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A glimpse into the life of Daniel and Jaynee Lockwood and their 12 precious blessings. Thank you for visiting; we pray that what we share here may always bring glory to our wonderful God and Saviour. May you praise the Lord with us for the great things He has done and continues to do as we serve Him sharing the gospel here in the little town of Cuidad Insurgentes, BCS Mexico. He alone is good and faithful!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Wonderful Life...And Samuel's Surprise for Mommy

I almost feel normal! :) I'm sure anyone that "really" knows me would get a chuckle out of that...Jaynee...normal???....ha! :)
But I do feel soooo much better! Just waiting for my blood to catch up a bit...still tire easily, but how wonderful it is to mostly be back to doing what I love so much!
Yesterday evening, I was able to go to church...I missed being there so much and not only was it so good to see everyone, I was encouraged, convicted and blessed by Daniel's message too. He's my very favorite preacher in English and Spanish! :)
Yesterday, our littlest girl turned 5 years old! How is that even possible!?! Each birthday that comes reminds me to cherish all the more each day I have with them.
Susannah was very excited when she woke up as there was really "zero" days left as she had counted down the days for much of the month.
The girls helped me make a special b'day lunch and a couple of cakes to celebrate...one for our family party and another to take to church that evening to share.

I just loved this wrapping paper...Bb for burro, Cc for conejo, Jj for jirafa...

I had wanted to plan and make special decorations, but since I wasn't able to, the sibings took on making a special birthday banner :)

Susannah's favorite part of the meal...4 different kinds of soda to choose from!! :)

One of my favorite things to do is watch a child overflowing with excitment open a gift...

And to think how much more our Heavenly Father loves to give good gifts us!

Between services, the girls disappeared to play :)

And the boys rested/read :)

Yes, life is pretty much back to normal around here....

Oh...I forgot to tell you all...
The night I got home from the hospital, Samuel had something special to show me!
My last little baby started walking! And I wasn't even there to see it, the little stinker!
Oh, they grow up so fast, don't they? Thanking the Lord for each and every new day!


  1. wow, you don't know me but I have been reading this blog awhile. How horrible what you went through. Thank God you are ok. I too had a scary episode after the birth of my last daughter. It is a lot of "what ifs" and makes you appreciate each event here after.

  2. Oh, what joy and delight on his little face. He is so proud of himself, and rightfully so! That is a sweet video. And I couldn't help but think of what an answer to prayer his strong little legs are. Thank God that his break healed well and he is walking straight and strong!

    Thankful, too, that you are feeling so well. We are still praying daily.

  3. wow, you don't know me but I have been reading this blog awhile. How horrible what you went through. Thank God you are ok. I too had a scary episode after the birth of my last daughter. It is a lot of "what ifs" and makes you appreciate each event here after.

  4. Happy birthday to your daughter! I Hope she had a great day!

  5. I'm always so happy to read your updates and especially now to read that you are doing so well and have kept a good attitude through everything. Happy birthday to little Susannah and big hugs to baby Samuel!! I hope he is in no hurry to grow up too fast:)

  6. How exciting and fun! What a treat to hear about your family. May the Lord continue to bless your family! Enjoy all those little "firsts" of all your little ones! Love, The Andersons from Wyo

  7. Hi Jaynee!

    I'm glad, you are recovering so quickly! I read about you being seriously ill at Christi's blog and prayed for you. I'm so happy everything went well and you are at home again!
    Cute video of your little one!

    Greetings from Germany and blessings to you and your beautiful family!

  8. Jaynee,
    Awwww, he is so cute. And the Lord is so gracious to you to let you feel better so soon so you can do His work.

    Happy Birthady Susanna!

  9. Oh Jaynee, I cannot even tell you how much my heart is overflowing with joy to hear that you're feeling so much better. I'll continue to pray that God will increase your energy, and also bless your heart and give you peace. I am so, so thankful He saw fit to keep you here on Earth. :) I just feel such a gratefulness for your family's work, and the blessing each one of you are to me as I read about your lives.

    I can't believe Samuel is walking! He's growing so fast. What a cutie!

    Happy [belated] Birthday to Susannah!! What a sweet, beautiful gift she is. All of your children are.

    Praying God continues to bless the Mexican people through your family, and also continues to bless your family.

    Much love & Many Hugs,


  10. We've been gone a ton (we do lots of traveling for our ministry with Wycliffe) and I just found out about your health situation. Praying that the Lord gives you an enormous amount of strength, grace and healing - in every way. So glad to see the joys you're finding in the little things. May He bless you for serving Him so faithfully!

  11. So glad to hear that you are feeling soooo much better! All of the pictures are so cute-what a wonderful family you have. I love the video of little Samuel's first steps. So full of joy!! Where did the adorable puppy come from? I everyone keeping their shoes off the floor?

    Blessings to your family,

    San Diego

  12. What GREAT pics! And so happy you are feeling better. My baby boy is 12 months but not walking yet. I have all tile too so it makes me nervous. :P

  13. So thankful you are here to celebrate birthdays with your children! Although I'm sure the birthdays, watching them getting older, seeing your baby walking is bittersweet. Your perspective is so wonderful, your family is truly a blessing. May God bless you richly and give you His grace and peace in the years to come. Love to you.

  14. Jaynee, I was on of the FJer people who "spoke" with Daniel when you were in the hospital. I want you to know that I have been praying for you since we had the 1st notification and I am so glad that you are perking up and feeling better. I know it's a pain to have to keep running and peeing, but after getting all those L of liquid out, you will feel so much better. God helped design all those meds for a reason.

    I will continue to hold you in my thoughts and prayers.



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