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A glimpse into the life of Daniel and Jaynee Lockwood and their 12 precious blessings. Thank you for visiting; we pray that what we share here may always bring glory to our wonderful God and Saviour. May you praise the Lord with us for the great things He has done and continues to do as we serve Him sharing the gospel here in the little town of Cuidad Insurgentes, BCS Mexico. He alone is good and faithful!

Monday, August 04, 2008

Our Children- Part 3

Taken from post "Our Children- Part 1"
Over the past couple of months, several people have asked, through either comments or emails, if we would post a picture of each child individually and tell a little about each one. So today I will write a little about each of our wonderful blessings and post a picture below. I've also had many ask us about our day to day life...our schedule, activities, routines ect... So in the days ahead, I will also post about that as well. :)

Susannah Evelyn Lockwood
Susannah means "Lily"
Age- 3 next month
Susannah is our little flower. She is short, blond, and just floats and flutters around :) She loves to be anywhere Mommy and the girls are...cleaning is her favorite thing! Just give her a wet rag and she's off! She loves her dollies and she loves mud...and yes, she does mix the two quite often. :) She loves to talk and sing and loves to "read her Bible with Rebekah and Abigail in the morning." Susannah was born her in Mexican and she is the whitest, blondest, bluest eyed Mexican in these parts :) And oohhh the attention she gets :)

Nehemiah Emmanuel Lockwood
Nehemiah means "God has comforted"
Age: 20 m.
Nehemiah is the happiest little guy around. He is full of energy, loves to follow anyone and everyone around...even the dog! For as much as Susannah loves to talk, Nehemiah's vocabulary consists of 7 words now..."Mommy", "Daddy", "Yeah", "Uh-Oh", "Eh?", "Baby", and "Mo (more)". But he seems to communicate just fine as all his siblings translate for him :) Nehemiah loves to play with his rubber ball and he loves it when I make him a big house of blocks so he can knock it down. He also loves to climb things...he has no fear of heights! He was climbing Daddy's 10 ft. ladder long before he could walk (with supervision of course :) ). Nehemiah was also born down here and struggled with his health (lungs) for over a year, but we just rejoice and thank the Lord for how well he is doing now!

Eliseo Edward Lockwood
Eliseo (spanish for Elisha) means "My God is Salvation"
Age: almost 4 m.
Eliseo was just born this past April and we just can't hardly remember what it was like before he was here. Oh, how wonderful to have another baby in the house. He gets TONS of love, cuddles, kisses, and snuggles from Mommy, Daddy, and 10 big brothers and sisters. Being number 11 is really pretty great...just ask him. Eliseo was running a fever and not feeling too hot when I was snapping pictures, but he is almost always smiling when he is awake. He loves to be held more than anything (wonder why that is??? :) ), but he also likes to lay on his play mat with his toys hanging down...he just smiles and giggles at them...it's so cute! He just discovered his hands last month and can keep himself entertained just staring at them. Eliseo was born down here as well and spent the first few days of his life in the NICU with breathing problems, but he's been fine since.
Oh, each child is so fearfully and wonderfully made and such a blessing and joy!!!!!!! Thank you Lord!

To be continued???? We sure hope so someday!!! :)
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  1. They are all just beautiful! Thanks for writing this post for those of us who don't "know" you and your children outside the computer.

  2. Wonderful! Your family is so wonderful and blessed. Our prayers are with you.

  3. Thank you, Jaynee, for taking the time to write such wonderful descriptions of all of your children! They are beautiful...love their smiles! And no one will ever have to ask if the boys are brothers! While they each have unique features, they sure look alike in so many ways. The girls do, too....but it is so striking amongst the boys! i just had to smile at all of their missionary dreams for the future! Your family is just going to cover the whole world, all by yourselves! How pleased you and Daniel must be, to hear that your passion is being carried on in your children at such a young age!

  4. That was great getting to "know" all of them a little better! They are all so precious....I love how Susannah is the blondest and the tannest :) I know she gets lots of stares! In China it is like that too...blonde hair and blue eyes get lots os attention, everyone wants to touch them :)

  5. All of your children are beautiful. They always have a smile on their face!!
    Take care and thanks for the little "getting to know you" for the kids!!

  6. Thank-you for taking the time to share a bit about each of your precious children. Everyone of them is glowing from all your love and kindness. You are an inspiration to all moms.

  7. Once again, you've made me overwhelmingly excited to start our little family! I am so glad you posted pics and details of some of your little ones! They are all beautiful, and as you said, 'fearfully and wonderfully made'! Praise God for His faithfulness and blessings of good health and strength for each one of them!

  8. Is that to be continued an announcement?

  9. Bal (who happens to be my sister! :) )....I said "We HOPE SO SOMEDAY" No, that was not an announcement :)

  10. Can you hear me laughing all the way from Michigan? Considering the average interval between all of the children, I was fully expecting that your three segments were not only very sweet and informative, but were also a big way to announce that the "even dozen" was about to happen. Alas, since I don't know you at all, it just did NOT seem like an appropriate question for a stranger to ask. Leave it to a sister to just blurt it out! :):)

  11. Now, tell us about you.

    Beth Johnson
    Montgomery, Al

  12. THey are all so beautiful, Jaynee. Thank you! :)

  13. You truly have a beautiful family, thanking you for sharing some information about them with us. And praise God for giving you the ability to raise them so well, for His glory. I am praying for your family.


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