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Friday, June 03, 2011

Summer Schedule

As of Tuesday, May 31, about 5:00 pm, we officially finished our 2010-2011 school year!!!!!!!!
The children worked so hard the past 2 weeks to get all their books/lessons completed.  I was so proud of them!  They still had to do their regular chores when they were done studying for the day, so there wasn't much free time at all those days, but (with some encouragement from Mommy) they persevered and they woke up June 1st knowing that it was officially "summer"! 

Proverbs 16:9 says, " man's heart deviseth his way: but the LORD directeth his steps".  
I had a plan for our summer this year.  With our upcoming travels this fall, I decided that we would take a couple weeks off of school, do some projects/cleaning/special activities, and then get right into our 2011/12 school year.  We had ordered our books, I was praying about just how to organize our year/classes, and just wanted to get a head start so we wouldn't get behind during our furlough traveling.  
I do not like to get behind.  I would much rather be ahead.  In my mind, it sounded like a great plan.  

But the Lord directed differently.  And I know His way is best.  
The Lord began to bring some things to my mind both in my quiet times with Him and as I went about my day.  
I began to pray and ask the Lord what He would have me to do.  Just this morning, I was thinking of the story of Mary and Martha when Jesus came to their home (Luke 10:38-42).  Martha was busy serving taking care of the many needs of the home.  Mary was sitting at the feet of the Saviour hearing his every word.  I desire to be like Mary.  And I am naturally like Martha.  I will get cumbered and troubled about many things...so many needs, so much to do... Yet Jesus reminds me that one thing is needful.  While I've often thought of this passage when I feel pressured about the day's work and am tempted to rush or skip my quiet time with the Lord, today I thought about it in relationship to what the Lord put on my heart for our time this summer.

There are many things that are sometimes easy for me to overlook.  I get busy with the work of the day and what we have on our schedule but neglect those "needful" things that aren't written down on my schedule or any list.  Areas in which my children need to be trained/taught/instructed.  Areas of their tender hearts that need to be cultivated.  So often, I can be so focused/troubled to stay on task and get each job done that I overlook that which is most needful.
I began a writing down a few lists.  Throughout the day, as more things came to my mind, I'd open my notebook and jot them down.  I shared my thoughts with Daniel and asked him what he thought.  I told him about my plan to get right on school and all the reasons that I thought that would be a good idea.  Then I told him about what I'd been praying about and shared some of the things on my lists.  He said, "It is your decision.  You have my support on whatever you choose.  But, right now, our school books are sitting in our PO box 800 miles north of here, and it looks like we won't be able to take a trip up north until furlough, so that might just make your decision for you :)."  
When I finally gave up my plans and said, "Lord, I will do what you want me to do," I knew I had my answer.  Such peace and joy!  I still sometimes get cumbered and troubled when I think, "How will we get everything done with our travels?  Will we have to school all summer next year?"  And then I remember to take every thought captive to the obedience of Christ!  And I remind myself that I do not need to worry about tomorrow.  I just need to trust and obey for there is no other way to be happy in Jesus.  And I do love our summer breaks!

I like to be scheduled.  My husband does not. :) ha!  We make a great team!  He likes to work on one thing until it is finished and then go on to something else.  I like to break up all the little areas of needs into little pieces and work away at them day after day.  He is spontaneousness..."Let's build a brick wall today, boys." or "Let's see if a fisherman will take us out to an island today".   And I will say, "But what about school?"  And he just gets that smile and raises his eyebrows and before you know it, we're on our way to the ocean.  :)
Okay, it isn't quite that bad, but he does sometimes come home in the middle of the day with a tub of ice cream of a bag of fish.  And all dinner plans are set aside. :)
If you want to have some fun treats in the house,  have Daddy go grocery shopping with mommy.  Mommy has a list, but Daddy gets all sorts of things that aren't on the list. :)

But I do love to have fun.  I do love times of rest.  And for that reason, I always look forward to summer!
But with 14 people living in this home, if we just decided to live each day care free/come what may, it would not be pretty.  For one, everyone would get bored.  Children need direction and stability.  So with my lists in front of me, I've been working on our summer schedule.  A time for projects, time for learning new chores/brushing up on old ones, a time for training, a time for writing/reading/and other educational activities, a time for play! :)

I'll share with you a few of the things I have jotted down on each of my lists.

My first list is titled "Training/Teaching Needs".
-Getting in and out of the van
My children have the gift.  Getting into the van, the little ones end up getting stepped on half the time.  The person sitting closest to the door gets in first so everyone else is climbing over him/her.  Then someone ends of getting kicked in the face.  And then half the family is crying.  
Getting out of the van is even better.  It's like explosive dominoes.  I'm not sure what the rush is, but everyone seems to try to get out the door first.  And whatever garbage or toys happen to be on the floor, it all falls out right along with them.
Now, I haven't thought too much about this, but knowing that we are about to spend a good 4 months getting in and out of our van, I'm thinking about it now.
Here's a few others..
-Brushing teeth without using half the toothpaste tube and keeping the mirror/counter/floor free of whatever it is they manage to cover it with when they brushing their teeth
-Greeting people in English
-Teaching them to not interrupt
-Chore Training
-Mealtime manners
-No tattling
-Being more quiet (I'd like to blame it on our cement house which does exaggerate the noise, but not everyone has to talk at once and I know they can clear the table without sounding like a herd of elephants in a china cupboard.)

