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Monday, June 13, 2011

Chicken Pox

Last week Beka brought home this little chick. 

And Saturday morning, Eliseo woke up with a back full of chicken pox.
Nehemiah's convinced that the chicken gave us the chicken pox.
Makes perfect sense to a 4 year old.
So I think most of us will be home here for the next couple weeks or so.
Nobody else has any spots yet, but unlike a favorite toy, when it comes to an illness, my children are great at sharing with each other.
I'm thankful it is summer, school is done, and we still have 6 weeks until furlough.
Thankful that Eliseo didn't have any new spots this morning and seems to be feeling better today. 

Last week, Abigail turned 10 and Isaiah turns 9 this Friday.  To celebrate, we spent an afternoon at the beach and Daniel barbecued hamburgers.  Mmmmm!  They were soooo good!
The hamburgers.  Abi and Isaiah are good too...usually :-).

The older boys began snorkeling as soon as we'd finished setting up.  A little while later, they came back to shore.  Elijah had gotten stung by a jelly fish.  He accidentally hit it with his hand and then in surprise at the pain, wiped his hand (with the tentacles still on it) on his stomach.  He had a red, sore hand and tummy.  I gave him some pain reliever and he rested in the van until the worst of the stinging faded.  
Daniel and the boys would love for me to snorkel with them.  And I do love to swim and think it would be so much fun.  But, besides the fact I have a few other children to watch, I'm so scared to get stung or bit or eaten by something!  Yes (sticking with the theme of this post), I'm chicken! :)
Timothy was excited to get this guy with his spear.  The fish.  Not Benjamin :).  He (the fish) came home with us in our ice chest and Timothy fried him up to go along with his supper.

When your hands look like prunes, it's time go go home :)

Well, Eliseo's wanting another bath.   It might be an interesting next couple of weeks.   :)
We sure appreciate your prayers! 


  1. Oh, bless your heart. Well, the good news about getting the chicken pox naturally is that they should not ever get them again.

    We all love snorkeling and are loving seeing the fish here in Cozumel, Mexico.

    Like the srtistic idea of placing the chick on the eggs for a photo.

  2. Have any of your other children had chicken pox? I'm with Nehemiah - definitely blame the chick! :)

    I hope Eliseo isn't too uncomfortable, and that it passes soon!

    The Wilsons in VA

  3. Thank you, Grace. None of the children have had chicken pox, but the oldest 4 had the chicken pox vaccine when we lived in the USA.

  4. my kids had them in their mouths too. the sickest i ever saw them without it being a serious illness. would carry them one at a time to the bath tub every couple of hours so i could bathe them with dial soap---it helped dry up the pox and made the kids feel more comfortable. i was never so sleep deprived and tired as a mother. lol lol cannot imagine having 12. bless your heart!

  5. So sorry to hear that. Just a caution, I had always heard to never take kids outside in bright sun when they have chicken pox. I'm not sure why, just something I remember. Oatmeal in a sock in the tub helps the itching.
    All the best.

  6. Oh no, bring on the oatmeal baths.

  7. Oh poor Eliseo. His back looks awful. But I'm sure you already know that don't you. What perfect timing as all the kiddos should be done with the pox before you leave for the U.S. Yeah!! :-) There's always a good side to things right?

    Ouch, a jelly fish!! I'm with you...no thanks to swimming in THAT water!!

    Do you give oatmeal baths? I've never done that but I hear they help. Just seems awfully messy to me :0

    You are a trooper Jaynee!

    Happy Birthday to Isaiah!! Nine is an adventurous and fun age~

    Thank you, Jaynee, for your comforting comments. I always appreciate your visits to our blog and I can't wait to see you when you're in the states!!!


  8. Oh no not the chicken pox! I hope it passes as quickly as it can and with as little discomfort as possible!The chicken on the couch is too funnny!...sure sign of a large family and a flexible, loving mother!:):)

  9. Two of my kids just got it, too! We're expecting the other three to get it in about 2 weeks. My kids are good at sharing that type of thing, too. :)

    I don't comment often, but I sure do love your blog!

  10. Jaynee, I'm new to your blog and I sure am enjoying it! You have a beautiful family! The beach photographs are breathtaking!

    Poor Eliseo...my mother always used 'calamine lotion' on us...seems to take away the itch? hope he gets better soon.

    ...Definitely blame the chick! ;)

  11. We LOVE baby chicks too!!! And so sorry to hear about the Chicken Pox!! Praying that everyone is on the mend soon!!! :)

  12. (((hugs)))

    We will pray. :)
    ~Rebecca in Alberta, Canada

  13. I noticed that you said your older kids were vaccinated while you were living in the states? Do you plan on getting your younger one's done while you are here on your furlough? Do they not offer any where you are at?

  14. All of our children have had or our currently in the process of getting all their vaccinations. They do not offer the chicken pox vaccine here in Mexico, and we would rather them get it naturally anyways. The USA and Mexico vaccination schedules are very similar. We vaccinate against TB here because it is still so common.

  15. So sorry to hear you have the chicken pox...we have been waiting to get it (wish you were closer so your kids could "share" with my kids:-)

    Millers in TX

  16. Glad your getting the "pox" over with!!

    And ouch with that jelly fish sting. I remember Terry saying he got stung one time at the beach.

    Love yall!!!

  17. Hi Jaynee~ Poor guy. I remember my mom said my sister and I had them horribly. In our mouths and all. I was too young to remember. The beach looks so fun!!!! Glad you are enjoying the summer. We are STILL cold here! Take care over there!


  18. So sorry to hear about the chicken pox hitting your family! Praying that you will be healthy and full of energy by the time your furlough begins!

    Thanks so much for sharing the pictures - I am always blessed by your children's smiling faces! (although Timothy and Benjamin look as though they could be twins in the above picture!)



  19. My 9 year old just got over the chicken pox...for the 2nd time. The best you can do is make them comfortable adn watch they don't get infected. She ended up with an infected on right on her little face that required an antibiotic. What's crazy is that she got it from me when I had the shingles.
    Susan in Texas


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