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Thursday, April 08, 2010

Many Pictures...Little Words

Here's a post that my brother in law will like :)
We are back safely from Los Cabos. Lord willing, we'll have 8 new passports ready to be picked up in a few weeks. Not the most exciting thing to spend time/money on, but we know they are necessary for us to work here. :) We enjoyed walking around Sam's and seeing all the things that we forgot we can't live without! :) Really, it is amazing how much we forget about...things that use to be "necessities" we don't even think about anymore. Things can be tempting though but I always remind myself that if we've lived fine without it this long, we don't really need it. :)
We did get a couple of treats...a new ironing board cover for me and a flouresent light for Daniel's desk. I was thrilled to find an ironing board cover as our old one was no good and I'd just been using a towel and the clothes didn't look quite as smooth. Now if I could just be as thrilled about doing the ironing itself! :)
Okay, enough words. Just wanted to share some fun pictures from our trip.

Loading up and getting ready to head out

Oh the joy of seeing a McDonalds :)

If you live in Mexico, you have to eat everything with chiles :)

We were thrilled to find a nice hotel set away from all the really tourist areas that was reasonably priced. There was hardly anybody there and while often the environment around a hotel swimming pool isn't one where we would normally go, this pool was vacant, so the children were thrilled to enjoy a special afternoon swimming. :)

We ate dinner at Sam's club (pizza!!!) and the ladies who worked there surprised us by giving the children free icee's for dessert! Such special little blessings! We thank the Lord for protecting us along the road, allowing us to get all the necessary paperwork taken care of, and for giving us such a fun time together as a family!


  1. How fun you got to make a little mini "vacation" out of the trip! Your children radiate with joy!

  2. These pics are great. I had fun with this one. That is interesting that you get chilies on burgers at McDondalds. We were always served rice where we lived.
    It is just great when the pool is empty and you can all enjoy it.
    I laughed seeing your hubby sitting in the shade with his long sleeve hirt rolled up jut a bit and his long pants - that is EXACTLY how my husband sits around the pool on the few times we get to go.

    On a few occasions he gets in with us too.
    Your photos make me think you might need a bathing suit sewing pattern. Have you seen the modest, dress bathing suits that are made our of bathing suit material? Some pool owners will not allow cotton. We made some for our girls and now, the water gets to stay in the pool when we get out. :-)
    Glad you were able to make a needed trip special.

  3. Missionary Mama,
    I actually have a really nice modest bathing suit that I got from wholesome wear years ago. With all the packing we have to do just to go overnight, I knew I was bound to forget something...and that was what I forgot. That and a pair of clean socks for my hubby. :) I didn't really swim though...just walked Eliseo around the shallow part so he could enjoy it.

  4. Loved these pictures, Jaynee. So nice that your family was able to have some time to relax together. Although I realize how much work goes along with that bit of relaxing. :) Hope you are gaining strength and feeling better each day. Praying for you.

  5. Looked like you all had such a wonderful time! The pictures were great!

    Anna M.

  6. I too love the posts with lots of pictures!!!!! Fun and smiles...seeing that makes me happy!!

  7. Couldn't help but smile when I was looking at the McDonalds pictures. Your kids always look so happy. Glad you got some of that good pizza!! And that was so sweet that they gave you the drinks as a treat. It's always important to enjoy those special things like that. Glad you all enjoyed your time. Missy

  8. I agree what a blessing to be able to enjoy a pool, Mc D's and Sam's club. I love their pizza :-)

    I have calculated the costs of getting all our children passports (hundreds and hundreds of dollars!) and as of yet the Lord has not seen that we've needed them.

    Thank you for sharing all the fun pictures. We always love it when we see all the kids lined up~

    How are you feeling?


  9. We LOVE Sam's pizza! As a large family (by most people's standards - we have 6 kids), Sam's Club is a great place for lunch when out shopping - very reasonable! Glad you were able to enjoy a mini vacation! God bless you!

  10. We almost always get pizza at Sam's club. And that's almost every week! We've not gotten free icee's, but once an older couple bought the children some of their ice cream. That's a lot of ice cream! We only had 5 at the time, I think. Now we're expecting number 10!

  11. So glad you could enjoy a bit of time away (even though I too, know how much work it is - such a blessing though just to be away). I pray you are feeling better with each new day. We all love seeing pictures of your beautiful family. Thanks for sharing!!


  12. Oh, how very fun for all of you! So glad you were able to turn a "necessity" into a wonderful mini-vacation for the whole family! :):)

  13. Chiles on McDonald's cheese burgers! I have NEVER heard of that! Do your kid eat them or pick them off like pickles?? : ) I bet pickles would seem weird to them!! : ) Thanks for sharing that little tidbit! My kids thought it was neat!! : )

  14. Nothing beats 2 Mcdoubles for $2.17...Nice to have a little refresher trip every once in a while. Hope to see you guys down there again soon!

  15. I have to ask you, Jaynee, when you're on trips like this how often do you get asked about the number of children you have?? We get asked all the timed and we "only" have 7. :)

  16. Gwen~ We get asked how many children we have anywhere we go :) Here in our town, must everone knows us or knows "of" us :), but we still will get asked "how many do you have now?"
    When we go out of town and we are together, people always look and/or ask :)
    We have everyone walk in a line as to not "block traffic" when we are in a store or in a parking lot; Daniel always leads, and I am at the end to make sure we don't lose anyone along the way :)


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