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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Normal Day?

Recently I posted about how using a schedule has been a blessing to our family and especially to me as wife/mommy in accomplishing the wonderful tasks the Lord has given to me to do.
Many of you wrote requesting a copy of our schedule and while I have far to go and so much to learn, I am always happy to share what the Lord has taught me and I love bless/help others as so many ladies have done/continue to do for me.
That being said, I also had several comments/emails expressing how we must always have everything in order, things must always run perfectly, how can we be so structured, we must be so organized and disciplined ect...
One thing I don't want to do is discourage anybody by it appearing that everything is always great/runs like clock work/always on track around here. I can't remember the last time we followed our schedule to a "t" a whole day. In fact, at times, we are by far more off than we are on. That is just why I need it...it helps keep me focused on my responsibilities and encourages me in heading toward the goals the Lord has impressed upon our hearts for our family.
That being said, here's some pictures from today:
Trust me...this pile was WAAYYY worse. In fact, by the time I got the idea to take a picture, most of the clothing had been put on hangers or folded in a basket, but nonetheless, Susannah's face pretty much describes how I felt when I tackled that chore this afternoon.

The play room is always needing some work...several times a day!

Today, Timothy got to go with his buddy Noah out to ice cream for Noah's birthday...a special treat Daddy does for the birthday child each birthday. I told Timothy I'd do dishes so he could go right after lunch...I failed! :)
And a dump truck arrived to deliver dirt for us to fill in the yard to prepare for the next rain...so everyone (mommy included) left their studies and ran outside to watch
That's why I enjoy 3:00 pm...The girls and I spend an hour visiting and singing together while we clean up the house...with 13 people in one home, things can get messy rather fast if we don't keep up!

The little ones came in to help pick up their crayons and school books...of course, they always clean in the most creative and fun ways :)
Some of the hard workers crashing in the only cool room of the house :) Notice we got the laundry put away, so the bed is clear....until tomorrow of course :)
Swept and mopped!! :)
Table cleared! Good Job Isaiah and Josiah!
Play room cleaned! Good Job Rebekah and Abigail!

Dishes washed!! Great job Benjamin!

And just in time to walk over to the church for prayer meeting!
After a hot and hard days work, this is what our bedroom looks like :)....it is the only cool room in the house, so all the young ones camp out in here all night

And the bigger ones camp here :)

Good night!


  1. Wow! It must really be warm to sleep outside like that! Where are the chickens that used to be under the trampoline? Did you eat them or did they wash away with the flood?

  2. Thankyou so much for posting this!
    We did similar today with each child getting an area to clean up. Though the job got done it did not go smoothly..........noone wanted to help and the kids were really grumpy!! Do your kids ever balk at helping? Any suggestions?
    Thankyou for posting the messy then clean areas....inspiring!

  3. I am so encouraged by your schedule AND your flexibility! I pray that I would have the discipline and grace to keep my eye on the prize and remember that God can teach my 2 little ones through my imperfections! I read your blog daily - thanks for sharing!

  4. I am always encouraged by your real life posts :-) I was smiling and laughing all through the post as our kids do the very same things. My boys and older girls love to sleep on the trampoline and our house seems to stay at a nicely "worn" phase for most of the day. Glad we're not the only ones :-)

  5. I have read your blog for several months now but never posted. I love these little glimpses into your every day life - what a full house of JOY you have!

    I also love how you love and serve our Lord. You are an inspiration!

    From Stacy in Iowa

  6. I've slept outside on a trampoline before! that's fun!! :)

    Thanks for sharing with us what a day looks like in the life of the Lockwood family. You have such a neat/beautiful home! I love how you all work together to get things accomplished... as my mother-in-law says, "team work is the BEST work!" haha

    love jessica

  7. You have such a beautiful home!

    I'm amazed at how hard the kids worked to get everything so nice and clean. :)

  8. I really enjoy following along with your family via your blog. Having grown up as an MK, (4 yrs. in Villa Mainero, Mexico) I can relate to many of your experiences! I admire your patience and organization, sometimes I have trouble keeping it together with just 2 children, but God never fails us, he does give us the needed strength. Your schedule was neat, I have a similiar one, it's just not written down so neatly, it's just in my head!

  9. I'm a long time reader but this is my first comment. I would love to know how you train your children to help around the house. Isn't it hard when all the kids are spaced so closely together in age? I have 6 kids and 4 of them are 4 and under. I never have time to train anybody:-)

  10. You do an outstanding job with your children. What a wonderful family.


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