get up at 4 am.  Hmmm….I guess that’s why we have left late every day! :)  But 8:30 am isn’t bad at all!  And I’m sure we’ll get a bit better at it all and maybe be able to cut our time down. 
Since Daniel is the driver (because I’m way to scared to drive pulling the trailer), I try to let him sleep as long as he can since I don’t want him sleeping while driving. :)  Of course, it’s a bit hard when we’re all together in a room or two to sleep once the crew is up and about.  
As I’ve been posting from this journal to our blog, many have written asking about the reality of traveling  so many miles with all the children.  While some may be hopeful to hear a special system or formula to make it all work/run perfectly, I don’t have it.  Honestly, it doesn’t run perfectly or smoothly, it is exhausting,  plain hard work, and the same struggles we have at home (being kind, loving, and sharing) are still there just stuffed into a space the size of our van.  We still have about 4-5 loads of laundry a day, the children still seem to want to eat every 2 hours, and there just isn’t a lot to do in a car, especially for those who take after their mommy and get car sick before the  car even starts moving.  Traveling in NV and AZ during August….it’s hot!!   And then there is melt down time.  It happens usually right before naps and then right before bedtime.  It’s when anywhere from 1-8 children start crying all at once.  Usually very serious issues.  “Someone has their feet on my spot.”  “He’s taking my pillow”.  “My seatbelt is hurting me.”  “I can’t lay down”.  “I lost my granola bar”.   It’s not just the children.  Mommy cries sometimes too.   And of course, there’s those time we get lost.  Daniel drives.  I’m the co-pilot.  I have the map.  And anyone who knows me would now start to laugh.  I promise I do try my very best.  Sometimes, by God’s grace, I do really well.  And other times, well, that’s why we always try to get an early start. 
Well, I don’t share all this to complain but to give a picture of some of the realities of traveling.  But I’ve found that with any trial, great or small, there is double the blessing.  All these difficulties give us so much opportunity to learn and grow.  To forgive and apply those precious truths and commands in God’s Word.  To truly have to get on our knees and ask for the Lord to do the work in our hearts.  Patience, grace, love, joy, peace, and understanding.  Those are always things I am asking Him to work in my children and I at home and what better way to learn those things than  to have to practice them!  It’s easy to show love when someone is loving and everything is going well.  But it’s not possible when someone is not so loveable or grumpy.  It’s not possible for us to do.  But Christ is in us!  And what  a wonderful thing to be able to just die to self and let Him work what He wants to in our lives! 
What do we do in the car together for hours?  We love to sing!  Sleep.  Visit.  Snacks.  Travel games. Look out the window at the sights...that alone is a real treat as there is so much to see here compared to our little desert!  
What about meals?  Sandwiches.  Dollar Menu with some snacks on the side (pretzels, fruit, chips, granola bars).  Lots of water.  And already some kind churches/families have provided at hot meal for us, too.  And that’s no small sacrifice for which we are soooo grateful!
Laundry.  Last night, the pastor’s wife gave me free reign of her beautiful machines and I knocked out  almost every load we had!  Praise the Lord!  We just do laundry as often as we can, whenever we can, however we can, where ever we can.  Sometimes, if we haven’t been able to wash for a while, the best option is to bit the bullet and find a  laundry mat where we can just do 30 loads at once.  My girls are great helps!!
 Packing-  Right now, everyone has their own personal suitcase/duffle bag.  Daniel and I share (because we love each other and love to be together :) ).  The oldest 2 girls share a huge suitcase.  And I have the littlest three boys clothes all together in a big duffle bag.  We’ve never done it this way before.  Normally, I put one days worth of clothing into a suitcase or two.  That way, we only have to pull out that suitcase(s) for the night rather than unloading everything.  But we were so rushed for time with having just gotten back from family camp that it just worked out best for everyone to pack their own bag.  But I’m hoping as soon as we have time (maybe this week!) to reorganize back to my original system.  Everyone has their own blanket/pillow.  We can sleep anywhere, really!  And being so tired each night, even a floor feels sooo good.  Everyone also has their own backpack with all their own personal, special belongings...Bibles, toys, notebooks, stuffed animals etc…  Everyone is in charge of keeping their own area clean.  Free of garbage, toys, paper, etc…  Usually, I’ll say, “Okay, I’ve got a snack to pass out.  As soon as your area is clean, you can have one.  And they all hop right to it. 
Today we spent most of the day broken down in Arizona.  While it wasn’t something we would have chosen, the Lord allowed it, and therefore, we give thanks.  The children did really well all things considering.  After leaving the van at the shop, we walked over to Carl’s for lunch.  Poor Josiah had woke up with a good fever and Nehemiah, Noah, and Samuel weren’t feeling too good either.  I gave them some medicine and then we just sat in Carl’s Jr. for a while.  Everyone colored and played games with notebook paper/pencils.  Once the medicine had helped make the little guys feel better, we walked down a block or so to a local park.  The one who didn’t feel good rested under a shade tree on a blanket and everyone had a couple hours to run around and play.  

