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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Little Samuel is 5 weeks old today!

We were hoping our little Samuel would be coming home this week, but the Lord just must want us to wait a bit longer. He's doing well, but still has a couple of issues. The biggest one is the bradys he continues to have (sudden drop in heart rate). These are normal for preemies, and Samuel was doing much better with them. But then he started to have more. If he is able to self resolve (the heart rate goes back up without any stimulation from the nurses...rubbing the back, turning him ect...) or they happen during a feeding, they don't really "count" those. But Samuel's been having them when he's sleeping and he's required some stimulation to get his heart rate back up. The nurse today told me that the earliest discharge date would now be the middle of next week.
Monday, they checked his blood and his hemoglobin was low (in the 8's). The doctor told me that possibly that could be the reason for the increase in the bradys. So they gave him 3 days worth of a special medicine to hopefully help his body prodoce those red blood cells and they'll recheck his blood tomorrow. If his numbers are still low, they'll talk about a blood transfusion. We are praying that the medicine will help his body do what it needs to and there will be no need for a transfusion.
We are very excited to report that our youngest little Lockwood is truly related to the rest of his siblings...he loves to eat! He started nursing today and is up to...are you ready for this....6 lbs!!!
Thank you so much for praying for him. I tell him all the time how much he is loved and prayed for...and sometimes, he smiles :)
Here are the latest pics of our "big" little boy:
Biggest Brother/ Littlest Brother :)

Biggest Sister Rebekah

"Sammy's little Lamby" :)

After visiting Samuel, we took the children to the park down by the river.

Anywhere we go as a family, we have the children walk in a line so we don't "block traffic". Daddy leads and mommy is at the tail end to make sure nobody gets lost.

They have these big windows so you can see under part of the river. The children hope to someday see a fish.

I agree, Eliseo...Daddy is much more interesting to look at than a fish :)

Nehemiah stood there the whole time and said, "Peesh!" (fish)

We walked down the trail to the Sacramento River

While the older ones ran around looking for squirrels, the little ones played at the playground.

I love these next two shots :)


  1. The park pictures are great! I'm sad Samuel can't come home this week... but would that mean you still a BABY SITTER????!!!! (: (: (:

  2. Too cute! Praying Samuel will be home soon.

  3. The Inion family www.babyhomepages.net/tenlittleinions missionaries in the Philippines are praying for you. Just in case you do not know the best thing to help your baby avoid a blood transfusion and to "self regulate" is for you to greatly increase your iron intake. That means cutting off any sugar or processed foods. Eating dark leafy greens, beets, liver..drinking cholorphyl (found in health food stores) with orange juice will make a HUGE difference and very often helps little ones avoid transfussions while at the same time giving momma more energy.

    We wil keep praying.


  4. Sounds like great advice from Stacey-jean. I'm sure you could use a big boost yourself.

    And 6 lbs!!! Hooray! Still praying...

  5. Six pounds!! Wow!! I'm thrilled for you all, especially for little Samuel. We'll be praying for his body to continue to fully heal so he can come home soon.

    Love and hugs~ Cinnamon

  6. Poor Samuel I pray he wont need the transfusion....
    The pictures are great....you have one big happy family!

  7. Oh, I'm sorry Samuel can't come home yet! He is really chubbing up!! What a cutie! He's now the size my 8 month old was at birth (she was 4 weeks early). You are right those last two pictures are THE BEST!! They made me laugh right out loud - so cute!!! Still praying for you and Samuel and Joel.

  8. Praying that Samuel's brady's go away so he can come home. My littest twin Ella had problems with bradies too, and we had to go home on an apnea monitor to help moniter her heart and breathing. She even had a few bradies after we got home, but we had the machine so we knew to thump her feet or shake up a bit to get her going again.

    NICU life can be rough, and I know you having being praying so hard through the last few weeks, God is listening it won't be long now until he is home and things get back to normal

  9. Great photos!! Thank you so much for sharing them with us! I am continuing to pray for little Samuel--I hope these days go by quickly until he is home with all of his loving brothers and sisters!

  10. WOW! 6 pounds!! Super!! I am so glad he took to nursing! What a joy to nurse your precious baby!! I LOVE the park pictures! All of your children are adorable!! Thanks for the update! Eliseo looks very handsome in his glasses!! :)
    jackie in WA

  11. SIX pounds! What a big boy! :o) Praise the Lord! I pray that he will get to go home soon.

    Looks like a lovely park you all visited. Glad you had a fun time together!

  12. we are still praying for ALL of you . . . and WOW! samuel is sure getting to be a little chubby!!! :) SO SWEET!!!!! :) Praying that he can come home soon and great advice from stacy-jean! :) HUGS to you all!!!
    misty brown


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