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Saturday, April 24, 2010

I love my children! They are so funny!

While I'm cleaning the kitchen, Susannah comes running down the hall and out the front door. I cried after her, "Susannah! Where are you going?" She yells, "I'm going outside to get some underwear!" ???????????????
When she finally comes back into the house holding a lovely blue pair, I asked her why there was underwear in the front yard. She said, "Because there always is."
Glad we got that settled.


Conversation earlier this morning:

Josiah- "Mommy, can I change my name when I get big?"
Mommy- "Why? Don't you like your name, Josiah?"
Josiah- "I like it for when I'm little, but I want a different one when I'm big."
Mommy- "And what would you like to be called then?"
Josiah- "Pastor Rich" :)


  1. Susannah'a answer to you is a clear sighn that you have a mega family:):) when there are underwears in the front yard there are a lot of children!!!:)
    Josiah just cracks me up!:) Kids are fun!

  2. That is so funny. Esp. about the underwear!!! :) It is good you record this because it is so easy to forget the cute things they say. Hope you are well there in Mexico!!!


  3. I could soo relate to the underwear comment!! Too funny!!

    What a blessing to be able to be home and share in these moments with our children~

    How's Samuel doing? We were praying for him and hoping he wasn't getting too tired of being in a cast~


  4. Too funny. I may not be the star of organization, but at least we don't keep our underwear in the front yard!! You wonder where kids come up with things, huh? :)

    Laughed right out loud at Josiah, too. Talk about a complete change!

    Hope you are all feeling well. Sending you my love.

  5. My name is Robyn and I just found your blog through titus2.com. I saw where you responded to one of their posts and then saw the names of your children and I just stand in amazement at the blessing you've been given by our Lord and Savior! I googled your name and found your blog and it has blessed me. I am a pastor's wife with 4 children in Newport NC. My oldest daughter is a Rebekah as well and a treasure to me. We're praying for you and I look forward to reading more of your blog.


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