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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

What's for lunch?

Beans and rice of course! :) One of our common lunches is beans, rice, and a side of lettuce, tomatoes and onions. I just soak the beans overnight and then after breakfast, put them in fresh water and cook them. Usually one of the girls will make the rice shortly before lunch while I chop of the salad. It's quick, easy, cheap, and yummy! Of course, this is always eaten with hot tortillas

My children all love to help cook! And they really help! There are always lots of things to chop, wash, peel, stir, knead, ect... and one of our favorite sayings around here is "Many hands make light work" And the children agree they make FUN work too! :)

Below is preacher Benjamin holding a microphone and giving a very sincere sermon to his audience.

Sister's playing a game before bed

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  3. How fortunate that you taught them helping is fun when they were little. I missed that little tidbit and now I have teenagers who would rather do anything than help! :)

  4. Hey, when you come for Christmas, can you teach me to make beans like we ate when we were there? Is Isaiah using a knife, or is it plastic? Samantha likes to help me cook too, but she mostly likes to eat. =0) I love Booster's podium. Too cute! I miss them!=( Samantha says to give her cousins hugs for her.

  5. I haven't commented for a while, but I check in on your blog every day - I love reading about your life in Mexico! Your children are beautiful, and I have to admit, I really admire your organisational skills!
    With love from the grey and rainy UK (albeit not quite as much rain as you've had recently!) XXX

  6. I too was wondering how you prepare the beans and how you get little ones to eat it??!!
    Little preacher.......children always watch what we do! That's what it reminded me of today. Gotta make sure I show them a good attitude!

  7. All my kids chop and peel from a young age. they start off with a blunt knife when they are little (3 and 4) then onto a steak knife for quite a few years and then a knife but we dont keep then really sharp. They just grow up respecting its a sharp object and they need to handle it with care. We also limit who is in the kitchen eg dont use the knife with your 4 year old sister cutting up beside you. Choose another bench.

    We have a lot of steamed vegies, pumpkin is the only thing I dont let them cut up as its quite hard. The kids seem to eat so much more vegies if they cooked them, not to mention all the raw that they snack on while preparing!!!

  8. Hi Jaynee and family,
    We too eat a lot of beans as a side dish! So glad the rain is settling down and flooding! May the Lord continue to bless you all!!

  9. CAn you share your recipes for the rice and beans, even if you consider it "basic"? The rice looked a bit like it had some kind of sauce on it.


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