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Thursday, April 09, 2009

Prayer for Joel

UPDATE: After spending all day and much of the evening in the ER, and an MRI and MRA, Joel was released to go home last night. A vertebrae in his neck and several in his back suffered fractures, but thankfully they were not severe and they sent him home in a back/neck brace which he must wear for a couple of months hopefully allowing his bones to heal and protecting him from further injury.
We were privileged to watch 5 of their 6 children yesterday. It was so fun! :) During evening devotions, Daniel pulled out his guitar and I tell you...16 children singing from their hearts...what a sweet sound! Thank you so much for your prayers!

Daniel's brother Joel just called. He got the results of a CT scan. His neck and back are fractured in several places. He's on the way to the emergency room right now, so please pray for him! We'll keep you updated as we know more.

The Lord is so good! I'm working on writing out the details of the accident and how evident the hand of the Lord was through it all and how He has worked in my heart so much this month. Daniel woke me up Sunday morning, the day after he and Joel got home, and said, "Honey, it's been a wonderful week. Although it's been hard, anything that draws us closer to the Lord is wonderful." How true that is!


Little Samuel is growing like.....a weed?...nah....he's growing like a Lockwood! :) Yesterday, he weighed in at 5 lbs 3 oz...he's huge! ;) We are praying that he will learn to eat like a Lockwood too. He isn't too excited about eating anything through his mouth and tuckers out quickly. He prefers it through his nose tube. Once he learns to eat well through his mouth and once he outgrows those "bradys" (sudden declines in his heartrate), he can come home.
It is hard to believe he'll be a month old on Sunday. And Eliseo will turn 1 year old on Saturday. So much to celebrate! Thank you Lord!


Timothy was very concerned that I immediately update his age on the blog side bar this morning...today he is officially 12 and A HALF. When people ask him how old he is, he likes to reply, "Next year I'll be 14". It always confuses me when he says that because he's only 12.

At breakfast this morning, I was again telling the children why we gave them the names we did.
Timothy- "He who honors God"/ Daniel- Daddy's name
Elijah- "Jehovavh is God" / Douglas- Grandpa Lockwood's name
Rebekah- "Yoke or Loyal" Grandma Smith's name / Sandra- Grandma Lockwood's name
Benjamin- "Son of my right hand" / Randall- Grandpa Smith's name
Abigail- "My father's joy" / Marie- Great grandma Lockwood's middle name
Isaiah- "Salvation of the Lord" / Robert- Great grandpa Lockwood's middle name
Josiah- "Jehovah heals" (born 2 days after we found out Timothy's tumor was gone)/
Wesley- After the great man of God John Wesley
Noah- "Rest" / Hancock- Named after my "adopted" Grandma and Grandpa Hancock
Susannah- "Lily" / Evelyn- Great Grandma Smith's middle name
Nehemiah- "Comforter" / Emmanuel- "God with Us" because Nehemiah was born at
Christmas during a very lonely time for us
Eliseo- "God is my salvation" / Edward- named after Daniel's best friend who died at
the age of 29
Samuel- "God has heard" / Thomas- named after Daniel's Uncle Tom

Of course, my children's next question was, "When we have another baby, can we name him or her ..........? :)

Thank you for praying...Joel and Deborah appreciate it so much too.


  1. I just sat down and caught up on your blog... WOW you've been dealing with a lot lately!! I will be praying for your whole family, and I'm praising God with you for His mercy, grace and protection! Keep us updated on Joel!

    Love you!


  2. praying for healing!

    Yeah little Samuel for putting on the weight...

    God Bless


  3. Okay Jaynee,

    I thought Abigail Marie was after Sparky Marie???? Well, that's what I think. ;o)

    We're praying for Joel and Timothy is too cute.

    --Aunt Jessee

  4. Praying hard for all of you!!

  5. Praising God with you. He is so good! I will continue to lift up Joel, as well as little Samuel.

  6. Praying for Joel and Deborah. I can't imagine his pain - and wasn't that him standing in the photo with the neck brace on? He should have been in bed!!

    Thanks for sharing about your children's names. I love stuff like that. Ours all have middle names after relatives also.

  7. Dear Lockwood,
    We will add Joel to our school prayer list!! Keep us updated on how he is doing! Scary to think he has been walking around for so long with fractures in his neck and back!! Praise the Lord!!
    Much love!
    Jackie Monnin in WA

  8. Oh Jaynee, what a beautiful record of God's goodness in your children's names. I love it!

    We'll be praying for Joel.

    So happy to hear Samuel is doing better and gaining weight!!

    All because of Jesus~

  9. We have had the name discussion many times with our kids. I want them to understand that we prayed over each and every name, and that their names are a gift from God.


  10. I love the picture of all the kids singing:) How precious!!

  11. oh and I have an award for you on my blog but totally understand if you have no time for it:)!!

  12. Wow, a month already! Whats super fun is that Samuel and Eliseo will be the same age for a month or so around March of each year. I'm sure they will have a special bond!

  13. What a beautiful family! I love when children are given good meaningful names. I especially like Eliseo. I've never heard it before and always enjoy hearing new and interesting names.

  14. Random comments from a Hebrew speaker, if I may...I believe Isaiah and Josiah both have to do with salvation, not healing; "God heals" is closer to the name Raphael. Nehemiah actually means "God is comforter." And while I've also heard that Samuel means "God has heard", the Hebrew spelling actually lends itself to the meaning "I requested him from God" (which if you look in the book of Samuel, is how Hannah came up with his name).

    That said, I do love your children's names...biblical/Hebrew names are so underused (though, I personally would use the Hebrew forms rather than the English/Spanish versions....) anyway, this name lover who is neurotic about Hebrew grammar will be quiet now. :-) Still praying for Samuel's quick growth and speedy release from the NICU.

  15. Lurking around tonight and stumbled upon your blog. HAD to pop by to check in on some other "lockwoods". Our middle (we have 3) is Isaiah Micah. Our nephew is Elijah Robert.
    Nice to stop by. Thanks.
    Another Lockwood family.

  16. Just want you to know I've been enjoying your site, and praying for your family. I just had my sixth child in February. We have 5sons and one daughter.
    God bless you! Have a blessed Easter day. ~Shanda, from CT, USA

  17. thanks for the update on Joel... still praying.

    Please keep me (and Eden) in your prayers as well - I have really high blood pressure and my doc is not happy. see my blog for more info.

    love you, friend!!!!



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