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A glimpse into the life of Daniel and Jaynee Lockwood and their 12 precious blessings. Thank you for visiting; we pray that what we share here may always bring glory to our wonderful God and Saviour. May you praise the Lord with us for the great things He has done and continues to do as we serve Him sharing the gospel here in the little town of Cuidad Insurgentes, BCS Mexico. He alone is good and faithful!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Still eating good :)

Just a little bit everyday! That’s my motto around here especially when I’m morning sick. Often, when I’m feeling so yucky, I’m tempted to skip anything that is not absolutely necessary to keep the household running. But with some slight modifications, I’ve been trying this time to stick to our normal schedule as best as I can. And you know, the house has continued to run smoothly....much more so than it did when I would just give up on any type of schedule until the nausea passed.
Since our room is the only cool room in the house and the heat makes me feel worse, we’ve moved many of our activities in here. Yesterday, during their project time, the girls worked at the foot of our bed while Benjamin brought the little keyboard in so I could give him a piano lesson. During the half hour we have scheduled for Home Ec. this week, the girls helped me cut out a new jumper pattern, pin the pieces to the material and today we finished cutting them out...all in my bed :) We aren't making as much progress as normal, but we are making progress...a little each day really adds up! School lessons are being taught in here, the little ones bring in their baskets of toys so they can play with mommy, and Eliseo is just the most laid back, adorable little thing who is content to hang out in bed with mommy all day with nothing but giggles and smiles.
While our bedroom seems to become somewhat of a disaster by mid day (since it’s the center of all activity now), it doesn’t take too long to clean as it isn’t that big and the rest of the house is cleaner than normal since we aren’t using it as much.
When I was pregnant with my first few children, corn flakes was one of our main suppers. Cooking anything with meat is so hard when I’m nauseous. But the past couple babies, the meals have been “just like Mommy’s” as the children have been getting older and love to cook! They help me cook each day normally and often will make a meal all on their own with my supervision. So now, I make the menu, make a grocery list, shop (or send Daniel if I’m really feeling badly), and then supervise. What a blessing all these little hands are!
Susannah turns 3 years old tomorrow!! She’s requested pancakes for breakfast and pizza for supper. And she wants a “white baby butterfly cake” :) I’ll post pictures of her party tomorrow. And tomorrow, the state governor is coming to our little town. He has been wanting to meet our family, so we’ll be heading down to the main road tomorrow evening to meet him. I need to make sure the boys all have their dress shirts ironed! Have a blessed day in Jesus.

Rebekah and Abigail working on their fleece quilt for a special friend. :)

Some serious potato peelin' and choppin'
What was my part in making this meal? I turned on the oven. put in and pulled out the fish and potatos, and told the children what wonderful chefs they were! Daddy was so proud...and hungry! :)
Last day as a 2 year old...they grow soooo fast.
A bee hive in our next door neighbor's tree...the children have loved watching this!


  1. You are amazing my dear friend!!! I have an award for you at my blog. You can get it here:
    Be blessed,

  2. It is fabulous the amount of things you are getting done from you bedroom. When (meaning month) does it start cooling down? I know myself that I always look forward to September because it cools right now.
    What a blessing your children have been. They really are serving you (I wonder where they get that from : )
    What a big day tomorrow!! I hope your little sweetie has a great birthday.
    Enjoy : )

  3. What a blessing that your children can help take care of you...I am also blessed with daughter who help me lots!..the boys are 3 and 4...so it is mostly things like picking their own toys and at times helping empty the dishwasher...
    Congratulations children on a supper well done...
    and oh,,,that bee hive looks mighty scary to me...
    God Bless

  4. turning on the oven is a great contribution and can be a BIG deal when pregnant. i could *not* handle the smell of frying pans when I was preggie with James. even in the middle of the night, with my bedroom door closed, i would wake up gagging if something was being cooked in a frying pan.


    loved the pictures!

  5. Sounds great, I remember a pregnancy that my little ones learnt to make vegemite sandwiches on the kitchen floor....

    What a great way to keep the house clean, maybe we should all stay in one room too!!!