I found a huge stag beetle on the grass.  I gave it to my boys and felt like a brave/good mommy for finding them such a treasure.  Then one of my boys went up to where Rebekah/Abi and some other girls were playing and pretended to set the beetle on this little girl’s head to scare her.  She got scared.  And cried.  And ran over to tell her mommy.  Then I didn’t feel like such a good mommy then. 
Well, we are on our way now again heading into Phoenix soon.  There is an incredible lightening storm right now keeping everyone very entertained!  Hoping to be in Fort Thomas by 12-1 am.

2:30 am-  We arrived in Fort Thomas about an hour ago.  What a long drive!  But so thankful to be here safely!  We are staying at Regeneration Ministries where Daniel’s cousin/life long friend and his wife serve in the ministry here.  They gave us 4 rooms complete with enough beds for everyone, 2 bathrooms, a/c and the church kitchen to use.  And a washer and dryer!!!!  We feel so spoiled!
Daniel and Tom (his cousin) are up chatting away.  The children are all tucked in bed sleeping soundly.  Poor Josiah is still sick. :(  He threw up 2x today...thankfully both times outside and not in the van.  I made up a bed for him on the floor beside our bed just in case he needs me in the night and am praying he’ll feel better by tomorrow.  Good night!


  1. You didn't mention what the problem w/the van is/was. We prayed for your fam last night during fam devos.

  2. I may be posting this twice, because I'm not sure if the first one took.

    Anyway, what was wrong w/the van?

    We will continue praying for your trip across the country.

  3. Jaynee~ Your willing spirit is an encouragement to me, and I am sure many.

    Will pray for health, safety, strength, grace and joy for the long trip ahead.

    Love you!!!!

  4. Praying the Little's get well fast and that it's not shared. Praying for more blessings on your trip!

  5. Praying for healing... Praising for blessings...

  6. Anon ~ Jaynee mentioned in a previous post that a spark plug had probably gone bad.

    Jaynee, you all ARE an encouragement. Enjoy those "deluxe" accomodations! : ) Praying those little ones do feel better soon.

  7. LOVE reading about your adventure! PRaying Josiah feels better quickly and doesn't share!! Enjoy your great accommodations tonight!

  8. Thanks, Melanie, I read yesterday's post, but she didn't say w/certainty that it was a spark plug. She made reference to the fact that it was a spark plug the last time they heard a "horrible sound." Maybe I read it incorrectly.

    I was just curious...

  9. Richly blessed with a church family and friends who can offer such a great place to stay.

    Glad you got laundry done. I know that alone is a mountain to climb...add in all the other things like illness, and you've got a day of stress.

    Keep up the good work Mom. You're doing great with God's grace and help.

  10. Absolutely loved this post and shared it with my husband. So far, we have never traveled with children...though I grew up in a family of 7. I was laughed through almost your entire post. Gave us a picture of what's in store since we are overdue for a furlough. Guessing we won't have 12 kids by the time we go, but our numbers are slowly increasing. :)

  11. Praying your little Josiah is feeling better. We always carry gallon ziplock bags in the car for the pukies, just zip them up and throw away.

  12. I have never commented on your blog before but had too now! Go to a health food store and buy some natural motion sickness drops/tablets. They work wondeful!! Take more than the recommended dose while travelling (they won't harm you, all natural) They are non-drowsy!

  13. Praying for you guys! I was laughing at the escapades in the van....it sounds very familiar. Also, the "priceless treasures" in someones house! Been there too! You write so well! It made me laugh.

    I heard that you might be stopping by The Morris family's house in Oklahoma in September. We know them and live about 30 minutes south. We would love to open up our home to you as well. We would love to meet you and fix you a meal, let you do laundry, sleep, whatever you need, and I would love for my children to meet missionaries. We are a homeschooling family of 9 children. I know you may not have time, but I just wanted to offer.


  14. We really enjoy reading your blog every day. It is such an encouragement. I really feel like I know you all now. We pray for you all regularly. We are trying for our 4th child but are having difficulty. Please join us in praying if it is God's will that He will bless us with another baby. I hope I am not too forward, but how do you afford to do the traveling you do? Do the churches you visit do love offerings? Perhaps next year you can come to Oklahoma and visit us. We do not have a lot of room but we will provide what we can and plenty of Dr. Pepper for you!

  15. Jaynee, I was sharing your "traveling tips" with John and he just cracked up because your van sounded just like ours!! "would you stop touching me"...."Dad....dad!....dad!!.....dad!!!"....from a little one in the very back who is not getting heard or the insane amount of trash that fall out of the van every time the door opens along with everybody's socks and shoes :-0

    Too funny!!

    We can't wait to see you all. Praying for safety for you all.

    When you get here you can take over out laundry room. We can fold all your laundry over tea and goodies. You can invade, I mean relax :-) in the entire upstairs and leave the cooking to me....can't wait to visit face to face!!



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