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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Made so very special

A dear, young friend of mine wrote 3 adjectives to describe each of her children. And that got me thinking:

Timothy- outgoing, strong, kind (Daddy's right hand man)
Elijah- smart, thoughtful, responsible (Can count on him to do any task or know any fact)
Rebekah- fun, serving, loyal (Brings so much life wherever she is)
Benjamin- creative, patient, quiet (Steady, faithful and true that boy)
Abigail- girly, joyful, motherly (Feminine through and through)
Isaiah- sensitive, neat, sincere (Every mother's dream child...a good example to me!)
Josiah- goofy, impulsive, helpful (Always laughing with him or at him :) )
Noah- serious, determined, honest (As tough as they come yet so tender too)
Susannah- loving, trusting, talkative (Hugs abound and words all the more)
Nehemiah- entertaining, silly, clingy (I could sit and just watch him for hours)
Eliseo- gentle, snuggly, happy (Big in stature, meek in spirit...a gentle giant)
Samuel- sweet, little, endearing (Definitely not lacking for attention)
(I'm focusing on their positive traits, of course :-) )
Each child so very unique and so very special!
Made in the image of their Creator!
In other news, the boys were cleaning their room the other day. Elijah and Nehemiah both have blue banks on their dresser. Elijah opened what he thought was his bank to put something inside of it. But only it wasn't his bank. It was Nehemah's. And this is what he found.

How long do you think it takes a burrito to grow that much "cotton" as Noah called it? I have no idea when that "deposit" was made as we have burritos almost every day. We live in Mexico. I told Elijah to dump it outside and we'd wash the bank. He dumped it. I washed it. With bleach. And let it air dry in the sun for several days.

I was teaching Rebekah Grammar yesterday. I was explaining to her that when we write out the name of a newspaper or magazine article in a sentence that we need to put quotation marks around it. She looked confused and said, "What do you mean articles?" So I said, "Well, where would we find an article?" She still looked bewildered, but then you could see a light bulb suddenly go on in her sweet head and she said, "Oh, in a cave!" I wasn't quite sure how to respond to that. I know how sensitive she is and always try to hold back my smile and gently explain something or try to understand what she is thinking. But her brothers are male...they, who were sitting in the next room over and so absorbed in their own studies that they would not possibly be able to know what was going on in the next room, instantly burst out in laughter not even trying to contain their chuckles.

They are still young. They don't understand why girls cry so easily. Their Daddy's much older and he still hasn't figured Mommy out either. :)

*I will say that I did feel better this morning when Rebekah was in a well rested not so sensitive mood and we were laughing all together this time about articles being in caves. I then found out that she wasn't quite as "dingy" as it sounded...in her defense, she had gotten confused with the word artifact which she had recently learned. I always feel better when I can at least figure out how we got from point A to B. *


  1. You all have quite the stories! I'm sure Nehemiah just forgot about the excellent savings that he had in his "account." It's a good thing it was discovered BEFORE he ate it!

    BTW. We are pretty close to you all. Just about an hour+ north of San Diego. It's not too often that we're this close!

    Jesse M. from Kansas

  2. I really enjoyed reading about each child. The burrito was so cute. I guess he really earned some interest on it! : ) I can sympathize with Rebekah as I know how confusing some of those words are at different times.

    Love in Christ,
    Anna M.

  3. Whoooops, looks like Nehemiah forgot about his intended midnight snack. ;)

  4. Each of your children is so special Jaynee! They are a blessing to ours. I loved hearing a bit more about each and now I can share that with their pen pals :-)


  5. What a fun idea. I'll have to do that!!

  6. I LOVE THIS POST. First of all, what a loving and precious gift to have writen those adjectives abou your children. Maybe you can put those words of life into bedrooms.

    The article story is precious. The ending is tender and is what I most love about home-schooling. Do you ever ponder how different an outcome like that would be if she were in a school setting outside of Momma? Would she have the freedom to cry? Would the teacher have joined in the laughter? Would the teacher really have the time to get to the botom of her thoughts?
    Childhood is too short and precious to miss.

  7. oh what a cute picture of all of your children!!! Also the burrito thing is so funny. I mean "cotton"


  8. Your family is so precious! I am impressed with the picture...everyone smiling and looking nice! It is obvious that the Lord's hand is on your family...there is joy in all 24 eyes!
    Love and prayers...Gwenda

  9. I'm sure Amy LOVES your opening comment!! Thanks for posting your list here. It is a great example for me to concentrate on the positive and not the negative.


  10. Kids are so hilarious!!!!! Makes me wonder how many times my mom and dad laughed at me!! My husband and I are laughing at our kids almost everyday. We even have one in Bible college and find that she still makes us laugh all the time.


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