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Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Special Blessings

The Lord truly gave me a very special time up north last week. For one, I was able to spend all that one on one time with Eliseo. That was a true blessing that helped mend a little hurt in my heart. You see, I got pregnant with little Samuel when Eliseo was just 4 months old. Now, that wasn't too unusual for me, but being put on bedrest for much of the pregnancy was. Between the bedrest and then hospital stay, Samuel's premature birth and then weeks in the NICU and later hospital here in Mexico, I felt like I missed so much of Eliseo's baby days. He grew so big so fast and I just had this tinge of sadness feeling like I wasn't able to hold him as much as I had my other babies.
Well, last week, this little guy got held by me A LOT! :) And it was so special to just be with him for a bit before he gets too big for me to hold.

My favorite thing about being in the USA (even more wonderful than getting to pick up supplies at Walmart :) ), is spending time with family and friends. This trip, I was able to spend some time with some very special people whom I love very much.

This picture brings tears to my eyes and is one of my favorites. I was able to see my Grandpa whom I hadn't seen in almost 24 years. It was a tearful, joyful reunion.

Eliseo is our first child to meet his Great Grandpa

I met my sweet little 4 year old cousin Olivia for the first time too; Eliseo had so much fun playing with her!

I have mentioned here many times what a tremendous blessing the Maxwell Family has been to our lives. There are certain people the Lord brings into our lives to bless and encourage us in our walk with Him. The Lord has used Mrs. Maxwell to mentor me in so many ways. Several weeks ago, my sister in law told us that the Maxwell family was coming to Redding to do a conference. I went to their website to look at the speaking schedule and saw they'd be in Redding during the time Eliseo and I would be there! What a special treat to be able to go to the evening conference and visit a bit with this family who has been such a blessing to us!

I was able to spend 3 days with my sister Julee before Eliseo had his surgery. She teaches at a Christian school and it was wonderful being able to watch my little sister teach! What a gift God has given her! She teaches a combined 5th/6th grade class and does a wonderful job. I was taking notes! :) She took me out to eat one night and we had such a good time catching up, laughing and sharing what the Lord has done in our lives. Saturday morning, I was able to go soul winning with her in the neighborhoods in her area too.

Yes, I did end my trip with a visit to Walmart. :) My sister in law Deborah and my friend Christine helped me make a supply run late Thursday night. Apparently after midnight, we are easily entertained. :)

And now I am back home. Today was a cold, rainy day. I didn't even know those happened here. I had just finished catching up on all the laundry and housework, so no children outside in the mud today! But they kept themselves quite busy and happy. :)

Daniel ran into town to take Timothy to the doctor. Sunday afternoon, he fell off the storage shelf above his closet and landed on his foot. Today it was pretty swollen and bruised, so we decided we'd best get it x-rayed. It was fractured, so he's in a cast for the rest of the month. I'm not sure what his face is all about :) Apparently he's easily entertained as well. :)


  1. Glad you had such a wonderful visit. Your kids are so cute in these pictures. I bet they are so happy you are home.
    Hope you have a great day today!

  2. Sounds like God just kept pouring on the blessings while you were back in the States! I'm so happy for you!
    I just laughed, trying to imagine why Timothy was on a storage shelf above his closet. Then I remembered that he is a BOY, and there is no other explanation necessary!! :)

  3. Jaynee~

    What precious memories you have...so like God! He can take ANY situation and make it not only a blessing for us but an opportunity to glorify Him as well! I'm praising God that you are home safe and secure and that your time here in the states was a sweet and fragrant "season"! :o)


    P.S.) Eliseo's eyes look so beautiful! Not that they didn't before but WOW... God IS good!

  4. Praise the Lord Jaynee for all those blessings that made your trip extra special~~
    What funny and sweet pictures to share. I'm so glad everything went well and you're back home with your beautiful family.


  5. That's awesome how not only did Eliseo have his surgery,but how many other blessings you recieved.I'm happy for you and your wonderful family~

  6. I cried when I saw the photo of your grandpa. He obviously loves your family. I think we can not understand how much it means to older family members to see us. I hope all of your children will have a chance to meet him while he is still living. God is good - I love this quick story of refreshment in your life.

  7. It seems if something can go wrong, it does at your house. I'm glad Eliseo's eyes are doing better!

    A brother in Christ

  8. "He fell off the storage shelf above his closet":):):) That just made me smile.....yup a real boy indeed!

    So glad you could be refreshed and got to spend a sweet time with Elisio. I always think how beautiful your family is every time I look at your pictures!

  9. Wow..... :)

    Nice pictures, hehehe. ;) The ones of you and your Grandpa.... so sweet. :) And it looks like Eliseo is good at teaching 5th and 6th graders, too! :)

    All the kiddos look so cute, especially the little guys in their sleepers!

    AHEM...Timothy.... WHAT were you doing on the storage shelf above your closet???

    Sorry about his foot, but at least he's taking it good-naturedly. :) Isn't it wonderful to be easily entertained?!! Aaron broke his upper-arm once by doing a balancing act with Jason on a homemade teeter-totter (really long board over a sawhorse). OK, so he didn't break his arm by doing a balancing act, he broke it by...losing balance. :)

    Love your posts and pictures!

  10. So glad you had a wonderful trip, along with spending so much time with Eliseo. Your kids are growing up and changing so fast, what a blessing. It is wonderful to see them all occupied with their sibblings. Great pictures.


  11. I am so happy for you. Oh how good our God is, he refreshed your spirit with those who mean so much to you while in the process giving you time with your sweet baby boy!
    Glad you are home. Blessings dear sister!

  12. So glad you enjoyed your trip!! And I loved the picture of your grandfather. I am curious though why you hadn't been able to see him in so long???

  13. Jaynee~ That picture of your g-pa is priceless. How special. Oh and how great you got to spend that time together with little Eliseo. You will never forget. He is so sweet. That is great you know the Maxwells, I have some books and love them. They are wise! Been praying for the people you emailed me.

  14. My sister, her husband, and four kids just came to visit for only 3 weeks from South Africa. They load up on supplies and go back. They've been there four years and plan on being there for at least 6 more years. It was so neat seeing them. We went to the zoo with them and so I put a slide show of them at the top on my blog. I missed her when she left but was glad for them doing a work for God. They are Christian as we are. :)


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