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Monday, June 20, 2011

Happy Father's Day

Proverbs 17:6
Children's children are the crown of old men; and the glory of children are their fathers.

Happy Father's Day to my wonderful husband and daddy to our children!
We love you so much and are so very thankful the Lord made us a family.

You provide us with all we need.
You let your yard and house be full of toys.
You get woken up often by a child or two crawling up to hug or attack you.
You have scribble marks on your Bible and desk.
You listen to countless stories.
You collect coloring pages.
You can't ever leave the house without someone wanting to go with you.
You can't ever come home without someone trying to climb you like a tree.
You take twice as long to do a job so your boys can do it with you.
You take your daughters on dates.
Your hobby is to be with your children.
And they always want to be with you.
You teach us daily to love the Lord, love His Word, and obey it.
You don't pretend that you are perfect.
You have taught us what it is to forgive and be forgiven.
You teach us every day.
You love us so much.
And it is only a love that comes from God Himself.

We love you!

After church, we invited over some friends and barbecued hamburgers.

Today and tomorrow, we will be having our first mission's conference. 
LOTS of people will be here!!
Lots of preaching, singing, food, fun, fellowship.
Only thirty something days until we leave for furlough (happy and sad feelings all at once!)
Only 4 days until my birthday (always happy feelings about that...even if I'm only 2 years from 40) :)
Still waiting to see if anyone else gets the chicken pox.
With such a fun, busy week ahead, want to make sure I take time for what is most important...vital.  Time alone with the Lord and time to read the Bible and pray with my children.
He is so faithful and good!
May you all have a wonderful day in Him!


  1. Those 30 days will fly by so fast!
    Love the picture with daddy and all his beautiful children!
    Funny about the snorkeling in the pool:) something my kids do too!

  2. I love the photo of the children eating watermelon in the pool. A perfect place for such a sticky and messy treat!! Looks like a wonderful Father's Day for your family.

  3. Hi! I'm Janie David, one of Cinnamon's friend's. I enjoyed reading your blog and what a sweet Father's Day post! Your children are beautiful and what fun pictures! I'll be praying for your trip that's coming up! Hope you all have a great time and and that you will be blessed by God and His awesome goodness! I know each state will be beautiful in its own way as you travel thru each one. :0) My husband left yesterday to travel to the East Coast for the 1st time. He's headed to Rhode Island and he let me know how beautiful it is out there. We are from Iowa, about 2 miles from Cinnamon.


  4. Dear Family,
    I love your pictures! What a beautiful family you have. My favorite was the watermelon in the pool. We will be praying for safety as you travel on furlough and good meetings wherever you may be.
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAYNEE!! God bless you all in every way possible. Sure do love you.
    Aunt Charlotte

  5. Dear Brittany,(from the military)(I don't have your email address so I thought I would leave it here) :-)

    First of all, a thousand apologies for taking so long to respond. I am sure you figured we would never write :-). I would like to share just a few thoughts to help you. First, thank you for writing and for your interest in missions. What a blessing it is for people to have a heart for others. Our journey has been long fraught with trials, tribulations, lessons, and blessings... but I'll spare you all the details (many of the details can be found on the blog which is kind of a journal for us), but I will share some important thoughts. Start with your local church.... Get rooted and grounded in a good biblically sound local church. Learn your Bible, submit to the pastor and to the Lord. Share your vision and your desires with him. He is the one that will direct you. All missionaries should be sent out by their local church, that is how the Lord set it up in the Scriptures.
    We always welcome guests, if you you would ever like to come you are welcome... but we do not have an orphanage. We live in a small town of 7,000.
    I hope this helps a bit. Again I am sorry it took so long to get back to you. Have a great day in the Lord.
    In Christ,
    Daniel Lockwood


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