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Saturday, February 13, 2010

No pictures...Just words

My brother in law likes it when I have many pictures and little words on my posts :0). But tonight, no pictures. I need more batteries for my camera and a stronger rubber band to hold the battery cover shut as recently a child accidently dropped the camera on the cement floor of the church and some seemingly insignificant but apparently needed tiny, black pieces of plastic broke off.
I just want to share about our weekend thus far and plans for tomorrow.
I went to the dentist on Friday. It is the first time I've been since 2005. Mainly because the dentist I went to here in Mexico scared me. He wasn't scary, but his room really was. But we found a new dentist who works in the same building as our children's dentist and we like both of them a lot!
I have bad teeth. Very bad teeth. Is it possible to have had 14 root canals? It is. I brush my teeth a lot. My hubby does now much more than he did his first 22 years of life before we got married. :) And his teeth are as good as ever. Mine are like swiss cheese. I have had a bad tooth ache for about a week. It's kept me tossing and turning many nights from around midnight until 4 am. Monday, Lord willing, we will work with that tooth and then go from there. On the bright side, the cost of dental work here is about 1/10 of what it is in the states.
Today, Alma (my soul winning partner) had to work, so I went out myself with Abigail, Josiah, Noah, and Nehemiah. It took us a bit longer than normal to cover our route area, but we found 6 new families to invite to church and had a good response. I'll go back early tomorrow morning to walk everyone to the corner to wait for the bus. I'm praying many will come and listen to God's Word tomorrow.
Somebody sent us a big box of Valentine's Day goodies to use with our children and the children in our church. So tomorrow night, I am planning a very special children's class! Tomorrow afternoon, we will decorate with some of the things they sent and then we'll have special treats, gifts, make cards together for parents/loved ones/friends, have a special lesson on God's love, special craft and I know the children will be so happy!
I love doing little things for them! Here, where so many are poor, the littlest things...special food, fellowship, a little treat...are so appreciated. Oh, that each of their little hearts would soon come to be filled with the joy that comes from the the One who loves them and died for them!
Uncle Samuel built several benches for the children this week! I can't wait to use them! We will be hopefully able to fit so many more versus using the plastic chairs we've been using. Daniel has been working at the church all afternoon and evening finishing up accomdating things better so we can bring more in!
Brother Juan, a national missionary/pastor from the capitol city in our state, will be passing through our town tomorrow and Lord willing, will be preaching Sunday night. I'm not sure if he'll be staying with us overnight or continuing on after church. Praying the Lord will use the message he brings in the hearts of all who hear.
Oh, one other thing. Daniel and I have had a burden on our heart for some time now. As our church has grown, families have come to Christ, and there has sprung up a real need...a need for Christian education for their children. We love home schooling and it was so sweet to hear Ivan (age 15 who's been with us from the beginning) say last week, "When I have children someday, I want to home school them." As the fathers/mothers are growing in the Lord, they are more and more aware of what their children are being taught or the influences they are subjected to in the schools here. These families are so very poor, and many of the mothers/fathers did not receive much education themselves as many of them had to work as youngsters. They want their children to learn to read and write well and to learn history, math, and the like, but are struggling with the schools.
Last Sunday, Hna. Julia, the principal of one of the schools here, got baptized. Daniel began to ask her about having a private Christian school here for our church children. She was very excited and how we would love for the young people here have a Christian education. And how exciting to think that soon, these young ones will be grown up, married, have their own children, and like Ivan, have the option and desire to home school thier own! Just something we are thinking and praying about.
Well, many words and no pictures as I said. Thank you for praying for us here. May you have a blessed Lord's Day tomorrow. He is so faithful and good!


  1. I love the words right along with all the beautiful pictures :-) That's funny about the piece breaking on your camera. It made me think of our dvd/vcr "clickers"...we never can keep the backs of them on for more than a week. Then they are lost and we have to tape the batteries in :-/ Silly isn't it~

    How exciting about the school. How incredibly fun that would be!!! How awesome to bring this choice to families there.

    Hope your dentist appt was painless :-)

    Hugs~ Cinnamon

  2. Oh, I am so sorry to hear about your teeth! I have some trouble with mine, too, and wonder why teeth can cause so much trouble. And I am very afraid of dentists, so that doesn't help! And it does seem like it is all in your genes. I will be praying for you! It seems to me that after having babies (I have 6) my teeth are always a bit worse. I wonder if my babies have sucked all the life out of my teeth? Glad you have fun things planned for tomorrow!

    Blessings and teeth prayers to you!

  3. On Bad Teeth: I have much needed repair work too. You are at a great season to get this done - no pregnancy and no nursing means no problem with detox etc... I heard that the teeth brushing is not the issue as much as no sugar in the diet and calcium needed. Pegnancy and nursing depletes our bodies from calcium so add calcium should help teeth and bones.

    I would love to hear what you do when you go "soul winning" What does that mean? Are you passing out tracts? Do you have basic questions you ask? Sometimes - I wish I knew what to say but then do not and I miss a chance. Tracts help me if I have them. Just wondering how you all go about it.

    School: Wow, that's a HUGE thing to think about. It will certainly add numbers. Are you thinking of keeping it just for church members? Schools can grow VERY VERY FAST.

  4. Praying for you schooling endeavour, praise God, you have the need to find Christian schooling! :)

    Lord bless you,
    Rebecca in Alberta, Canada
    Mum to 9

  5. I'm so sorry about your teeth! Tooth aches can be SOOO miserable. I hope they get it fixed pain free.

    Love in Christ,

  6. Jaynee,
    I have been following your post for some time and you have been such an encouragement to me. I felt the need to share that my sister is the mother of 12 and she and her kiddos have poor teeth. It appears some of her kids don't have enamel on there teeth making them very vulnerable to problems. They have found out that many of their kids are gluten intolerant. She tells me that the population with celiac or gluten intolerance have a 70% chance of not have enamel on their teeth. Thought this could be an interesting piece to the puzzle. (They are very health conscience so pop, sugary juice and desserts are not a normal part of their diet). I will continue to pray for you and your family knowing God is using you greatly for his kingdom.

    God's blessings,


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