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Friday, June 24, 2011

Blame it on the Chicken

Cups of cold lemonade
Cool rags 
Story Cd's
"I'm bored"
"Try not to scratch"
Hugs and kisses
Lots of love

Eliseo woke up with the chicken pox about 2 weeks ago.  All his brothers/sisters were very interested in looking at/counting his pox.  He didn't seem to enjoy that "game" as much as they all did.  After all (as he readily told them), "These are MY pox".

Well, now, several more siblings have their very own pox!
As of this morning:
Timothy- fine...big helper
Elijah-fine..another big helper
Rebekah-fever/covered in chicken pox
Benjamin- fever/just starting to get spots
Abigail-felt sick a couple days ago, but better yesterday...no spots...yet 
Isaiah- fever/just starting to get spots
Josiah- fever/ covered in spots
Noah- no fever but covered in spots
Susannah- fever yesterday/spots all over this morning
Nehemiah- fine :)
Eliseo- Was it he that started it all or the chicken?
Samuel- fine...played all day with Nehemiah and Eliseo

I'd rather them all get it at once than have one or two get it at a time for the next 3 months. 

Well, it should make for a memorable birthday! :)
Nehemiah still blames it on the chicken.  
I'm hearing some whining...time to make my rounds.
We appreciate your prayers this week.


  1. when I saw the title I knew what happened! Hoping for a speedy recovery for all!

  2. When our six had the pox, it was the oldest (age 11 then?) who started it. But I 'blamed' it on our pit stop at McDonald's on the way home from Christmas with Grandma.
    Two weeks later the other five came down with it. It was a long week until we were through the fevers. Then we just made the best of it (it was January, so we all camped by the fireplace). I read a Henty book to them all while they did lots of coloring.
    But I was thankful it didn't last three months ~ Praying you will see an end to this, but also have a manageable number of feverish sickies at one time.

  3. So sorry Jaynee :o(

    Hope your birthday is good anyway! Happy Birthday!

    Katie in MD

  4. Thank you, Katie! I am having a wonderful birthday! Just hearing, "Happy Birthday, Mommy" so many times is a blessed reminder of how many precious "gifts" I enjoy each and every day! The Lord is so good and I'm so thankful He's given me life and I just want to live more for Him.
    Oh, I just got a note in the mail from you the other day! Thank you! I'll write you back soon :)

  5. Keep in mind oatmeal baths!!

  6. Happy Birthday Friend!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  7. At times like this I like to remember how much our children learn during times of sickness. There is everlasting value in a Momma's compassionate touch, cool rags and cold lemonade.

    Happy Birthday. You were born for such a time as this.

  8. Your children are always smiling even when they dont feel well. Thats a sign of good parenting and love of the Lord.

  9. Oh NO! Well, at least you are getting it over with now. Hope everyone feels better REALLY soon! I remember chicken pox and they are not fun. :( Praying for you all!!


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