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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Abigail's 7th Birthday

Our sweet Abigail turned 7 years old on Friday! I am just so thankful for each of my girls...we are a bit outnumbered (4 to 9), but we enjoy caring for the "men" and I feel so abundantly blessed to have 3 daughters who love to help mommy, giggle with me, talk with me, and just have fun together serving the Lord and others.
The name Abigail means "my father's joy". Abigail truly reflects her name. All of our children are known to be happy and "smiley", but Abigail is almost constantly got a smile on her face. I will often find her alone in her room or outside just singing or talking and smiling away. She truly is a joy and you just can't help but to smile when you are around her.
Abigail has become a tremendous help around the house this past year as well. I begin working with all our children from the time they can walk. At first, they make much more mess than help, but they learn the joy of working and I enjoy their fellowship. Then they beginning growing and learning, and then all of a sudden, they truly become a blessing as they help out so much.
Abigail loves babies more than anything. She is always playing with her dolls or snuggling with Eliseo. She is all girl and loves to do hair too (which is wonderful because I don't have talent in that area). She and Beka both get Susannah's hair combed and put up each morning and then work on their own or eachotheres. She learned to read this past year and just devours books. She loves to write letters to people and most every day, someone in the family gets a "love note" from Abigail.
When Daniel got so sick, Abigail spend the first 2 or 3 days just coloring him pictures and writing daddy notes to make his hospital room "pretty" and help him feel better.
Happy 7th Birthday Abigail! We pray that as you continue to grow, you will come to love the Lord more and more, continue to serve Him and others, and be a true virtuous woman. We love you!

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  1. She sounds like a sweetie! Happy Birthday Abigail!

    Susan in Texas

  2. She is so precious. What a special little girl....happy birthday Abigail!
    ~Christal from Canada

  3. Happy Birthday, Abigail! We have an Abigail who will be 8 on Sept. 1st! We loved the name Abigail and because her name comes out of the Book of Samuel, we almost named our Luke, Samuel.

    Glad to hear happy news!

    God Bless!

  4. Happy Birthday Abigail from the Morris Family!!! May the Lord grow you in grace and godliness!!!
    So glad Daniel is doing well, if he is making lists that is a man moving moving forward!! Love you all!

  5. You are so beautiful - happy birthday!

  6. Happy birthday from the Jackson family in Alaska, Abigail! :) You have such a beautiful smile, it makes ME smile!

    God bless,

  7. Happy Birthday from the Jackson family in Alaska, Abigail. :)

    You have a beautiful smile that makes ME smile.

    God bless,

  8. Jaynee:
    I have just had a chance to catch up on the last several posts and I am SO happy to hear the awesome news! God has shown me so much this year just how merciful He is and I am so so grateful that Daniel's tests all came back clear and that he is doing better.

    Happy (belated) Birthday to Abigail!

    Still sending prayers...

    With Love from TX :)

  9. Happy Birthday, Sweet Abigail!



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