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A glimpse into the life of Daniel and Jaynee Lockwood and their 12 precious blessings. Thank you for visiting; we pray that what we share here may always bring glory to our wonderful God and Saviour. May you praise the Lord with us for the great things He has done and continues to do as we serve Him sharing the gospel here in the little town of Cuidad Insurgentes, BCS Mexico. He alone is good and faithful!

Monday, March 02, 2009

Admitted to the hospital

First and foremost, Praise the Lord as baby and I reached 31 weeks today!

And today, I make my first entry here from my hospital room. Sunday morning, I got up as usual, and began waking up the children and getting ready for church. Elijah and I made a big fruit salad as we were inviting over one of Daniel's brother for lunch after service. I was feeling a bit dizzy and so I lay down on the bed while I waited for Daniel to finish his shower. Shortly thereafter, I began to bleed heavily.
We hurried to get the rest of the children dressed, shoes on, diaper bag packed, and we rushed to the hospital. They admitted me, started an iv, hooked up the monitors to watch the baby's heart rate and monitor my contractions. They drew blood to check my blood count and as the bleeding hadn't stopped and I was contracting, they gave me medicine to stop the contractions (which worked but gave me a headache :( ). They were very concerned they may have to deliver our little guy, but thankfully things calmed down.
Baby was looking good and by the evening, the bleeding was slowing and I was really hoping and asking the Lord for 2 things: first, that I would be able to go back home soon and secondly, that they would give me something to eat as I was sooo hungry, but they were afraid to give me anything because of the possiblity of me going into surgery. They gave me steroid shots to help mature our boy's lungs in case he needs to be delivered soon.
This morning, the nurse got me up to take some medicine when I had another big bleed. The doctor came soon afterwards and said that due to the amount of bleeding I have already had and the high/probable possibility of another bleed at any time, they will most likely keep me here until baby comes. So the Lord answered my prayer...He doesn't always give a yes answer, but He ALWAYS knows what is best.
They did give me some breakfast though (oatmeal!) for which I was VERY happy!
Later in the day, the doctor said that my lab results indicated that my CBC was very low and while I'm still doing okay, they are very worried about me losing any more blood being so anemic already. So they gave me 2 units of blood this morning. Everything went well with the transfusion and Daniel brought the children (and the laptop :) ) up to visit during the process which was "a super fun field trip" said Rebekah.
I wish we could have updated you all yesterday, but we had to just rush into the hospital as the bleeding was so bad and then Daniel went to church, took the children over to friends/family to be cared for, came here to check on me, went back to church, picked up the children, and is currently busy being daddy/mommy while we wait. He was so sweet to pack me up a bag of essentials and deliver them this afternoon (Bible, robe, clean socks, toothbrush, brush, soap, the laptop ect...).
I have more I want to share and it looks like I may have lots of time to do it. They are going to move me to another room soon, but I just wanted to give everyone an update and ask you to please keep praying for us.
*Pray for our little baby that he will continue to do well inside me and that the Lord will continue to keep him there as long as possible.
*Pray that my bleeding and contractions will remain calm
*Pray for Daniel as he is managing the home and 11 children right now; I know how hard it is with his concern for me, wanting to be up here, yet having to make sure the children are cared for.
*Pray for wisdom in all the decisions needed to be made in the days ahead for both Daniel and I and the doctors
*And praise the Lord for all He has done and is doing through this time. May He always be glorified! He is so good!


  1. We have been praying for you. Keep Jer.29:11 in thought as you are in the hospital. That is one of my many favorites! Sending you love,prayers and joy from East TN. (Wish I had a blogg!)

  2. You amaze me with how even in the hospital with so very much going on, you still find a way to encourage the rest of us. When you wrote that the Lord answered your prayer, I had to stop and reread that and realize how often I don't even recognize that even though He says no, he didn't ignore me, He did answer. Being a Christian for 15 yrs, that should not have shocked me when I read it today but again, God is using you to speak to me in powerful ways. I hope that you know too though that you can share with us your sad, mad, scary, upset thoughts too. We love you and know this must be very difficult in many ways. Please know there is an army of people praying for you.

  3. Praying for you, praying for wisdom, strength, love, comfort, and all the in betweens for all who are involved in your care. Thank you for the update. I pray you find much rest in your quiet time.

  4. Praying for yourself & bub.
    Also for Daniel as he takes on a double parenting role. Hope the bleeding stops - it must be so scary.

