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Thursday, August 21, 2008

A Good Day

Have you ever had one of those mornings when you woke up and just thought, "Oh, this isn't going to be a good day"? That's what I thought this morning. For one, I woke up over an hour late. Nehemiah sometimes gets a hold of my clock and pushes buttons unbeknown to me. So the alarm didn't go off, and usually I wake up on time on my own, but today I didn't. Daniel was happy because he always encourages me to rest more, and I appreciate that and should have just thanked the Lord for that extra rest. But I was upset that I wouldn't have that quiet hour alone with the Lord. The boys were already dressed and starting their chores and it was time to wake up the younger ones.
I felt badly as I prepared breakfast and saw Daniel and the children each in their own spots with their Bibles and notebooks and how quick I fell into self pity...thoughts of "Oh, I wish I could get up later and still have time to have my quiet time". I knew then that if I continued letting my mind think such things, it really wouldn't be a good day. So as I chopped mangos and bananas, I asked the Lord to forgive my selfish and angry spirit, to help me be joyful and sweet, and to lovingly serve Him as I serve my family.
And you know what, it was a really good day! :) First, I was able to spend some time with the Lord on my own while the older ones practiced their music and the little ones napped. I told Benjamin we'd just do his piano lesson next week and he could read or work on a project instead. Secondly, I moved my alarm to the other side of my nightstand so Nehemiah can't reach it :)
This morning, Hna. Meche came over. She comes over once a week to do our ironing and teach the girls and I another authentic Mexican meal. Today we had chicken with beans and rice while she gave us another lesson in tortillas. I'm still trying to learn how to roll them out round!! She got the ironing done early today too and so sweetly hung all my clothes out to dry. She's getting baptized next Sunday too!
After the children go up from naps, we went over to the church building for the rest of the day to help with some projects. The boys found a big scorpion in the main room (it was mostly dead) and added it to their bug collection. The girls and I made a couple of floral arrangements for the front of the church and the piano.
Tonight, after the children finish their showers, we will have Bible time with Daddy, and then the Hna. Josefina will come over for an hour to watch the sleeping children while Daniel takes me out for a taco and to visit one of the ladies in our church.
Thank you Lord for each day! Thank you Lord for today.

Daniel wanted a turn at rolling out the tortillas....I love Noah's look in this picture...He's getting down there to make sure Daddy's doing it just right :)

Hna. Meche and the girls making Tortillas

Look what I found Mommy!!!

Here's a closer look :)

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  1. I can't believe he is holding that, even if it is mostly dead :) I don't do insects at all! That is my husbands job..I tease him that we included bug killing responsibilities in our vows and that he agrees to killing and disposing of all bugs but that he just doesn't remember :) What a brave little boy for holding that in his hand!

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  3. Yummy! We love homemade tortillas and beans. We've made our own tortillas since Garrett was taking piano lessons from you :-) Loved your post - God knows what we do and why we do it :-)

  4. I too always wake up regardless of the alarm by myself but if i've been exhausted my body just takes the sleep if the alarm happens to be off. I think you just needed it!

    I too can't believe he is hilding that scorpion! Aren't they poisionous??????????????????

    Daniel looks like he is concentrating hard!

  5. Could you share how to make authentic tortillas with us one day? That would be wonderful! Reader in MN, USA

  6. What a great day!

    What do you eat at lunch time to fill all there tummies.. do you plan your menu for the week or do you decide each day?
    Thanks so much for your help.

  7. I've been peeking in on your blog for a little while now as it caught my eye because of the size of your family :) My husband and I would also like to have a larger family, so I have loved seeing the way you guys approach raising your kids.

    I was just wondering how you help your kids structure their quiet times with the Lord? With so many different ages, I'm curious as to how much you help them direct that time.

    Thanks for your blog! It's such a great source of encouragement. The Lord is using you and your family all over the world!

  8. Hey, Sis,
    We're at Mom's house this weekend, so you should call her. =0)

  9. Thank you for the reminder that even when we wake up and think it'll be a bad day, we can always pray and trust that the Lord will allow it to get better. :)

    How fun to learn new meals each week!

    Have a great weekend!

  10. You need a tortilla press. They work well. :) I'll get one for you next time you come to the states.

  11. Just love your blog. Your family truly is ministering to others all over the world. The way you all work together and love and care for each other is very touching.
    Don't worry too much about oversleeping, it was for some reason and I am sure you felt more rested. Take care.


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