I'm planning on focusing on some of these things throughout our days and then having a time each evening to train in a specific area like practicing getting in and out of the van. :)

My next list has on it summer school ideas.  These are areas in which I want the children to keep working or those in which they need extra practice:
-Scripture Memory
-Reading time
-Oral/written book reports to share
-Creative Writing
-Furlough Preparation (USA map, learn more about the churches/families/friends whom we'll be seeing, set up trip notebooks)

These are all good things to do in the heat of the afternoon when it's too hot to be outside.

I also have a list of home cleaning/organizational projects:
These include:
-Go through/organize children's clothing (make needs list)
-Clean windows
-Clean/organize kitchen cupboards
-Clean boys bathroom thoroughly (it might involve removing the toilet...It's not going to be fun, but I'll be so glad when it's done!)
-Clean all kitchen appliances
-Organize Linen Closets
-Weed/clean side fruit tree area
-Clean Ceiling fans

These are things we'll work on during the morning.
 Daniel also has a list of projects and I love it when the boys are able to work along side him!  They love it too.  And look so handsome :)

I have a final list where I've written down other fun summer ideas.
-Our church family camp
-A couple trips to the beach
-Having families over for a meal
-Visiting our church families in their homes
-Playing family games outside or inside in the evenings
-Thinking of ways to help/serve others
Before we know it, our summer here will be over and furlough will begin.
This week, the boys have been working at the church with Daddy.  The girls and little ones have been home with me.  We pray the Lord will bless our time this summer as we begin to work on those things He's laid on our hearts.  

And now, I think I need to match some socks. :)


  1. Looks and sounds like so much fun and a good plan! Love seeing the pictures! Can't wait to see you all! Andersons from Wyo

  2. I enjoyed this post. I'm thinking on summer plans, too. I was going to scrap everything and go with the flow, but I know I would regret it and feel as if we had wasted our summer. You've come up with some great ideas.
    Have fun!! :)

  3. I love it when you post lists :). It gives me some food for thought. I do not want our summer to just pass us by, so I am also doing some planning. Enjoy your summer.


  4. Hello dear Jaynee!!

    I love when you share your thoughts on schedules and what you will doing. It always inspires me to get busy and have a good workable plan.

    I had to laugh over your "getting in and out of the van." When Garrett graduated boot camp nearly 4 yrs ago we went to visit him. One of the things he said to us as we were all getting out of the van was "Mom, I can teach you guys how to get in or out of the van in 5 seconds" :-)

    And don't you love when there is a big wind when you're unloading....all the wrappers and Wal-Mart bags go flying down the road :-/

    You have blessed me with your post!


  5. Whew! I'm tired just looking at your schedule. :-)

    What an excellent education your boys are/will be getting while working with daddy at the church.

    I love the training idea. You can have your children file in and out of that van by serving the little ones. What a delight that will be.


  6. Great ideas! Wow we have some similar funny problems in our home, including the van, talking at once and loudly, toothpaste use and toilet messes... ;)

    We are planning to school through the summer, and expecting a new little someone by July 1st. I too find that the days without enough structure are more difficult, so we just keep on going at this point at least.

    ~Rebecca in Alberta, Canada
    Mom to 10 under 13

  7. I'm here visiting from Cinnamon...it's delightful to *meet* you! How precious your family is! How happy you all look. :) I tend to be a *Martha* as well...what a blessing that the LORD has *given* you this summer to be free of the *school stuff* that awaits. HIS grace will be there for you when you catch up to it all...800 miles away. We go through LOTS of socks around here too...and my husband encouraged me to stop sorting...and dedicate a basket for socks (in a closet) and let the boys pick them out as needed. It's been working out famously.

    Many blessings to you and yours!
    Camille (in Canada)

  8. I love this post! You are such an inspiration. I can so relate to what you wrote about children getting into/out of the van and with the toothbrushing- ha! So true. Thanks for sharing these honest things, and I hope you all have a great summer!

  9. Ha ha sounds like my family:) right down to the herd of elephants;)

  10. Hi Janie!

    When will you start school? Will you begin while you are on furlough?

    Your plans look great. I remember those days when I had mostly littles. Now I have older ones too and they help with training of the younger ones. We really do have to train them in manners, etc. They don't come all trained do they?


  11. LOVED this post! I can relate so well to being a Martha, but desiring to be Mary. You gave me a lot to think about and the basket of socks reminded me of home growing up. ;)

  12. This post really makes me smile! I am glad to know that there are other noisy families with kids squishing out of the van pushing toys and trash along with them! Thank you for being so transparent, you guys are great. Enjoy your new summer schedule!

  13. I am sitting here nodding my head at your discreption of children getting in & out of the van! We have 5 children & a suburban for some reason the ones that need to be in the back are the last ones in, so the middle sit passengers are grumbling about being stepped on/over...
    Toothpaste! Yes, ours usually ends up smeared all over the tube & even the walls... Hmm wonder what they think they are supposed to be brushing.
    Blessings to you! Mariann


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