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Monday, April 13, 2009

Eliseo is now 1 !

Our Little Eliseo with the big blue eyes is now a year old! Saturday was his birthday and what a fun day we had! We spent the morning baking coffee cake and putting together an egg casserole for breakfast our church's sunrise service Easter morning. We also boiled eggs to dye and made resurrection cookies as we read and talked about the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus.
Saturday we had one of Eliseo's favorite meals....Mac n Cheese...along with a homemade cake for supper.
How thankful I am the Lord gave us Eliseo. Every child we have is so special and unique! I remember about 11 years ago, I was sitting in a rocking chair in our living room holding Timothy, our one and only little one at the time. I was 8 months pregnant with Elijah and as I held Timothy, I started crying. Here I was about to have another baby and I just couldn't imagine loving a child as much as I loved Timothy.
And I still remember when they first put Elijah in my arms after his birth. I remember holding my new baby, looking at his face, and I clearly remember thinking, "Oh, I get it!" A mother's love isn't divided between her children...it is multiplied over and over again!
Eliseo is just the sweetest little thing. He's so easy going and all smiles!
While all of our children have a nick name, Eliseo kind of has the opposite. I've made up a song for each of our children and Eliseo's song is "Little Eliseo with the big blue eyes...". And that is just what he gets called.
I had Susannah up visiting Samuel with me in the NICU the other day. One of the nurses asked her if she liked her new baby brother to which she replied, "Yes, I have 2 babies now". The nurse asked her what her other baby's name was and she said, "Little Eliseo with the big blue eyes". :)

Samuel is doing super! All his buddies in the NICU (the ones born the same time he was) have gone home now, so his nurse gave Samuel a pep talk yesterday. :) Lord willing, he could be home as early as this week! I can't believe we could be going back home soon! How we've missed home!


  1. Oh! happy late birthday to sweet little Eliseo! Your story about holding Timothy while being pregnant with Elijah, wondering how you could love him as much as you did Timothy made me smile and encouraged me. I already wonder the same thing about my little Eden -and future children the Lord might bless us with. I can't imagine loving ANYone as much as I already love her...and she's not even here yet!! :)

    I'm so glad to hear the Samuel could be going home soon! Praise the Lord!

    love you!


  2. Happy Birthday to Eliseo and excited to hear about the homecoming to come, Lord willing. We didn't do much this year for Resurrection Day. It didn't even feel much like it was even here. With Ryan out of work all the days seem to run together. He started today at a new job so hopefully we can get back to the normal routine :)

    Glad to share in your lives through your blog!

  3. oh also...I've been wondering how you have been feeling. I hope you are feeling your normal self.

  4. Happy first birthday, Eliseo!!! And happy one month birthday to Samuel! It makes me so happy to see him wearing the little outfit, for two reasons - one, I like it since I picked it out, but two, more than that, I know how big the outfit is and can see how much little Samuel is growing!!! Praying that he'll be able to come home soon.

  5. Hi Jaynee~
    What a sweet post remembering back. Even when I was pregnant with our 9th I was wondering if I remembered how to nurse (???) isn't that silly?

    what sweet family pictures and little Samuel looks so "big" now.
    Praise the Lord for each little ounce he gains!


  6. I can't believe I have been reading your blog for over a year now.

    Happy Birthday Eliseo!

    You are a brave women, I only have 3 kids and have not attempted coloring eggs. Maybe next year


  7. Happy Birthday, Little Eliseo with the BIG blue eyes! You are fearfully and wonderfully made!

  8. happy birthday to Elisio!! What is the age difference between him and Samuel?
    I hope you get to go home soon!!

  9. What are resurrection cookies?

  10. I think Susannah may have your mothering touch! :) Happy birthday Mr. Blue Eyes. Yea for Samuel going home soon. All the love awaiting him is sure to make him thrive.

  11. Praise God from whom all blessings flow! Happy birthday Elisio and happy homecoming to the Lockwood's!! What wonderful news. Samuel looks great! How are you doing Jaymee? Are you getting back to your normal self, all things considered? Praying for you all.

    Cindy in Canada

  12. Happy Birthday Eliseo! I've been reading your blog for a while now and love it when you update!! Your family is so special! By the way, Susannah is so beautiful and is going to be a great little mommy one day!

    Praying for you guys,
    Terri in NJ

  13. Happy Birthday Eliseo! Praying that Samuel will get to come home soon.

    Love in Christ,

  14. praying for your sweet family. as i sit considering having number five i cannot imagine considering a possible 13th! :0) god is good and in control!!

  15. Happy Birthday, little Eliseo with the big blue eyes!

    That's great news about Samuel coming home soon. I know it's sooo much better to have all your children under one roof!

    Jennifer in Bolivia, where we also have first and second birthdays of little boys this week =)

  16. Happy Birthday, Eliseo. My how time flies. Our little one will be one on Saturday.


  17. How blessed you are with so many children!

  18. Dear Lockwood Family
    I don't know you but love reading your blog. We have four children so far:) ages 12 - 10 months and I can't imagine how you manage, but you have such wonderful little helpers - make sure you tell them so. So happy to hear Sammy is doing so well - hope you are coping too.Happy birthday to your one year old baby - they are still babies aren't they?!
    P.S. Isn't that so true about loving all your children just the same - thanks for putting that into words so nicely.

  19. Jaynee,
    As I was looking at the picture of Abigail and Samuel, I was reminded of something our friend/therapist told us about preemies. Get them a toy that they have to hold with both hands. Preemies often have trouble bringing their hands together, so will often lay on their backs with their arms beside them. This will strengthen their chest and arm muscles. We did this with our daughter and found it did help her get control of her arms. Just a suggestion.


  20. I should have mentioned that the toy was for when they are the age of playing with toys - I think she was about 4 - 5 months or so.

  21. Yes the Lord is good and faithful..His mercies are new every morning.
    Happy Birthday to your son!
    Isn't it amazing how our love multiplies and we love the new babies just as much as the "old" babies?
    Glad to hear that little Samuel is doing so well.
    Take care!


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