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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Eureka! :-)

I asked Daniel earlier yesterday afternoon, as he was sweating, pounding on concrete in the boy's bathroom shower, if when he found the leak, if he could cry, "Eureka! I found it!" I think he mumbled something like, "Uh, sure".
Well late last night, after pounding and digging by hand for 13 hours straight, he yelled, "I found it!" He skipped the Eureka part, but we were estatic and thanked the Lord for helping us locate it.
After the excitement had settled, Daniel said, "Well, the hard part is done, and now all we have left is the hard part :)".
The leak was found outside, under the cement of our patio, about 2 feet down, where the water goes into the house. Somehow, the copper pipe had come out of the pvc (while I might sound like I know what I'm talking about, I really don't...but I think that's what Daniel said.)
So the broken pipe needs to be repaired, a copper hot water pipe in the boy's shower accidently got broken while pounding yesterday, so that needs to be fixed, and then we should be able to get water to the house. The torn up floors can be fixed in time.
The only other issue is there must be a leak in our sewage pipe somewhere too since we would see and hear the water from the leak running down the sewage.
So Daniel spent about half of today working on the pipes. He eventually had to stop to prepare his message for service tonight and do all the preparation that goes into getting ready for a service, so we'll...I mean he'll...start again tomorrow. He says I help...I give lots of hand, wrist, arm and back rubs and moral support :) Timothy and Elijah got up really early to get all their school done for the day as they had a yard job in the neighborhood they wanted to finish today. So Timothy was also able to help Daddy for a bit.
Another day with no running water, but we heated water for bucket baths, and I'm still keeping up with my laundry. I won't tell you how many times we've forgot to pull the hose out of the machine in time as it's filling and it's overflown everywere. I told Daniel that considering my ratio of good toast versus burnt ones, it was bound to happen. :)
But I tell you, my washing machine has never looked cleaner! It looks brand new after such a bath.
School work getting done, laundry and dishes getting done, baths and water to cook and drink available, I have nothing to complain about. Once we get it fixed, I'll give the entire house a good mopping and scrub down. But for now, we'll keep the toilets flushed and be happy!


  1. oh man I'm so glad you found it!!! Wow that's a lot of hands and knees work!! What a hard working man you got there!:)

  2. Praise the Lord Jaynee!! I peeked online before my day started so I could see if you updated. I'm so glad I did. Now I can tell all the kids at breakfast the good news!

    Does this mean that I don't have to OVERNIGHT John? :-) hee heee

    ~hugs~ Cinnamon

  3. YEAH!!! Praise the Lord. I will keep praying:)

  4. So glad you were able to find that leak! What a huge amount of work!!! These things sure help us be thankful at a different level, don't they?
    Love, Jenny

  5. Oh, hurray! What wonderful news. I like the part about getting the hard part done and now he can do the hard part. :)

    Have a wonderful day! Your baby looks so sweet sitting there on the couch with his audience around him. Is he still doing well with his cast? Anxious to hear the report from his first x-ray...

    Love, Amy

  6. Love that picture of father and son working together. So glad you found that leak and now for the "other" hard part. Missy

  7. Hello Lockwood family!
    I'm very glade ya'll found the leak! I can't imagine the daunting part of trying to finding a leak! Under concrete no less!

    Our children sent some letters to your children last week. And I just realized that you probably wouldn't know who we are, just based on our mailing address. I figured perhaps you'll want to see who we are, once they get there. :)


  8. YOU FOUND IT!!! YAY! I've been praying for ya'll! I'm so glad everything's going well. How's little Samuel doing??

    God bless!
    Emily <3

  9. Praise the Lord!!! I'm sooo happy that you were finally able to find that leak. I can just imagine the relief that flooded your hearts when it was found.

    Hope you get everything taken care of as I know the project is not finished yet!

    Anna M.

  10. Praise the Lord ya'll found it! We'll keep praying you get it all fixed easily! Last night/early this morning my Beloved and I were working on pluming and water in the house we're building. Hearing of ya'll's water adventures will sure make up crimp those pipes all the better! :)
    By the way, you guys have a beautiful home! I enjoy seeing pictures of your house... and your organization! :) And I especially enjoy seeing pics of your family, because it's the Joy of the Lord in you all that really makes the home beautiful!

  11. Oh so good. :) What relief huh. Glad your spirits are lifted. What a project!! God is good and one day you will look back and laugh at all the crazier days!!! :)


  12. Jaynee, your perspective amazes me! So thankful that an end is in sight, and you may yet have running water soon. So thankful for the joy of the Lord in you and Daniel!


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