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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Rebekah Sandra is 11

Today our Rebekah turned 11 years old! What a joy to see the personality and gifts the Lord has given her develop and become more refined as she grows!

Rebekah loves life. She always has. So full of joy, spunk, and laughter; always wanting to be right in the middle of whatever is taking place. She truly has a servant's heart and sees needs that nobody else sees and loves to meet them.

While she, like her mommy, can struggle with her attitude at times or just plain do the wrong thing, she, like her daddy, is quick to admit wrong and so sweetly tells me what she is praying for the Lord to do in her life in her areas of weakness.
Both she and daddy have taught me much :).

She loves to cook, *almost* always joyfully helps me with the household chores, caring for a little one is NOT a chore for her...she loves play with and love on the little ones. She is outgoing, brave, and is finally learning to sit still...somewhat :)

She has never seen a stranger. She sees the good in everybody; she thinks everybody needs a friend...and she gladly wants to be that friend. She loves to surprise me by sneaking in the kitchen and starting breakfast or making me my morning coffee. She loves to write love notes to Mommy and Daddy or her siblings and hide them somewhere for them to find later.

While she is growing up, she's not growing up too fast. She still loves to play. I do too :).

And in a family of almost completely blondies, she is the one child that people can say, "Oh, she must be yours".

And how glad I am that she is!
One thing that I'm getting a glimpse of the past couple of years is seeing my children become more and more my friends.
And while my heart sometimes longs to keep them all little, I just LOVE them as they get big! Sometimes I feel so blessed I think I just might bubble over with joy!

Rebekah's been asking for several months now for a Spanish/English Bible. She's worked hard in Sunday School learning to read Spanish, and so I ordered her one last month with a pretty cover to go along with it. I was hopeful it would arrive in time for her special day, but it didn't. I told her this morning that we ordered her a gift, but it didn't come yet and I was really sorry that it would be late, she said, "That's okay, Mommy. It will still be the best day ever!"
And that's just how God made Rebekah. Every little thing brings her so much joy.
Happy Birthday, Rebekah! We love you! May you continue to grow in your love for the Lord and others.


  1. Grandpa and Grandma SmithApr 20, 2010, 9:27:00 PM

    Happy Birthday, Rebekah. We prayed for you to have the best day ever. We Love you. Love, Grandpa and Grandma Smith

  2. What a blessing to have a dtr that is a joy to her family. Rebekah looks just like you decribed her.

    We just celebrated Gage's 11th birthday, 4-18!

    Happy Birthday Rebekah from all the Kerschner girlies~


  3. Bekah-Bekah-Boo!!!! Happy Birthday to You! :)

    I hope your day was really special! I miss you and your smile a TON and I can't wait to see you (and it) again. :)

    A word of advice for the coming years: Puh-LEEZ don't go blonde.... in any way (and, yes, there are more ways than one).

    Happy Birthday!

    Lotsa love,
    Christine :)

  4. Happy Birthday Rebekah! We're birthday buddies!

    In Him,
    Katie in Maryland

  5. A sweet, Godly daughter is a wonderful gift. Rebekah is a tremendous blessing. Praise God!

    God bless,
    Becky in TN

  6. Happy Birthday Rebekah! What a blessing you are to your family! I pray that this next year you will draw ever closer to Him! Keep up that wonderful smile! (((Hugs)))

    Your sister in Christ,

  7. Happy Birthday to your beautiful daughter! I hope she had a wonderful day!

  8. Happy Birthday, Rebekah! Every time I read about how much of a helper you are to your mommy, I am so proud of you! I hope that some day you will be able to meet my girls and spend some time sharing your baby brothers and sisters together. My girls LOVE to care for the little ones, too.
    Love, Mrs. Senecal ♥

  9. She is such a beauty. Her love and joy just bursts from her eyes and smile. What a blessing to God she must be!
    Praying for blessings on her this day and all the days to come!
    Happy Birthday dear one!!!

    A 'sister' in Oregon,

  10. Happy Birthday Rebekah!!! Hope you had a very blessed day yesterday! Miss you so much and praying for you! Love you, dear sweet girl!


    Ashley Bertsch

  11. Happy Birthday to a lovely girl! So nice to see a girl her age who looks her age :) (if you know what I mean). I love her feminine outfit in that picture...and her face just radiating joy.
    May God richly bless your daughter in years to come,

  12. A big Happy Birthday to your sweet Rebekah from the Parris family. What a proud Mother you have, I enjoyed reading all about you! God Bless you, Missy

  13. Happy (belated) Birthday Rebekah!!! :) We pray you had a Fantastic day with your sweet family. Thanks Jaynee for sharing with us about her. Our children are SUCH a blessing!!!!! :)
    Praying for you in Mexico -
    Misty in NC

  14. Happy Birthday, a bit late, Rebekah!

  15. Happy Birthday Rebekah!
    With love,
    Nathan, Melanie, Abigail and Baby

  16. Happy Birthday to Rebekah! I hope your day was as special to you as you are to your family! :)

  17. Happy Happy (belated) Birthday Rebekah!!

    What a precious precious blessing she is!


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