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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Susannah's Birthday and Meeting the Governor

This post may contain lots of pictures :) Just cuz Susannah is so cute :)

Yesterday, Susannah turned 3 years old! One of the fun things of having a big family is that we get to celebrate somebody's birthday every few weeks! Susannah is a a true joy! Our girls bring so much "sunshine" to our home. Susannah is a talker just like her Daddy. I love it when she works along side me talking to me non stop about whatever comes to her little mind. She LOVES babies and received 3 dollies for her birthday...one from us, one from Grandma S. and another from Grandma L. What a happy little girl she was.
After Susannah's party, we went to town as the governor was coming in to do a dedication for a new monument honoring the founders of our town. After the ceremony, our family was able to meet him. He shook all the children's hands, talked with them, and then his photographer wanted to take our picture with him. What a good opportunity to teach the children to "honor the king" and talk about how the Lord ordains the people in authority and whether they be good or bad, we need to respect and honor them. We then talked about instances when one must "obey God rather than man".
After the evening was over, we began walking back to our car when Susannah, who was holding my hand, looked up and said, "Mommy, we need to get home! My babies are crying!" :)
Susannah's birthday breakfast...she chose pancakes and eggs. Mommy surprised her and added a few chocolate chips to the pancake batter :)
Her choice for her birthday supper...PIZZA! I was feeling pretty queasy so Timothy took over....he did a mighty fine job!
Susannah holding the present Grandma S. sent her in the mail
Our three sweet girls! And little Nehemiah always wanting to get in the pictures :)
Birthday Pizza!
Someone is getting very excited as it is now time to open her presents!
Other than a dolly, the one thing Susannah wanted was a sucker. Elijah bought her a mango chili covered sucker...her favorite!
How old are you Susannah? :)
A very special gift from Abigail!
A Bible in Spanish "so she can be just like her big brothers and sisters and help Daddy go witnessing" (quote from Abi). :)
Daddy reading Susannah's birthday card

Three dollars from Grandma....one for each year of age! Or as Susannah says, "Lots of money for Jesus and a new sucker :) "
Susannah with her new babies :)
Susannah's butterfly cake. We didn't have enough frosting to frost the sides, but she was very happy with it anyways :)
Meeting the State Governor


  1. Happy Birthday, Nanah! Love, Uncle Charlie, Aunt Jacquee, Samantha, and the twins!

  2. What did the governor think about your family size? Did he mention it?
    Susannah looks so happy!! Her and my 1 1/2 year old would get along just fine playing house:)

  3. Tereza~ The diputado (position under the governor) is a friend of Daniel's and he had told the governor about our family a while ago. So the governor has been wanting to meet us; that was in part why we went yesterday. We are the only white Americans in our town and they town is so very kind and happy to have us. They LOVE the children as it is such a striking contrast to what they think about American families.
    The governor counted them all and was pleasantly surprised like most are :)

  4. Hey, is that beans on the pizza?

  5. Bal~ No beans on our pizza! Just black olives, pineapple and ham...and cheese of course. They do make Mexican pizza here with beans and hotdogs and jalepenos. It's not horrible, but not our favorite either ;)

  6. Great pics! Happy Birthday Susannah! Who was missing from the picture with the governor...I narrowed it down to Isaiah, Noah or Josiah (or did I just miss him)? And when did Charlie and Jacquee have twins? Aunt Becky needs two Christmas letters per year :o)

    Katie G.

  7. Katie~ Good eye! Noah is missing in that shot...well, if you look closely, you can see it arm poking out from behind Josiah :) The governor's photographer took several shots and is sending us one, so maybe Noah will appear in that one :)
    Jacquee and Chuck found out last month that they were expecting and then at her first u/s appt, they found out there are 2 babies :) She is due April 30 (9 days before me :) ). That will give mom and dad grandbabies 14, 15, and 16 this year :)

  8. It's been a couple of weeks since I've been able to check your blog and finally was able to get here tonight.

    I'm traveling along your post do, do, do . . . screech! "She's queasy? Does that mean . . .?" Sure enough on your side bar it says you're expecting. Congratulations!

    Also, I wanted to say how incredibly sweet a few of the captions of the pictures were. The Bible and the money for Jesus and candy, in particular, were ever so precious.

    Thanks for sharing.
    Mary Beth

  9. I'm sending you an e-mail will put jane-jane in the subject line.

  10. I love seeing the ways your family makes birthdays special! Happy Birthday, sweet Susannah! I love your baby butterfly cake! :)

  11. I loved reading all about Susannah...she is so precious! i love "lots of money for Jesus"!!! what a doll! Happy birthday sweet girl!

    Still praying for you morning sickness...I'm so glad the children are such a help to you. My girls are getting so helpful around the kitchen - what a difference it makes!

  12. Happy Birthday Susannah! What an honor to be able to meet the Governor. I hope maybe someday you will get an opportunity to witness to him. Wouldn't that be awesome?

  13. Happy [belated] Birthday Susannah!

    It looks like it was a wonderful day. :)

    You have such a beautiful family and Susannah is just precious. :)


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