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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Beautiful muddy feet

Our internet has been down the past couple of days. The storm is over but it is unusually cool and cloudy with occasional sprinkling and no wind...therefore things are drying out very slowly. The government it pumping out sitting "dirty" water away from the houses into nearby fields to try to prevent disease.
Many from our church are still in areas where a car cannot get into. Most of the people work in the fields so are unable to go back to work and get paid until everything dries out. Yesterday morning, Daniel hiked out to see how they were fairing while the children and I baked dozens of cookies and fresh bread. We purchased some staples as well....beans, rice, oil, flour, sugar, pasta, tomato sauce, tuna ect... and loaded them up in the van.
We drove in as far as we could and then grabbed our bags and walked in the rest of the way. We just wanted to help out anyways we could, and had a blessed time delivering the food and visiting with 10 families from our church.
While the water entered the homes of most (up to 2 feet or so), they are still joyful and seem to be making the best of the situation. Our town was the only town devestaed by the storm, so all the emergency resources of the state are here...ambulances, the military, government officials handing out food and blankets ect...
The most wonderful part of this is that Daniel has been able to share the gospel with some whose hearts are now very tender in the aftermath of everything. Yesterday morning, he went to Hna. Rosa's house and was able to witness to her son and husband, both of whom say they have placed their faith in Jesus Christ as their Savior! PTL! They may be getting baptized this Sunday.
Our family is doing well. The water was within a few inches of entering our home when it began to subside. I have spent the past days cleaning mud, cooking, washing very dirty clothing, and trying to get it to dry...nothing is drying very well outside! :)
Brother Macario cleaned the mud out of the church building and Daniel says that our piano, which was sitting in about 5 inches of water, still plays fine :)
Please continue to pray for our town...pray for the people as they continue to clean up from the storm; pray that the Lord will continue to use this time to soften hearts toward Him.

The family hiking in toward Hna. Juanita's house (a widow lady in our church)

Oh what beautiful feet!

Poor Noah kept slipping as we walked...he didn't seem to mind too much though :)

Giving Hna. Juanita a bag of groceries
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  2. What a blessing your family is to those sweet people!

    I love the muddy feet picture. :)

    I'll be praying for the precious people of your town and that many more hearts are softened to the gospel.

  3. I see that Noah got his cowboy hat. Too cute!

  4. I just wanted to say that I read your blog regularly and pray for your family. You are such an inspiration. Your family's love for Jesus just shines out in the posts and pictures.
    One really dumb question--what does Hna. actually stand for? Just wondering. :-)

  5. I'm with megan wondering what Hna. means.. haha

    We're praising God with you that the waters never reached your home, and still lifting your family and community up to the Lord as the area there tries to get back to normal. I was so tickled to read that your piano still plays despite it being in a few feet of water! Thank you for being so usable there and know you are in our prayers and thoughts! God bless you guys!

    love jessica


  6. So glad to hear the water never made it into your house. We are still praying here for all the people there!

    and the muddy feet picture is really cute :)


  7. Glad you continue to be okay. You all have been in my prayers. I will pray that God uses this to bring people to Himself.

    God Bless,
    Kim in NC

  8. Wow, all that water and mud and you still allow your little girl to wear her best dress, a brave woman you are!!! I don't have any girls, but my mom NEVER let us anywhere in our good dresses but in the church or in the house to change out of them ;)

    You must be humble and patient!!!

    Megan R.

  9. Megan and Jess~ Hna. stands for "hermana" which means sister.
    Hno. stands for "hermano" which means brother. :)

    Jess~ The piano was only in 5 INCHES of water...not feet :) I had to go back to make sure I'd typed it correctly! Though I am so very thankful that it still plays! :)

    Megan R~ Susannah was wearing that dress only because it was the ONLY dress left in her closet. We've had almost of week of wet, cool, rainy weather. My clothes dryer is broken and between that and all the work with the flooding, I didn't realize Susannah didn't have any clean dresses left.

  10. Ohhh all that mud, reminds me of Shingletown :-( ugh. Glad you're in a nice warm home with ~no~ water in it! Praise the Lord for that :-) We're all praying for you and the people nearby who have been flooded. May God continue to open their hearts toward HIM~

  11. Thank the Lord for His protection!

    I know those provisions were a real blessing to those folks. :o)

  12. Jaynee, I prayed for you all last night. This post made me tear up with joy. Your family is such a blessing, to the people in Mexico, and to all of us here in Blogland.
    Love you!

  13. How beautiful are the feet of those that bring Good News! Praying for you and hoping things dry out in your area soon.




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