  6. Who's the special friend that gets the blanket? Could it be their twin cousins? =0)

  7. I'm looking for my question about why you don't adopt mexican orphans as a way of adding to your family, but I can't find it. Did you delete it? I sincerely am curious. Please answer here or in a separate post.
    Thank you. :)

  8. Wow, you are amazing! God has truly blessed you with His wonderful strength. I'm sure you live by Phil.4:13 I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. I know that is my motto in life.

    Love in Christ,

  9. How are the girls making the quilt? It looks so wonderful and colourful.

  10. I only have 6 children now ages 28-13, but the older ones were such a big help when the younger three were born. They pretty much ran the house as I was so tired and felt so bad with morning sickness. So many people don't realize how much children can do at young ages! I'm praying the morning sickness will pass soon!

  11. Jaynee, Your blog is such a blessing to us. I am inspired with every update. I hope your morning sickness passes. Happy birthday to Susannah!

    In Him,
    Katie G.

  12. Hi! I have been keeping up with your blog lately, and it's wonderful that you all are missionaries in Mexico!!! What part of Mexico? I've been on quite a few short missions trips to Jiménez, Chihuahua Mexico!!! :) We stayed at a ranch, where they take in boys there that have no place to go, or no family. Each time I've went, it's been an incredible experience!!! I love Mexico, and everything about it!!! :)

  13. I love the fleece blanket the girls are making! I've never seen one made like that. Can you tell us how big each of the squares is? Will that whole layer be tied onto another solid layer?

  14. Jo~ No, I didn’t delete your question; I just didn’t want to publish it until I could sit down and answer it at the same time :)
    Daniel and I have talked about adopting someday. While we love children and would love to give a needy child a home, we don’t feel the Lord leading us to do that right now at this time. If He were to lead us to adopt, we would be happy to follow!
    In the town and villages where we work, there are no orphans...at least none that we have found. We have asked many people at many times if there are any because we have always wanted to reach out to and help the widows and orphans in our town. While there are many widows, there are no orphans. The few children there are that don’t live with their mother and father (due to either their parents death or not being able to or wanting to care for them) live with their relatives (aunt or grandmother). And we’ve only found a handful of those.
    In our church, we have 4 siblings who live with their 84 year old grandmother. Their mother lives about an hour away, but is unable to care for them and their father works in another town and visits on the weekend. The children are ages 15 down to 7. Their grandmother is also a widow and they all have a special place in our heart. We try to help them whenever we can by visiting them, bringing them food, helping them with work around the home, and doing special little things for them. Last week, we had the privilege of bringing a cake to school for the 13 year old girl and it was her birthday. She wanted a cake for her class, and as she has no mother to do that for her, we LOVED helping make her day special.
    Whether the Lord does lead us to adopt someday or not, we still are open to the Lord giving us the children that He wants to. If we did adopt, we wouldn’t “prevent” more children...we would still welcome each and every one. :)

  15. The quilt was actually a kit that my mom sent to Rebekah for her birthday this year. The squares came already pre-cut and the girls have just had to tie them all together. The quilt has 6 rows with 8 squares each...48 squares all together. It was a lot of tying knots...great for keeping their little fingers busy the past couple months!
    It has no separate backing...so it looks the same on both sides.

  16. What a large and lovely family you have (and still growing) Congratulations!!!

    This is my first visit to your blog , you all are so very blessed with these precious arrows!

    We will add your family to our prayer list as you continue to do the Lords work together!

    Thank you for sharing a glimpse into your family life with us!

    Hugs & Blessings,

  17. Thank you Jaynee, for answering my question.
    I think you are amazing-your loving spirit, your management skills, your mother's heart....
    Daniel is certainly VERY blessed to have you.
    And I'm sure you would say you are blessed to have him. :)

  18. yum!! so great that your kids are cooking! i am striving for that with my girls too...hopefully in a couple of years they'll be trying things all by themselves!

    hope you feel better soon jaynee!!

  19. You are so right, many people think that our children must sit around all day and do nothing, that surprises me. My older ones have been such a help to me, I couldnt do it without them.

    I have been really tired this past week, (I think my iron is low) and the boys have been a real blessing. I awoke this morning and said to my dh "I smell pancakes" he laughed and thought I must have been dreaming about them. Nope, my oldest who is 12 was downstairs making pancakes so that I would not have to cook breakfast this morning. What a blessing they are!!!


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