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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Another trip to the ER

Between Samuel being born premature, Daniel/Joel's accident, and my pregnancy complications, we've been in the hospital for the past 7 weeks. So everything was very familiar as we took Elijah (age 11) into the ER late this morning.
It was a beautiful day and Daniel was doing some yard work outside while the children and I helped/played along side. Timothy came up to me and said that Elijah had gone inside the house crying but he didn't know what was wrong with him. Isaiah told me that Elijah and some of the others were playing in some cardboard boxes in the garage when Elijah's box got pushed over and he'd bumped his head.
I called Elijah out to me and while he was crying and said he'd hurt his head, he appeared to be okay and after some hugs and an apology from the one who'd knocked him over everyone went back to work/play.
Our neighbor came over to visit for a few minutes and then I went inside to pump for Samuel. Afterwards, I went to the laundry room and heard some moans from the boys room. Elijah was on the bed moaning/crying and mostly asleep. It was hard to wake him and when I asked him what was wrong he said his head hurt really bad. I asked him if it was from his fall and he said, "What fall?"
He didn't remember anything about that day at all and was looking pale, was very lethargic, in great pain, and getting nauseous.
We knew we needed to get him to a doctor. Daniel's brother Joel (the one who was in the accident with Daniel) and his wife and family drove up at that moment as Deb and the children were going to visit while Daniel went with Joel to work on a project.
So they stayed with the children while Daniel and I took Elijah to the walk in clinic right down the road. The doctor looked at him and told us to take him right to the ER.
We got to the ER and Elijah started to throw up. We were thankful they took him right in and within 15 minutes they took him to get a CT of his head. We spend the next several minutes listening to Elijah's moans and praying with him and for him.
The doctor came in and said the scans looked good...no fractures or bleeds that they could see. He just has a bad concussion. We again thanked the Lord for His care and after giving Elijah some more nausea meds and pain med they sent us home.
So when you pray for our family, could you please pray for Elijah especially.
How thankful I am that our loving Lord is ever near and always hears.


  1. We'll be praying for Elijah! So sorry he took a tumble, and do hope that he'll be feeling right as rain quickly. Poor little guy.

    The Wilsons in VA

  2. Praying for Elijah. Did he have a concussion? I hope hes feeling better.

  3. We will pray for Elijah too!

  4. Hope Elijah feels better soon - glad you got him safely to help!

  5. Praying for Elijah, here, too. We just went through that with our oldest son a few months ago. It's hard to see them in so much pain. I know the meds helped Anthony quickly. I hope Elijah is feeling better soon, also.

  6. Praying especially for Elijah tonight!

  7. Oh my, boys sure can give their mamas a scare from time to time! I will pray for Elijah.

  8. Praying for Elijah! That must have been scary-the Lord is so good to protect each and every one of us! Thank you Lord!


  9. ah poor kiddo
    We are praying for you to get better real quick...



  10. Bless your hearts. It's so hard on us mommas to see our children hurt. My little ones will be praying for your little ones.

    In the hand of Jesus,


  11. praying for Elijah!

    Kim in NC

  12. I am praying for Elijah now!!

    Thank God you had the discernment to take him to the doctor immediately..it all sounds so scary.

    Praising God he is ok...xoxo, Veronica in CA

  13. Hi, Jaynee and Daniel,

    I sent up a prayer for Elijah as soon as I read this post. I will have Thomas and Hannah and Henry pray as well.

  14. Will pray for Elijah. Wondering how your bro-in-law is doing since the diagnosis on his neck. He is able to work or is this requiring a long recovery?

  15. Just curious, how do you pay for all these ER visits plus the baby's NICU stay? It must be costing millions right now.

  16. Yes, it just never ends, does it? Boys, Boys, Boys, always something fun going on with them and it seems to go in spurts (at least for us). I'm afraid to say anything or I might start another string of events! LOL!

    Jaynee, I'm so glad to hear Samuel is doing so well and GROWING so quickly! He is a beautiful baby and you can see the love pour out of each of your other children as they hold him!

    God has truly blessed your family and I pray the he continues to do so!

    God bless!

  17. I have been praying for your sweet baby, your husband and brother in law, and now Elijah. God is faithful. I pray that when my faith is tested, I can remain as fixed as you are. Thank you for sharing your trials and how you are dealing with them. All of us will have our time of testing. Your grace is a blessing to me.

  18. We have had some of those injuries as well, thankfully all healed up!! Our big Elijah cut his finger with a bowie knife the other day, it was deep and bled terribly but he got it bandaged up ok. God is so good to all of us in our daily lives of work and play...thank you O, Lord!! Samuel is getting sooo big!! Blessings to your family!!

  19. what a little trooper... praying for a complete recovery SOON (sounds like he's already just about there, praise God). You guys have sure been through a lot lately- and STILL your light shines bright for our Savior and Lord. Thanks for being such a powerful testimony of 'giving thanks in ALL things'! :)

    love you much!



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