  5. Thank you for updating us, Jaynee! I'll be looking forward to more frequent news from you as you wait in the hospital. I'm sure you must be feeling better after getting the blood transfusions this morning....and that is best for your little one, as well. I will certainly continue to pray for your health and safety and that of the baby, as well as wisdom for everyone involved and strength for Daniel and the rest of the children in this whole process. And I'm also praying that you will continue to have the peace that only God can provide in situations like this....and that that peace will blanket your whole room in that hospital, so that everyone who enters will have no doubt that God is at work! Praying that many people who may be living far from God will be drawn to Him as a direct result of their interaction with you and your family in this time. That said, Jaynee, please don't be afraid to be "real" and transparent in front of others! You do that so well in your blogging! As you are well aware, people need to see that Christians are very human, and we have tough times, and have times of sadness and frustration, and, yes, even fear. But our joy comes from knowing that there is nothing we experience that Jesus does not know and understand from His own experience....and He will walk with us every step of the way! Praying that He will be especially close to you in the dark, long nights in the hospital as you wait, and that you will be surrounded by caregivers that will be very open about their faith and will hold your hand and pray with you, just when you need it most!

  6. Praying and praising God with you!

    Kim in NC

  7. Hi Jaynee,
    I'm so glad to hear that you and the baby are safe and sound and that you're getting such good medical care! Will be continuing to pray for both of you, as well as Daniel and the children, in the days to come.

  8. Praying so hard. My girls were born at 31 weeks and 1 day. I didn't much care for the stopping contraction medicine ( I had two kinds) or those steriod shots, so I feel for you there.

    I am so sorry this pregnancy hasn't been what you expected, but I have a feeling before long all will pay off when you are holding that sweet HEALTHY boy in your HEALTHY arms! I pray all goes well.

  9. Praying faithfully. You are in the best hands possible - His. Rest, take care of yourself and the little one inside you. Sending hugs from Tracy, CA. (and de-lurking to send you greetings).

  10. I wondered how you were doing since we had not heard for a few days. Praise God that they did not have to deliver the baby yesterday and we will continue to uplift each of the requests you mentioned. Take care!

  11. Thank you so much for updating us. We pray that all will continue to go safely for you and baby.

  12. Much love & continued prayers.
    Janice Gordon in NH

  13. Praying for you in FL!
    As a Labor and Delivery nurse I medically know everything that you are going through. It is so tough to be in the hospital knowing everything that has to happen at home too. Know that God has you right where you and that little one need to be. He is providing you with the best care! Praying for a safe delivery- when that time arrives.
    Take care and God Bless!

  14. Dear Jaynee,
    Now that you have some free time and a lap top, have you ever read the book Imitation of Christ? What a powerful read! You can find it on cyber library! I have to read a little and injest it before I read more! :) We are praying for you during this time!
    Your prayer warriors in Washington!!! :)

  15. Praying that you would be able to rest...I know hospitals don't always provide a quiet atmosphere.
    I know God has you and that precious boy in the palm of His hand.
    Grace and Peace,
    Jenny in Texas

  16. Hi Jaynee,
    So thankful the Lord continues to place you where you need to be. I know you will be a bright light even there amongst those that come in your room with your sweet spirit. You and baby are "two" missionaries right there!!! I have been praying and will continue. E-mail if you get too bored:)

  17. Thanks for the update! I continue to pray.

  18. We are continuously praying for you! God is so good.

  19. Glad to hear that you are still "cooking" the lastest Lockwood even if it is in the hospital :) Hoping and praying that he can stay in there a few more weeks but knowing that it is all in God's hands. Looking forward to more updates :) Praying for Daniel and the kiddos as they adjust to you being temporarily "gone".

  20. Hi Jaynee~
    First a big hug and a nice warm cup of tea to soothe and calm the body :-) I'm so glad you're being so well cared for. I have been praying over the wknd for you. We are praying for a safe delivery for baby and for all to go well with you too. We'll be praying for gentle care by the dr's and nurses there.

  21. Thinking of you. I truly believe you are in the best place you can be right now.
    (in Australia)

  22. Jaynee- We are praying for you here in the east coast! Thanking God with you for His safekeeping!


  23. Praying for you in the Philippines. Since Jesus never slumbers nor sleeps I pray that you will have rest. Jesus loves you, your little ones and your littlest one www.babyhomepages.net/tenlittleinions

  24. praying all your needs will be met.

  25. We're praying for you all in Minnesota.


  26. I've been thinking alot about you lately. I am praying for you, the baby, your hubby and the whole medical staff.

    It can be so hard at times to be layed up and not being able to do everything you want or feel needs to be done. I can relate to that. I haven't been feeling that good yet with this pregnancy and have had to spend alot of time in bed. Giving up the control is tough. But I look to you and all you have been through with this pregnancy. Your steadfastness with the Lord, your ever encouraging ways and your testimony is such an inspiration to me (along with many others I am sure). You are a great example to not only those who read this blog but more importantly, to your children. They see you laying it all down at His feet.

    Question: How far are they hoping to get you? Is there a point that they said if you get to they will deliver?


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