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Friday, September 05, 2008

Hot, sweaty, dirty but oh so fun :)

Yesterday, Daddy called an official work day. He had a big job to do and needed some workers. It was very hot and humid, but working with Daddy is the best! Plus, everyone is excited about the final result of this project....GRASS!!!
First we need to raise the ground level quite a bit since the back yard floods every time it rains. We had 4 big piles of dirt delivered this week and yesterday's job...move as much of it into the back yard as we could.
Let's get to work!
Susannah and Nehemiah helped compact the new dirt with their hands and feet :)

Working away!
This little guy wants to be just a hard worker just like his Daddy!
Abigail was one of the biggest dirt movers yesterday...good job Abi!
The little ones really put a dent in the pile by filling their dumpers again and again.
Stomping the ground to compact the new dirt

We found this amazing animal while working. We thought it was a worm at first, but then it felt and looked just like a snake...had a snake looking head, little eyes, and a forked tongue. But the amazing thing was...it had two front feet with 5 toes on each foot! I looked it up online and found it is called a Baja Worm Lizard.
We worked from about 9 am until 4 pm taking an 45 minute break for lunch. We moved 2 of the 4 piles!! :)
Elijah raking it flat
The boys showing off their blisters...I even got a few myself. The boys LOVE getting blisters on their hands...they like it even more when those blisters turn to calluses so their hands look "just like Daddy's" :) Many hands make light work...and how fun to work together! Today we will be working on the dirt again until Noon. Then Daniel will be working over at the church while the little ones nap and the older ones study. Tonight is family night...after supper, we're all going to the park to play :)


  1. How fun playing...I mean working:):) in the dirt all day!!

  2. I love the dress that your daughter was wearing in these photos. Did you make them? If so, what is the pattern you used?

    Thank you so much,

  3. Amy~
    I really like that dress too. Abigail has a couple of dresses made from that same pattern.
    No, I did not make them; they were hand me downs from the daughter of a sweet seamstress that goes to my parents church. She along with a couple of other ladies have given us almost all of our girl's dresses...all homemade.
    I would love to be able to sew better! I never learned and am just now teaching myself. I made Susannah a jumper a few months ago, but haven't finished anything else since. I just need to keep practicing!

  4. I love the way your family works and plays together. - You seem to have such a healthy balance! Thanks for being such an encouragement!


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