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Friday, February 26, 2010

Learning to Lean

I have had a tough past couple of weeks. Emotionally I felt so drained. This I know, that when one give His life to Jesus Christ and purposes to live for Him, to give all for Him, to completely follow Him, Satan will do all he can to cause that one to stumble and fall.

Oh, how crafty he is! And how many ways he utilizes to fulfil his purposes. I know as women, we are often led by our emotions. God gave the woman strong emotions; He made her with a tender heart and a sensitive spirit. That's good as woman bear children and become mommies. :) But clearly, as the Bible teaches, women are the weaker vessel and can be easily deceived.

For this reason, how very important it is for us to not only be under our husbands but to also fill our hearts and minds with the truth of God's Word. How often have we heard, even from the time we were little girls reading 'harmless' fairytales, to "follow your heart". What a heap of trouble I would be in if I followed my heart! Jeremiah 17:9 tells us our heart is deceitful above all things.

So this week I was feeling so discouraged. Some hurtful things were said, I was tired with just the normal tiredness of being a mommy to 12, I was feeling lonely, and dealing with a few physical ailments.
But when my heart feels so sad or discouraged, I know just where I need to be...in God's Word. Conviction came over many things and so did the wonderful joy and peace of forgiveness. I tend to often look to the immediate rather than the long term. My focus so quickly gets off the goal and my head droops right down to my feet in front of me...and how quickly I can then get off the path! But "Thy Word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path!" I was encouraged and given direction which I soaked in like dry ground through times of Bible reading and prayer.

I'm so thankful that through the hard days, I longed to rise early to meet my Lord. And at night, I left my writings, sewing, and other things alone and again went to Jesus. Sometimes, to be honest, I just felt like moping and that it would be useless to even try to read and pray, but that's one of those things in which my heart is deceitful. For it is never in vain to seek the Lord! And how those times with Him gave me just what I needed to continue doing what I needed to do.
And how impatient I can be! I want a trial to end now! But the Lord wants me to be still and rest patiently in Him. He wants me to wait on Him. And He wants to work and to be honest, I really do want His work in me! How much He teaches me; how good is He to continue to shape and mold me. How hot that fire can feel, but how I need the purifying it brings.

And how good He is to bring sweet drops of refreshment just when we need it. Words to strengthen our hearts...words from His very lips that bring such sweet comfort and hope.


Yesterday afternoon, we got into the bus and went to pick up those from our church here who desired to go our with us to Zaragoza to begin sharing the gospel with the people there.
I think we had as many people go that we almost had at prayer meeting Wednesday night! The mother of a girl who as gone to our church for years came as well...and she's never even gone to church with us before. She is unsaved and the ladies in our church have been working with her for so long...how their faces shone with hope to see her come!
Going anywhere on a bus is just simply fun! Everyone sang, passed around burritos and chips, and had such a wonderful time of fellowship.
Even sweet Juanita came. Turning 87 years old this year on our birthday (we share one-June 24 :) ), she must have been born earlier on in the day since she's older. If I sit on a chair, I can talk to her at eye level. But most importantly, I can give her a big hug :)
While the men set up chairs, a mircrphone/speakers, and other things, the children played.

And I took pictures because they always beg me to do so :)

When everything was finally ready, we began to sing and Daniel preached.

No, not many came...maybe only 4 or so heard and only 2 stayed for the message, but what a blessing for our church here to begin working to win those who have never heard.
Everyone is eager to return next week and work even harder to bring them in!


On the home front, it's been just the simple day to day life...school, work, and play.

The little ones got up from their nap the other day and helped me make cookies. I smiled :) They are so fun!

Samuel, Samuel, Saumel...how do you grow so big?! A year old in 14 days...not that I'm counting. This is the first time I've had a baby celebrate their first birthday without them also about to become a "big" brother or sister. Sigh...does it seem silly if I tell you I have a twinge of sadness about it? How good though to know that just like I can trust the Lord when He brings us a baby every year and can trust Him if/when He doesn't. He always knows best. How good He is! How powerful and wonderful! How amazing the grace He gives!


  1. How wonderful to see a picture of the sweet woman I've been praying for. God bless her. God bless your beautiful family too.
    2 beaters to lick, 12 kids...how do you manage that? ;o)

  2. Twelve kids and One mommy who ahs the biggest sweet tooth of all! :) Two beaters, one big spoon, little spoons to scoop out the dough, and the bowl...and maybe a finger dip or two at the end for those who missed out. :)

  3. I know what you mean about the twinge of sadness:) But 12 months is still a baby thank goodness right?! Just hug um tight:)

    So neat to hear of the enthusiasm members of your church (and you guys) have for spreading Gods word so others might be saved.

    I am encouraged by all your hard work and selflessness in your home as you go about your tasks and choose to do the good instead of giving up eventhough you feel like it sometimes!!!
    Have a blessed day!!

  4. Sorry your last few weeks have been "off" I know that life can get in those ruts and it is hard but praise the Lord for his grace, mercy and forgiveness!!! I loved the cookies and how they "helped" you eat them, I mean make them-:) How strange for you not to be pregnant I am sure but you are right the Lord knows best!! I am longing to be pregnant and nothing has happened yet since my molar pregnancy and am starting to worry that nothing will happen, Oh how my faith is so week and how does the Lord deal with me!!! Well you take care in Mexico.OH I saw your comment on Amys blog about doing a family page as well and I can not wait to read. Bless you and your sweet family.

  5. That is awesome that so many of local church members came along. It is really beautiful to see a local body have the chance to minister to their neighbors. Sweet sweet photos.

  6. Jaynee, Thanks so much for your Learning to Lean post. It is just what I need to hear right now! I've been on bedrest for a couple of months now, and the end seems so far away (I am almost 31 weeks, and dealing with preterm labor issues.) I feel weary and discouraged and like I am losing my focus. I needed the reminder to lean on the Lord.

    Thank you for the encouragement that was just what I needed to hear!


  7. Samuel does look so big, but in that last picture you have a boy on the right side looking awfully big himself! Babies aren't the only ones growing like gangbusters!

  8. Thanks for the reminder. It's so easy to feel discouraged at times, and easy to forget where to find comfort - God's Word. I really needed to hear that today. God bless.

  9. Jaynee, I've been reading your blog for 2 years now and I just want to say you are an amazingly STRONG woman, even when you don't feel like you are. There are few people who could do your job -- and I'm pretty sure no man could! Even though you may be more emotional than your husband, please don't discount your womanly strength. ;) Suzanne

  10. The beginning of this post was so encouraging to me. Thank you for sharing. You have a beautiful family!

  11. (Been reading your blog just a few months)

    there's still two months until Samuel's adjusted birthday!
    Plenty of time until he's as old as your other children were at one

  12. What a sweet post! Thank you for sharing so openly! I pray that the Lord will richly fill you with more of Him.

    Wow, that cookie dough looks really good!! I think it is cute that your children enjoy the dough - I think it's the best part of the cookie...: )


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